Catalan Referendum: Preliminary Results Show 90% In Favor Of Independence


Catalan Referendum: Preliminary Results Show 90% In Favor Of Independence

Students wear Esteladas (Catalan separatist flag) during a demonstration in favor of the banned October 1 independence referendum in Barcelona. The graffiti on the wall reads, “We will vote!” REUTERS/Jon Nazca

Catalan officials have claimed a win for independence as the contentious October 1 referendum drew to a close. According to Jordi Turull, the Catalan regional government spokesperson, 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted Sunday chose yes. The turnout was 42.3% despite Madrid actively trying to prevent the vote.

Turull said the number of ballots did not include those confiscated by Spanish police during violent raids which resulted in hundreds of people being injured.

The national police and Guardia Civil – a military force charged with police duties – were sent into Catalonia in large numbers to prevent the vote.

At least 844 people and 33 police were reported to have been hurt, including at least two people who were thought to have been seriously injured.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont claimed that the citizens of Catalonia had won the right to an independent state in in the form of a republic. “My government, in the next few days, will send the results of [the] vote to the Catalan parliament, where the sovereignty of our people lies, so that it can act in accordance with the law of the referendum.”

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy replied by saying that “there has not been a self-determination referendum in Catalonia.”

Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona, demanded an end to the police actions and called for the Rajoy’s resignation.

The EU representatives remain largely silent on the results of the referendum, with those who spoke up mostly focused on condemning police violence. The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, said that “violence can never be the answer”. The Slovenian prime minister, Miro Cerar, said he was “concerned”. First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon who also is in favor of determining Scotland’s independence by means of referendum voiced her concern, condemning the scenes of violence during the Catalan vote “regardless of views on independence.”



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  • Petrus Levelleri

    Fake vote, fake results and deplorable circus play. As usual, the disgusting european ultra-left (antifa and other polluted brains) and the corrupt globalist elites of a certain place (this time Catalonia, Spain and the EU) working together to bring “constructive chaos” to the nations that dare to resist their wishes. Nice try. Let’s see what the Spanish people has to say.

    • Barba_Papa

      But without a referendum, under carefully monitored circumstances, how can they have a say?

      Personally I think the Spanish PM was a moron trying to sabotage this referendum on the one hand, using excessive violence, and on the other hand pretend it didn’t happen. He should have gone completely for the latter and say that since its not legal under Spanish law it did not happen. Now he played right into the hands of the Catalan independence movement by using excessive violence that achieved very little except gain sympathy for the independence movement, and made him look like an arsehole.

    • Hunter1324

      It’s true that the vote is not legit. It’s also true that over 800 civilians were wounded because apparently the vote was legit enough for the police forces to intervene giving futher legitimacy to the independence movement and putting the whole country in a similar level than Ukraine sans Russian Intervention all the while the local news pathetically squabble about the “Illegal Referendum which may had been used 3 to 4 times for newsreel every day, for the last month in nearly all channels.

      As one of our local politicians said:”The Spanish state is the biggest manufacturer of independentists”.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      you know nothing

      • Petrus Levelleri

        Oh, yes, I know too well the whole thing. I’m much closer to it than you will ever be.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          then is worse for yoiu, that you know nothing

  • Garga

    As I’m not familiar with the situation, I haven’t really form an opinion about it, BUT:

    BBC has a lot of guests regarding the matter, and ask their guests and experts a lot of directed questions. If you pay attention, they do their best to “appear” neutral, but at the same time try hard to paint Spanish government and specially police as brutal.
    In my book, whatever BBC implies, does not benefit the ordinary people.

    I don’t watch CNN or FOX, any of commenters happen to notice a pattern with them too or I’m awfully paranoid?

    PS. Isn’t it a nice coincidence this happens after Spain’s position regarding Gibraltar and Brexit ?

    • Petrus Levelleri

      Anglos have always been the ennemies of Spain. Now they pretend to be friends, but these psycopaths have no friends, only wicked interests. No surprise here.

      • Garga

        Based on:
        I’d say they’re the enemy of humankind!

        With a bit of more efforts, heroic Yanks can reach this honourable status:

      • CuerVo

        It is the first step to bring chaos to Europe in order to implement the NWO as the solution of the chaos that they are creating. It starts here in Spain but it will rapidly affect to France and Italy. At least some people is capable to see the reality behind all the smoke of the BBC and CNN.

  • Gudari

    Good for Catalunya and a shame that clearly shows spanish way of act. Violence and represion, nothing more. Always the same. Banana monarchy.
    And to those who are saying about the EU and World elites that are against Spains because it resists! Hahaaa. Resist what? Spain is a puppet of Merkel, banks, USA and OTAN that prefers to rescue a private bank and throw thounds of its citizens out from they houses to the fucking streets.
    The only thing that is sad for me is related to normal and common people, they are always the ones that pay.

    • CuerVo

      Of course … and Mister Otegi, who killed more than one houndred people in the Hipercor terrorist attack in Catalonia, should awarded with the Peace Nobel. Be a little bit coherent.