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Casualties Reported Following Two Missile Attacks On Saudi-Held Districts In Yemen’s Ma’rib (Photos)

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Casualties Reported Following Two Missile Attacks On Saudi-Held Districts In Yemen’s Ma’rib (Photos)

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On October 13, two missile attacks, allegedly carried out by the Houthis (Ansar Allah), targeted areas held by Saudi-backed forces in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

In the morning, three ballistic missiles targeted the outskirts of al-Jubah district center to the south of Ma’rib city. One of the missiles hit a gas station, destroying a number of vehicles and wounding several people.

The missile attack took place as sources affiliated with the Houthis were reporting that the group has captured al-Jubah district center.

A few hours after the attack on al-Jubah, a ballistic missile targeted the al-Abdiyah District, also located south of Ma’rib city. The missile allegedly hit a hospital. Nevertheless, no casualties were reported.

Al-Abdiyah is besieged by the Houthis. After the missile attack, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its warplanes carried out 118 airstrikes on Houthi fighters attempting to advance in the district in the last four days. 400 fighters were killed and 10 vehicles were destroyed, according to the coalition’s claims.

The rocket attacks on al-Jubah and al-Abdiyah were most likely carried out by the Houthis, which have been leading an offensive to capture Ma’rib city and nearby oil fields for well over seven months now.

Recently, Houthi fighters reached the outskirts of Ma’rib city after conducting a successful large-scale operation dubbed Dawn of Victory.


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The saudi clan are inbred degenerates, no secret. To believe in their ridiculous lies means you must be american or british.

Even the disgusting zionists can understand part of their propaganda efforts. Do you see any on here complaining or offering a different viewpoint?


Yes, most in the west don’t have a clue, but not everyone in any country is clueless. The biggest pain coming will be to the American people, from their own gov’t, controlled as it is by globalists, many of whom are American.


Yes. If anything was going their way, they would be crowing about it. Even their best trolls are completely empty of words. They know there is nothing that they can say that won’t make them look utterly ridiculous. And not just here, but everywhere.


the most absurd thing is the turks and their delusions of neo ottomanism these turk turk terroristic animals still think they have a say in the region they basically are trying to get involved even in yemen these miserables only to hasten their own defeat these foolish uglu turks

Last edited 3 days ago by farbat

I think the Russkies will eventually light them up like a Christmas tree.


More missiles! MORE! More on the battlefield in Yemen, and way more in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi’s need to pay for all they’ve done.


How convenient, that a missile hit a hospital, when the Houtis are about to capture the area. As if the Houtis would fire a rocket to destroy any valuable infrastructure before getting it in their pissesion.

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