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Car Bomb Hits Idlib City. Casualties Reported (Video)

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On March 24, a booby-trapped car exploded near the central hospital in the center of the city of Idlib, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported. The media outlet said that at least 15 civilians had been killed and several others had been injured in the explosion.

Syrian opposition activists believe that ISIS cells might be behind the car bomb attack as they have carried out several similar attacks previously. However, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not confirmed these claims yet.

Meanwhile, local observers suggested that the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) could be responsible for the attack. The city of Idlib is under the control of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) – the SLF’s rival. On February 26, HTS captured an assassination cell of the SLF, its members admitted carrying out such attacks.

The security situation in Idlib governorate has deteriorated to a dangerous level over the past month due to the ongoing clashes between HTS and the SLF. The governorate will likely witness more similar bombings and other forms of violence that will impact civilians in the near future.

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Zainab Ali

zio satanic losers are cowards – defeated and vile as usual like their despicable blood thirsty masters


That’s the main problem with arab sunnis. They are absolutely unable to rule and secure 5 square meter but they want to rule a country.

Sunnis can’t fight ISIS because ISIS is using sunnism. that’s why sunnis better stay under Assad and shut the fuck up.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

If it was a professional hit the casualties were not civilians. Otherwise its just a turf battle between criminal organizations.


Normally terrorists take credit for their work, maybe this is a local gang war disguised as a terrorist attack.


Terrorist would take credit even if it’s not their work. Who would know who behind the anonymous terrorist who take credit of anything through vast network of internet.


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Richard M

Salafist Lamb Fuckers work. If it was ISIS it would have been SVBIED, not parked car bomb.


Arab sunnis must start to understand that they can rule nothing.

They better declare themselfs as INEPTS and ask for colonization.

But, if you look at, arab sunnis are asking to be colonized by the west, by Turkey, Russia, …. Every arab sunni country is in fact colonized. It’s not a coincidence. It’s because arab sunnis are just INEPTS.


There are no slaves, there are only people who want to be slaves.


This is just the beginning of chaos in Idlibistan. The more disparate groups of butthurt, losing rebels being bussed to Idlib, the more warring factions there. ‘The revolution always consumes itself’, as they say.


That was the plan of the west for Syrians : making Afghanistan bis. Terrorists attacks everywhere + occupation with military bases.

But, just tried to make this understand to sunnis. They are so stupid that they can understand absolutely NOTHING. They thought they will live like in Switzerland. XD.


Syrians better stay with Russia. Obviously, they can’t rule and protect a country. They spent their time fighting each others nobody knows the fucking why. They put their religion before their country.

When you are inept, it’s better to know it in order to stop doing shit.


Why Libya and Syria are not Switzerland ??? XD.


Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Yemen will be fine without France, UK and Washington army.

Amine Mansouri

it was the syrian arab army who made this. they are the real terrorists


Delusional masturbation.


Remember what happened in Iraq in the years that followed Tony Blair’s invasion. After America ‘pacified’ Iraq, sectarian violence exploded. Today Iraq suffers an insane monthly death rate down to terrorism across that nation- which dribblers here don’t notice cos it ain’t reported in kremlin outlets.

This is Syria’s future under Putin’s ‘care’. Assad wants the Iran solution- all terror bodies exterminated across the entire nation. Putin won’t allow this. Putin is NOT a real ally of either Iran nor Syria. Putin’s loyalties go where the jews command him- and that means Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Zionist and wahhabi heartlands.

No nation on the planet loves car bombs more than the depraved jewish state of Israel. Before things fell apart, Syria suffered yearly Israeli car bombings. And now the future of innocent civilians is car bomb (truck bomb) spectaculars, destroying hundreds of lives at a time and ruining city centres. All thanks to Putin, and his servitude to the zionists and wahhabis.

What has Putin’s appeasement earned Russia? West Europe is on the verge of a mass expulsion of Russian diplomats, codifying the demonisation of Russia. Russia’s treatment, thanks to Putin, now exactly matches how Germany was demonised in the run up to WW1, and Japan demonised in the run up to the USA joining WW2. This isn’t a ‘moral’ comparison between the three, of course (Japan was pure evil at the time) – but a comparison of identical propaganda methods designed to lead people into great wars.


“Japan was pure evil at the time”, and your Putin the Zionist lines both suggest a paycheck from Langley.


In Idlib City there is no civilians there are only families of Terror groups, in which I personally don’t consider them civilians.


How come noone is screaming “ALLAH HU AKBAR!!!” in the above video like they usually do? Did their voice become hoarse?


Just wait for the new arrivals from Ghouta … the problems in Idlibistan will multiply lol

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