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CAR Rebels Ask France For Help In Their Fight Against ‘Evil’ Russians

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CAR Rebels Ask France For Help In Their Fight Against 'Evil' Russians

French troops are in the CAR. IMAGE: AFP 2018 / ISSOUF SANOGO

The leader of the Central African Republic Rebels (CAR) main rebel coalition, the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC), has asked French President Emmanuel Macron for support against Russian military advisers.

On February 5, a message by CPC leader François Bozizé to Macron, containing the request for help, was leaked. The message was sent on January 11.

In the leaked message, Bozizé accuses Russia of intervening in the CAR’s last elections, which was held in December. President Faustin-Archange Touadéra, the main foe of the CPC, was reelected with over 53% of votes.

“The CAR and the Coalition [CPC] would like France to intervene so that the unconstitutional and evil alliance of the United Nations – Russian Federation – Wagner Group – Rwanda does not become the mastermind of a genocide,” the message reads. “The CAR needs the arbitration and support of France so that the Central Africans can once again be masters of their destiny and their initial ambitions.”

CPC fighters have been attempting to capture the capital, Bangui, in order to overthrow President Touadéra for a while now.

The capital is guarded by a coalition of government forces, Russian advisers, Rwandan troops and UN peacekeepers. Operations are ongoing to secure other parts of the war-torn country.

French troops withdrew from the CAR in 2016 after a two-year intervention that failed to put an end to the country’s civil war. Now, the European Union is running a training program for government forces supporting President Touadéra.

While France is uncomfortable with the Russian presence within its sphere of influence in Africa, it will not likely take any action. Russian forces are present in the CAR at the request of the legitimate government and in coordination with the UN. Furthermore, Moscow can pressure Paris in other areas, for the example the Middle East, in response to any move against its forces in the CAR.


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Jens Holm

Russians hardly are commas in this.

erwin vercauteren

i bet you have been ass whooped and your ass kicked by a Russian once in your life in college or in a bar because your comments about Russia is clearly frustration by way of humiliation or maybe one Russian beauty gave you the middle finger and you still not manage to digest those humiliations poor little chap i do not feel sorry for you snotty boy

J Ramirez

Can you translate that to English please ;}


France is the nwo teorrist hub,go figure:

Potato Man



Don’t even try it France. I don’t give a f**k about your colonial history in Africa, just get out and stay out.

Hasbara Hunter

Frogs can’t read maps…finding the Central African Republic sounds like a pretty ambitious undertaking for Frogs…they’ll very likely end up somewhere in the Sahara desert suffering from terminal dehydration…


Webels are we! Born to be free! Just like the fish in the sea!

Arch Bungle

So France now has two fronts open against Russia in Africa: Libya and CAR.

The French must be under the impression they’re still an imperial power.

Arch Bungle

Looking at French demographics your metaphor is quite accurate!

Jihadi Colin

The so called free, equal and brotherly French were still exacting “reparations” from Haiti for the loss of slavery from 1805 to the 1950s and still extract ruinous colonial era taxes from its “former” Sub Saharan African colonies, not to mention interfering in them at the drop of a hat.

I would actually love to see the French try and start something in the CAR against Russia. Rows of French war criminals being led off to PoW cages in chains will be a vision of beauty.

erwin vercauteren

Russia already had to saved their ass in Syria one time because the coward yankees ran away like trannies and let them rot away against the terrorists in 2019 HAHAHA AND THEY GONNA TAKE THE RUSSIANS ? REMEMBER NAPOLEON CHERS AMIS

The Objective

Russia now an exporter of terrorism (Wagner)

erwin vercauteren

and what is USA BLACKWATER , ? Wagner are highly specialized units they are not snotty fat obese and cowards like the blackwater scum that kills civilians and destroy schools and mosques in name of us utopian democracy and than need presidential pardon and amnesty for their crimes grow some brains boy

The Objective

Both are exporters of terrorism, from Libya to Syria and Africa.

erwin vercauteren

i do not remember Wagner being implicated in the massacre of civilians or killing of non combatants only as instructors and specialized teams and fighter pilots i think you are confused Wagner is not a bunch of drug addicts and other vermin that has been fired for misconduct or criminal offenses in the regular army like those us pmc they even have no chance in the French foreign legion contrary to ex Wagner or Russian army & sf are being welcomed with open arms in the legion they are their best elements and highly professional the Slavic corps is a military subculture you not find anywhere else in the world my dear chap they are the terrorist killers since 2013 THEY ARE IN SYRIA DEFENDING THE CHRISTIANS while US UK EU WERE BOMBING AND SUPPORTING ISIS THE SLAVIC CORPS WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT DEFENDED AND PROTECTED THOSE POOR OPPRESSED PEOPLE DO YOUR RESEARCH MISTER BEFORE TELLING STORIES

Peter Jennings

Why should an African state want the help of an ex-colonial power with an atrocious record of violence and cruelty? The French admin won’t leave Mali because there is too much gold there to leave behind.

It does seem that Mr Bozizé is maybe missing France more than he thought he would. These setups have been done ad nauseum. It was a favourite of Hitler’s and just about every other regime one cares to mention.
Maybe Mr Bozizé should take a closer look at the last election run in France and ask himself if he really wants those sorts of people running CAR. Only a French puppet would want that.
The French admin have no real interest in the people of the area. They just want to look good trying to counter the Chinese admin who have been helping Africa break out of its colonial cage.

I expect to see a lot more terrorism occurring on the African continent because as we have seen in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, western warmongers trying to protect the cash cows of global business have no other answer. They would rather destroy Africa than allow the Chinese admin help bring the African continent into the 21st century.

Mr Bozizé will make himself rich and have a good life but his country will be no further forward than it is now.

Tommy Jensen

Sounds like a realistic evaluation.

Tommy Jensen

France is our main Ally in Europe and they are fighting for freedom in Africa as we do it.

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