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Captured ISIS Member: “ISIS would be over and done with, if it didn’t receive support from foreign countries”


Russian media outlet Russkaya Vesna posted a Youtube video showing an ISIS fighter, Hamed Al Hasep telling about his time in ISIS. According to Russkaya Vesna website, Hamed al-Hasep was captured by the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces near Deir ez-Zor a few weeks earlier.

The story below is based on the article provided by Russkaya Vesna:

46-year-old al-Hasep initially joined the al-Nusra Front in 2013, because of poor financial state of his family, as farming didn’t get them enough money. His hopes did not come to fruition though, and al-Nusra commanders, as he said, used the militants only as cannon fodder.

In 2015, when ISIS came to his village on the south-east of Deir ez-Zor province, al-Hasep, and the majority of people from the battalion he was in, did not resist, and switched sides to ISIS instead. The men, who decided to stay loyal to the al-Nusra Front, were executed.

Hamed said that he hadn’t been sent to the front immediately. His main responsibility was driving trucks full of crude oil to the Syrian-Turkish border, where he would sell the oil to the Turks for low price. A 50 gal barrel would be sold for about $22-25 USD. The profit would be spent on weapons, ammo and salaries. The salary was about $100-150 USD, which wasn’t all that much more than the al-Nusra payed.

A few months later, he and some other militants were asked to go to a training camp called Kseiba in Iraq, 20 km away from Abu Kamal. According to Hamed, there were Americans, Sudanese, Kazakh people.

The head of the training camp was a Saudi Arabian citizen, with the second most important being a United States citizen nicknamed Abu Khumar, who sometimes took charge of training.

After finishing up the training, al-Hasep left Iraq and went back to Syria, where he led a sabotage unit consisting of seven people. They would conduct reconnaissance, raid the villages, capture Syrian military personnel and execute the captured. He denies killing civilians, claiming that his unit opposed the governmental troops exclusively. He took part in fighting near the air base to the south of Deir ez-Zor.

Following the extension of the buffer zone near the air base, about a thousand of ISIS militants were deployed to Al-Hasakah province under Kurdish control. Some of the militants were trained at the US military bases, some were planned to be included into the Syrian Democratic Forces. Al-Hasep claims seeing US helicopters helping transport the militants.

“ISIS would be over and done with, if it didn’t receive support from foreign countries,” Russkaya Vesna quoted him as saying. He allegedly added that equipment, weapons and ammo came primarily from the US and Israel.

Despite this support, the militants have low morale. The propaganda continues to circulate within the units, with certain clerics invited to raise the fighters’ spirits, but with diminishing results. Even the militants that have agreed to train at the US bases try to run away.



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  • Rakean Jaya

    This story just a confirmation what we have already knew, ISIS is US/Saudi/Israel NATO projects.

  • Turbofan

    Nothing new here

  • RGtz98

    RT should report it to spread it even more

  • Serious

    All about money and power. Who cares about religion ???

    • gustavo

      and human being.

  • FlorianGeyer

    This is why the US has been eliminating ISIS commanders of course and extracting their ISIS assets. More and more ISIS will be taken as POW’s by the SAA and they will provide a devastation testament to the collusion of the US Coalition , including bloody NATO, with international terrorism.

    I would think the evildoers in the US Military are now thinking ‘ Shit,It was not meant to end like this ‘.
    Sadly for the reputation of the US , such as it is , the world now knows that the United States of America is ruled over by Zionist Killers.

    Meanwhile the American People argue about inanities between themselves when they should be uniting to cast out the Zionist criminals into oblivion.

    • John Veitch

      Hullo Florien, the UK is celebrating the Balfour agreement. You would think that we are now an outpost of Israels. There has been very limited analytical , critical articles in our media. How unusual we are being treated as morons. Plus cest change. Regards

      • FlorianGeyer

        I totally agree with you. The Balfour agreement was and still is, a disgrace.
        Even then Zionism had a grip on UK policy. Today the UK Government lauds it as a Just Act, when in reality it has been the root cause of millions of deaths and the appropriation of Palestinian lands by the Khazars ( who are not semitic anyway) because ‘God’ gave it to the Jews a few thousand years ago.

        There are though an increasing number of UK citizens who are able to see through the deceit. The more hysterical the Zionists become, the more they attract attention from the previously uninformed :)

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Note 2 that Cameron and Blair would gladly attend said celebration without question, unlike Jeremy Corbyn who declined the celebration of terrorism and occupation over the people of Palestine.

        “..very limited analytical , critical articles in our media..”

        Well, as vassals of the US, you get treated the same way Americans do. Tells you much about who controls the governments of both countries and their media.

  • Barba_Papa

    Now I KNOW this is fake news. The US training these militants? And they turn out a competent army? The US has never managed to turn a shitty foreign army into a decent one. All the Arab armies they’ve tried were and still are shit. They trained the Georgians, they folded quicker then wet paper towels against the Russians. They’re trying to train the Ukrainians, they’re still epic fail. ISIS on the other can actually fight. That’s why I don’t buy this. Fake news!

    • Augsta “Augsta”

      The truth hit you right in the face and you can’t even tell it did… Your a fake Zionist troll…


      • Barba_Papa

        You got me. You totally got me. Now excuse me while I take my 30 pieces of silver and go hit on that hot Krav Maga instructor.

