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CAR Forces Backed Up By Russian Advisers Recapture Another Town From Rebels (Photos)

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CAR Forces Backed Up By Russian Advisers Recapture Another Town From Rebels (Photos)

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On January 30, the Central African Armed Forces (CAAF) recaptured another town from the rebels with support from Russian military advisers and Rwandan troops.

Government forces took over the town, Mpoko Ngbodo, after heavy clashes with the rebels of the Coalition of Patriots for Change. The town is located on the PK26 road, which leads to the town of Boali to the north of the capital – Bangui.

Local sources said dozens of rebels were killed. Many others were reportedly captured. Weapons were also seized by government forces.

Russian forces, consisting mainly of military advisers and private military contractors, have been supporting the CAAF and guarding the country’s top officials since early 2017.

Different rebel groups, a part of them seeks to overthrow President Faustin Archange Touadéra, who was re-elected last December, control two-thirds of the Central African Republic (CAR).

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 200,000 civilians have fled fighting in the CAR since the violence erupted after the recent elections.

“Refugees have told UNHCR that they fled in panic when they heard gun shots, leaving their belongings behind,” Reuters quoted UNHCR spokesman Boris Cheshirkov as saying.

CAR Forces Backed Up By Russian Advisers Recapture Another Town From Rebels (Photos)

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  • More than 200,000 people were displaced during the past 2 months as a result of violence that erupted amid the recent election in the CAR.
  • On January 26, CAR forces killed 44 rebel fighters participating in the last attack to Bangui city, according to the CAR government.
  • On January 30, CAR forces attacked rebels in the Mpoko-Ngbodo. The operation supported by Russian military specialists allegedly resulted in the killing of dozens of rebels.

The CAAF, Russian advisers, Rwandan troops and UN peacekeepers are currently cooperating to secure Bangui and its outskirts. However, the battle is still far from over.


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If it weren’t for those meddlesome kids (the Russians)!


Damn peskering russians,how will we ever reintegrate nwo/soros/turnbull governance,what next?
Where is the mortien when you need it,arrgh)))

johnny rotten

I still don’t understand why they always talk about mercenaries, when Russia has a military presence in the Central African Republic mandated by the UN Security Council, since 2017.

John Tosh

Western propaganda runs the world! Peaceful protesters in the USA are called Domestic terrorists but in Hong Kong and Moscow, they are not!!!!!!

Pave Way IV

Russian soldiers lives worth throwing away in CAR? The place will be in chaos the second the UN/Russians leave = efforts are useless. CAR just doesn’t have that much strategic importance to justify involvement. Natural resources? A blip compared to Russia. I really can’t see Russia’s interest there except countering U.S. and Chinese warmongering/colonization.

Joakim Normen

Don’t underestimate the importance of stopping more countries from falling under the influence of the Imperialist States. If it can be done with minimum effort, it is worth it

Fog of War

The imperialist French also support CAR militarily. Why is Russia siding with Zio controlled imperialist colonizers ?

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