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Casualties Reported In Mass Protests Against SDF In Syria’s Aleppo (Videos)

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Casualties Reported In Mass Protests Against SDF In Syria's Aleppo (Videos)

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Mass demonstrations of local residents against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue for the second day in a row in the area of ​​Syrian Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo​.

The main reason of the protests is the dissatisfaction with the actions of the Kurdish authorities, including the forced conscription of men into the the SDF​ ranks.

The protests erupted on May 31 in the suburbs of Manbij. At the beginning, there were no violence. Dozens of locals blocked the M4 international road  with burning tires near the village of Karsan. Later, the protests spread to the the town.​

On June 1, the protests continued and grew up in their scale. Asayish, the security wing of the US-backed SDF, was reportedly deployed in the town. SDF reinforcements were seen arriving from Kobani towards Manbij.

📹 Syrian National Army SNA has sent a Military force to the outskirts of #Manbij#Syria pic.twitter.com/sche17QEXR

— Mete Sohtaoğlu (@metesohtaoglu) June 1, 2021

Members of the SDF opened fire on protesters. The death toll as a result of the shooting has risen to 5, and another 27 were injured.

Meanwhile, clashes between the SDF’s Manbij Military Council and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army​ (TFSA) at al Jat and al Hawshariyah northwest of Manbij were reported. The clashes reportedly include heavy machine guns and mortars.


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jens holm

Syria live ua in thismoment says 6 death ones.

As for others parts of the non glued Konglomerate still named as Syria on maps the forced conscription is a very normal thing.

Here You cant be a freebee being protected doing nothing Yourself. Almost none has money to pay tax fpr support, so it make sense those people are given a job as soldiers or a civile job for the local Governess, which here is MMC/YPG/SDF.

Too many lives in the dark not able to understand facts are as they are and not as they can do anything they wish or want.

But its hard to see any sensible solutions. Today SOHR has tryed to add up dead ones. It seemes to be more then 500.000 and the civilian part seemes to be 182.000.

I repeat myself: As long as You kill each other, You wont come here unless You need wood and flowers for Ypour many coffins.

Assads must resign. They started it decades ago having kept people in the dark well helped by themself and the many no friends and enemies.

jens holm

Im a Virus, I need to be deleted offf the itnernet.

jens holm

You are not big enough to be a virus. You are fake

jens Holm

Just deleted would be fine.

Peter Wallace

Your answer to helping the civilians protesting against the US backed SDF and the rebels SNA is to suggest Assad should resign. That is like telling someone that is on fire to pour petrol on themselves. Are you seriously that deluded you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.. Sorry … that is par for the course for you … man o man how do you manage to breathe without someone assisting you. So incredibly stupid you don’t realise just how stupid you are.. Go find Proud hindu and see if you can become the subject of one of his posts.. That would be one that I would enjoy for a change .

jens holm

Assads must resign. They started it decade ago with Operatuion Timber Sycamore tryin to turn Suria into failed state. so they can built pipline from Katar thhrough Turkeey to Europa. Thisi is how we do business. If you dont want our product we come to your home and rape you and kill You. Thats the democratic way. Comply or die!

jens holm

Fake again. Yseterday he thought he was Mhammed making his first miracle supported by Obelix.

jens Holm

You are fake jens. A fake intellectual and as much as you attempt to portray yourself as one the more you prove you are just a complete moron. As someone said , your are the moron in oxymoron. You are clearly confused.

Peter Wallace

Clearly confused is an oxymoron. As jens is the moron in oxymoron it is fitting that confused is the oxy and the moron is confused.

𝖌𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖈 𝖏𝖊𝖓𝖘 𝖍𝖔𝖑𝖒

de͖̫̞͖̜͎̣̼͉̳̜̭̫̭ͨͥͤ̏ͩ͋̉̆ͪ̐̍̇lȇ̲͖̣̳̖̺̰͕͓͎͕̲̠̃̈̒͆́̍ͧ͊̐ͦ̄̐ͬ͗̐̓ͦ͛͆̆̾̿̏̉ͅte͕̥͓̱̫̥͕̩͉͔͚͎̯̫͈ͮ͋̽̎̓̔̓̆̓̽̋̄͂͆ͮ̽ͩͤ̎ͅ m̘̮̦͐̃͌͂ͤͯ̔͊͆̆̚e͙

Gentleman Jim

The US losers and their Turkish lapdogs need to stop supporting terrorism in Syria as it is futile and can not change ground reality that Dr. Assad is here to stay as he won a relatively free and fair election with a high turnout. The Turks are just being spiteful losers.

Gentleman Jim

The Syrians need to left in peace as Turkey is killing civilians, just like its Zionist masters do in Palestine.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gentleman Jim
Gentleman Jim

The Pakistani army is waging a genocidal war on the Baluch people and the conflict is worsening, just like India’s unjust occupation of Kashmir or Zionist dying days in Palestine.

Rodney Loder

This is a great indication of where the war is heading, there is not much daylight between Syria and Turkish objectives concerning ending the war, this is one area of common intetest, both Syria and Turkey oppose the Kurdish SDF all that’s needed is a recirculation between Syria and Turkey that I Jesus Christ can easily deliver, but reality does have to be recognised, while the fraudulent facade of Jew introspective non reality is supported by Assad Syrians will suffer.

Peter Jennings

The whole area needs to be returned to the Syrian gov’t and the SAA. The terrorist gangs posing as administrations clearly haven’t a clue. They are used to running armed gangs and not local governance. Expect more atrocities from these maniacs as they get ever more desperate to control their fiefdoms.

These idiots even fight their own kind for the right to suck on a teat of the US dollar swine. The whole sorry lot are rats in a bucket.


Is this primarily a conflict between US backed Kurds and Turkish backed militants and the respective Syrian population that supports them? Or is it US backed Kurds attacking pro-Syrian government protesters?

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