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Captured ISIS Member Reveals How ISIS In Al-Safa Received Support From US-led Coalition Base At Al-Tanaf (Photos)

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Captured ISIS Member Reveals How ISIS In Al-Safa Received Support From US-led Coalition Base At Al-Tanaf (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, by the SANA

An ISIS fighter, who was captured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) during the special operation to free al-Suwayda hostages, revealed that the terrorist group’s cells in the area of al-Safa are receiving direct military support from the US-led coalition base in the border area of al-Tanaf.

“We received supplies from the U.S. base in al-Tanaf through Abu Audi, his brother Saeed and Abu Ali al-Buri (al-Badui), he is a member of ISIS, he provided us with vehicles and 23mm machineguns,” the captured ISIS member, Abu Abdullah Mayadin, told Syrian reporters on November 9.

Furthermore, Abu Abdullah revealed that many terrorists from Iraq, Turkey, Russia’s Ingushetia, India and Uzbekistan are fighting on the ISIS side in al-Safa. Previously it was thought that the terrorists there are only Syrians and Palestinians.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) released two photos, which had been extracted from Abu Abdullah smartphone. In the first photo, the terrorist is holding a US-made M16 assault rifle equipped with a US-made Trijicon scope. The second photo shows the terrorist carrying what was identified as a Chinese-made FN-6 Man-portable air-defense (MANPAD) system.

Captured ISIS Member Reveals How ISIS In Al-Safa Received Support From US-led Coalition Base At Al-Tanaf (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, by the SANA

According to local observers, this type of the MANPADs was supplied to the Free Syrian Army in 2014 by Qatar, which had acquired them from Sudan. Later, these MANPADs were obtained by ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq and even Lebanon.

Abu Abdullah’s statement and the photos recovered from his smartphone confirm that the U.S. and its allies had supported the terrorist group in a direct and an indirect way from the al-Tanaf base. Moscow and Damascus pointed out this kind of U.S. activities in the al-Tanaf area multiple times during the last two years. However, Washington is not going to abandon its military base at the Syrian-Iraqi border because it plays an important role in the US strategy to oppose the growth of Iranian and Russian influence in Syria.

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The Palestinian likely Mossad. Lets see how much Israel pays to get him back.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, Shin Beth the Zionist perverted “secret service” blackmails vulnerable Palestinians and other corrupt individuals into jointing Salafist headchopper groups or spy for them. The CIA, MI6 and French use the same tactics. This is hardly a “secret” that all Salafist groups are Zionist and western creation to promote Zionist agenda and loot regional OIL. A very well researched objective book Shadow Wars by a British historian Christopher Davidson meticulously traces back the evil nexus of Wahhabism and Zionism and how the British imperialists created both and now the US idiots and the west sustain the headchoppers .


The wide-awake thinking world already knows of the US-NATO complicity with regard to their terrorists waging war against Syria, but unfortunately there can never be enough evidential proof presented to the comotosed Western masses to make the majority of them give a damn.


I agree and how much evidence of the US support for Head Chopping terrorists will it take to make the comatose Western masses wake up ?

The only positive side to all of this , is that a State of Denial is often followed by a state of Intense Anger.

This is why Western nations involved with the US Coalition of Terror are attempting to silence any debate about NATO support of terrorism in Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious

why you assume the masses of west, are not supportive of the governments that are there with their vote? R u living in denial of fact?

Dawa IS

Official website of the Islamic State https://youtu.be/qw8CxuwDHDg


Fuck off iblis lover.

Zionism = EVIL

The headchoppers are convenient and useful idiots that promote Zionist agenda and make it easy for the US and its NATO puppets to occupy the middle east and plunder its own. The Arabs are tribal illiterate people and easy to manipulate, however, the Iranians and the Shia who are united and highly educated have become a thorn for US and Zionists. The west has been using the Salafists against the Russians since the days of the cold war and the biggest boost to Wahhabist evil came during the CIA’s “Afghan Jihad” against USSR. It is the same tactic just a different locale, Russia, Belarus, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Iran are the new targets.

matew ivanson

ISIS in Safa three months hold firmly front line, SAA brought armored divisions, Republican guard, NDF, Palestinian militias, Hezbollah but they cant advance either 100 metres, vulcano Safa becomes a hell for Assad and his army


You morons that think some giant force has assembled against Al-Safa ISIS rats really need to get your head examined.


More baloney.

R Trojson

This guy will say whatever they tell him to say. Facts are it is Russia that has had al Safa ISIS surrounded for a year. Only Russia lets al Safa ISIS come and go whenever they want. Only Russia resupplied al Safa ISIS with at least 4 truckloads of food, money, ammunition and arms just last week as reported right here. It is only Russia that refuses to wipe out ISIS on that little spec of land in al-Safa. Why does ISIS in al Safa still exist if the full weight of Russia-Syria-Iran has been attacking them for even 1 day much less 1 year. ISIS attacks whoever they are paid to attack. Russia has been paying them to attack Kurds and US.

That Guy

The blame contest only makes me laugh harder.

John Whitehot

wonder where you picked that name.


“the full weight” are you retarded? Who the hell would throw their full weight behind an offensive in an area that small. Not full-weight, not even 1/20th weight not even 1/100th weight. SAA can take their time with Al-Safa.


Boy made Karakiri with a bazooka, do not wait for mother nature to be the one to extinguish you that would be half of other innocent, you’re too stupid, a danger to our human species.




You are a dumb ignorant Trump fanboy…..part of this new U.S military cyber army no doubt!
Go collect your Shekels!

H Eccles

check his neck for a star of david tattoo..


Those lined up lying on the ground in the picture, seem to have been shot in place, not necessarily dead in battle. However lucky, the Syrians are soldiers, no one has cut his throat.


If terrorists in Al-Safa area are receiving still help from USA from Al-Tafa, there is a big problem here, isn’t there ? How in the world these terrorists can continue having support from USA if this area is totally surrounded by SAA troops ? I hope I am wrong about this.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians, the Syrians and the Iraqis have known all this since sometime before oct last year, none of this is anything new.
Last year in early december the Russians, the Syrians, and the Iraqis all claimed they’d defeated Isis in all the areas under their control in, both Syria and Iraq, and even smugly offered to help the US do the same in the north of Syria [the US refused], but as we all know that turned out to be a bit premature, and also left some egg on a few faces. But they were right for a while at least, and it was a strategy the Russians came up with that helped to get rid of them, they should just simply repeat the same tactic now if they want to finally rid themselves of Isis.
Another ring of SAA and Iraqi steel around the 55 km exclusion zone at Al-Tanf, and Russian aviation patrolling the skies nearby, nothing gets in and nothing gets out, it worked once and it’ll work again, why they’re not repeating that same successful strategy now has me totally baffled. Unless the planned evacuation of the Rubkan camp is factor now, perhaps when, and if, the refugees are allowed to leave there, that ring of steel might go back up.
All and every single Isis insurgency since Dec last year [except for a few in Hama], have occurred within a 150 km radius of the Al Tanf exclusion zone, and most of them actually within 75 km of the zone, that’s only 2 or 3 hours traveling time even in the desert at night, any wonder Isis has such good supply lines.
This would only help Syria though, the Iraqi problem with Isis is to the north of this area where the US is in control of the Syrian border.


How does it irritate when some assholrs from the US run around the world brainwashing people in the name of preaching democracy what an irony!

Kilgore Trout

Start sending the ameri3kan war criminal bastards home in BODY BAGS!!!

St. Augustine

Imagine that.

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