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JUNE 2021

Catalan Leader Puigdemont Fled Country After Spanish Government Took Control Of Catalonia

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Catalan Leader Puigdemont Fled Country After Spanish Government Took Control Of Catalonia

Carles Puigdemont

Carles Puigdemont has left Spain and travelled to Brussels, according to Spanish government officials. Puigdemont is facing sedition charges from the Spanish government after Catalonia declared independence under his leadership. The move comes after Belgium’s asylum and migration affairs minister Theo Francken said the former president could seek asylum in the country.

On October 27, Madrid stripped Catalonia of its autonomy and removed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont from office. The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said his cabinet had fired the regional president, Carles Puigdemont, and ordered regional elections to be held on 21 December.

“I have decided to call free, clean and legal elections as soon as possible to restore democracy,” he told a press conference, adding that the aim of the measures was to “restore the self-government that has been eliminated by the decisions of the Catalan government.”

The Spanish senate granted Rajoy unprecedented powers to impose direct rule on Catalonia under article 155 of the constitution. The article, which has never been used, allowed Rajoy to sack Puigdemont and assume control of Catalonia’s civil service, police, finances and public media.

This move will see as many as 150 of the region’s ministers replaced. Some have vowed to continue to work.

The actions came hours after Spain’s national unity suffered a decisive blow when Catalan MPs in the 135-seat regional parliament voted for independence by a margin of 70 votes to 10. Dozens of opposition MPs boycotted the secret ballot, marching out of the chamber in Barcelona before it took place and leaving Spanish and Catalan flags on their empty seats in protest.

According to the regional government, 90% of the 2.26 million Catalans who voted during the October 1 independence referendum chose yes. The turnout was 42.3%, which may signify the fact that those in favor of staying with Spain deemed the vote illegitimate and didn’t vote, as pre-referendum polls have shown a clear 60-40 majority of Catalans in favor of remaining part of Spain. Madrid used police violence in an attempt to prevent the vote.  At least 893 people and 33 police were reported to have been hurt during the attempts to stop the vote by the police.

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Miguel Redondo

The biggest rat is the first to flee a sinking ship. Here you can see the quality of the man those separatist catalonian dumbasses vote for president.

Pavel Pavlovich

Así es, es así y es otra vez así.

Pave Way IV

This is going to be a bloodbath. Spain drank the anti-terrorism Kool-Aid and sent federal police to Israel for strong-armed thug oppression training (for use against Spain’s own people). Spanish political elite loved the program so much that they let the ex-IDF-led Guardian come over and set up shop to train even more Spanish CHEKA and state police in their tactics. They operate as Guardian Spain. They even have a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McpNUS_f14Q

Not to be outdone, Catalan has sent its OWN police to Israel for jackboot training for the last few years. If the Catalan police protect Catalonians against the Spanish federal forces, then things are going to turn violent very quickly. If Catalan’s police instead join forces with Spanish police to ‘pacify’ angry Catalan citizens, then it’s going to be a bloodbath. Israeli anti-terrorism training is basically just how the Israelis are trained to treat Palestinians – shoot first and ‘train’ the Palestinian enemy to fear your wrath. It will be interesting how that kind of psychopathy works in Spain. The interest is personal as well – Israel has been flying US federal police and heads of large city police departments to Israel for similar training. Spain will be a preview for how Americans will be beaten for resisting DHS Stazi.

Here’s another promotional video for Guardian with subtitle commentary in English:

Solomon Krupacek

be not happy, spain is not russia.

Pave Way IV

The Cheka had nothing to do with Russia. If I recall correctly, they were the savage counter-revolutionary ‘police’ created by the Bolsheviks for their dismal Soviet dream empire.

Whether the Spanish ‘anti-terror’ police will attempt to beat obedience and subservience into Catalan citizens with rifle butts and truncheons is yet to be seen. Catalan independence would force Spain to identify all the secret debt they have with global banks so they could charge Catalan their ‘share’. Catalan would demand adequate proof, of course. I’m guessing the Spanish ruling class would kill every last Catalan before they would ever reveal how massively they sold out the future of the Spanish people to the banks. So would every other EU country and so would the US.

Solomon Krupacek

a talk about russia chechnya 111:0

Pave Way IV

Chechnya – wasn’t that one of the early Saudi Wahhabi Death Cult projects? Didn’t they fund a lot of mosques and religious brainwashing schools there? The rebels were die-hard Wahhabist head-choppers. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Russia is obviously anti-Wahhabic. Sanction them!


That’s the one. The CIA was involved as well.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, yes, sure, sure


The CIA-Saudi nexus of creating Sunni mujaheddin mercenaries – they were financed and transported into Bosnian conflict in mid 1990’s as well. Where these imported mujahedin primarily identified themselves as being on a jihad against Orthodox-Christian-Serbs. There was a complete western media blackout about this reality at the time, as part of the lock-step anti-Yugoslav western MSM narrative.


Its not as easy for the West to keep actions like this quiet now.

Solomon Krupacek

indepemndencempvement. putin mirdered tens pf thosands. this is rassia. in russia is always bloodflow.in spain will be not.

Solomon Krupacek



well Nigel Farage repeated…..lowest forms of life on the planet….they lead a nation to a certain direction (good or bad its irelevant) and then jump from the ship because they dont want to face the consecuencies of their policy.

juan carlos ayala

the rats leave the boat


A little bit of threat and he’s off like a herd of turtles?
Well he’s sure no Bashar Al-Asaad.


A smart move embarrassing the Bruxelles, Madrid, Paris and US incompetents !

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