    • Bru

      So please explain to us why ISIS were better?
      Because also trained by the zionist regime in addition to the training by the US and other NATO regimes?

      • ruca


      • Barba_Papa

        Because ISIS actually manages to put up a fight rather then flee at the first sign of trouble. Like units of the Iraqi and Syrian armies have done with alarming regularity. Because ISIS manages to execute well coordinated offensives and counter offensives? Because it takes forever to defeat from places they’ve taken.

        Hate the buggers for the assholes that they are. But for an Arab army they fight very well. At least as good as Hezbollah. The only other Arab army to have gone up against a Western army, the IDF, and stood their ground.

        As for possible Israeli trainers, there are ties between Israel and the Peshmerga, and they don’t fight so well as ISIS.

        • gustavo

          Yes, you are a good candidate for congress of USA. You even make believe to fool people about “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”

          • Barba_Papa

            I get to run for Congress? BRING ON THE GRAVY TRAIN! I hereby pledge allegiance to my Zionist Lords and Masters in exchange for a shot at the good life!

    • Tudor Miron

      Is this why ISIS is being pushed out from all over Surya?

      • Barba_Papa

        At what pace? Despite being bombed from the air by the Russians, Syrians, Iraqis, Americans and other countries. Despite facing the armies of Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, Kurds, Russian and US support personnel. Despite all that ISIS still puts up a formidable fight and makes its adversaries fight tooth and nail. They’re an army of douches and assholes that all deserve to get shot in some unmarked ditch, but its capability to resist is worthy of respect. Even Hezbollah still only had to stand up against the IDF for a month, ISIS is been doing it for years now.

        • Tudor Miron

          If that is your proof that US has nothing to do with ISIS than you should apply to US senate or something similar. Fit for the job :)

          • Barba_Papa

            I’m still waiting for actual proof that the US and Israel have been training and outfitting ISIS. Some guy who says something in a movie does not constitute evidence. If anything the Iraq Invasion of 2003 taught me that, because some guy, more then one actually, said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I’m still waiting to see those too.

            Decades of established history shows that the US can’t train and outfit a foreign military, especially an Arab military, that is worth a damn. And now they suddenly can? Just because some guy says so in a movie of questionable origin? It doesn’t add up.

          • Tudor Miron

            This is not because of this guy/video – that is not real proof. But if you use logic and look at wider picture (both geografically and in time) than the fact that Daesh/Nusra and other rats are nothing also than irregular armed forces of UK/US/Israel is very obvious. Just look for beneficiary (long run) of their (Daesh) actions. All this war against terror (should we call it war for terror?) is a perfect pretext for invasions that US is conducting on behalf of their zio masters. That’s my opinion – nothing more but this is more than just an assumption :)

          • Tudor Miron

            I would also like to add that I can’t agree with your comments that US can not train soldiers of other countries. There are many professional people in US army (no higher than colonel unfortunately) My opinion is that arms, equipment and training is not that important for an effective military. Much more important is moral state of soldiers. If one invaded a country, killed millions of its people (with no other reason than blatant lies) than it’s hard to expect that you can build good soldiers – those who agree to work with ocupation force would not want to risk their life. Colaborationists never make a good sodier. Now, when Iraq is starting to rebuild their souveregnity (little by little) their armed forces moral state is starting to also change to the better and that shows on the battle field.

        • gustavo

          I propose you as a congress man for USA.

    • Brother Ma

      Then who trains isis?

      • Don Machiavelli
      • Barba_Papa

        Same guys who train Al Qaida? Of which ISIS is an offshoot. From what I gather ISIS is full of ex-Iraqi army and secret police guys from the days of Saddam who have thrown in their lot with Al Qaida first, and later ISIS.

        The idea that you need foreign trainers to set up a military organization is like saying only aliens could have built the pyramids. Like people can’t organize themselves. And its not like the internet is not full of training manuals and videos. You should check out Paladin Press for the crazy stuff they’re offering.

    • gustavo

      Your arguments are not well sustainable, and the logic is badly done. This is not just one evidence, there are hundred of ISIS captured members that tell the same history. So, it is not possible to deny this fact. Israel-USA-NATO are the creators of ISIS-Daesh-SDF-Nustra with the help of Turkey-Jordan-Qatar- Saudis.

  • RichardD

    The “war on terror” is all Jew world order regime change, problem, reaction, solution Hegelian theater. Trying to use Israel and the NATO UNSC P3 to advance their global hegemony drive.

    95% of the planet’s Jews live in the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK. They’re collectively a parasitical disease that infiltrates and takes over or tries to take over the host society to it’s detriment to victimize, exploit and enslave it to serve their evil cult. Following the teachings of their evil Talmud cult manual. Which is why there’s antisemitism and they’ve been expelled from so many places so many times.

  • Justin

    DutchNational where are u????
    Are u going to deny this and call it “fake news”?
    What are u gonna say?


    You fuckin peace of shit cunt!

    Here is what DutchNational said about a year a go! He is a total peace of shit! Barracks for ALL US backed forces (SDF, ISIS, Al-Nsura / HTS)