Caught On Video: DPR Forces Eliminate Ukrainian Sniper Violating Ceasefire Regime

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Caught On Video: DPR Forces Eliminate Ukrainian Sniper Violating Ceasefire Regime 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.

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A new video has appeared online showing tensions between forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Kiev government in eastern Ukraine. On the video, DPR forces eliminate a Ukrainian sniper violating the ceasefire regime.

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Hmm they will never stop! Never.

Gary Sellars

Then they will continue to die. I’m OK with that.

Christian Gains

THAT was one stupid sniper! Bad choice of location, TOO much movement, (inviting a head ache), & wrong head gear! Actually…NO head gear! DUMB…decidedly, NOT too bright!

Daniel Castro

What do you expect from ukrops?

Gary Sellars

He was one of the smart Ukropi orcs. He knew which end the bullets come out from…

You can call me Al

Was it Jabba the Hut doing the commentary ?.

Virgil Cane

that’s when your analytic skills should question if he is really a sniper.

John Wallace

That would have looked good in slow motion. I get the feeling he won’t be making that mistake again.Pity he wasn’t made training officer

Politolog Externista

there were two, one had RPG, the other something like SVD.


Esto pasa violar todos y cada uno de los pactos y treguas acordadas, desde el pacto entre las fuerzas opositoras y el gobierno legitimo de Yanukovich en el 2014, asta los acuerdos de Minsk. El ejercito golpista ucraniano y sus milicias neonazis siguen manteniendo artilleria pesada en la linea de frente, bombardeando poblaciones civiles del Donbass y atacando esporádicamente las líneas enemigas, algo totalmente ilegal, pero que toda nuestra prensa liberal esconde para no comprometer sus relaciones económicas con Kiev.
Uno neonazi menos, y una victoria mas del valiente pueblo de Donetsk!

Tommy Jensen

Only an orc. Mordor has hundreds of thousands of orcs and are about to send lethal “defense” weapons. Anyone seen Gandalf lately?

Politolog Externista

the first shot at the RPG one seemed to like hit the cover and penetrate or ricochet into face dirt/blood splatting? most likely he wont be collecting money any more, the other one with the rifle dropped similarly but resolution was … He managed to shoot though.

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