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Casualties Reported After Turkish Airstrikes On Electrical Station In Northeastern Syria (Videos, Photos)

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Casualties Reported After Turkish Airstrikes On Electrical Station In Northeastern Syria (Videos, Photos)

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Late on February 1, a series of Turkish airstrikes hit an electrical substation located near the northeastern Syrian town of al-Malikiyah.

The North Press Agency reported that four civilians workers were wounded as a result of the airstrikes. However, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that four workers and personnel of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which controls al-Malikiyah and most of northeastern the region, were killed.

The Turkish airstrikes placed al-Malikiyah substation out of service, which resulted in a power outrage in the town and all nearby areas.

An unexploded heavy MK-84 general-purpose warhead and a drop fuel tank were found near the targeted electrical substation, indicating that the airstrikes were likely carried out by Turkish F-16 fighter jets.

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the executive wing of the SDF, condemned the Turkish airstrikes. The administration noted that the airstrikes were a blatant violation of two separate de-escalation and ceasefire agreements on northeastern Syria Turkey agreed upon with Russia and the US in 2019.

The airstrikes on al-Malikiyah electrical substation represent a major escalation by Turkey. Last year, Ankara was reportedly planning to launch a military operation against the SDF in northern and northeastern Syria. These plans may be still on the table.


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