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JUNE 2023

Captured ISIS Member Claims US-led Coalition Indirectly Supports 1,500 Terrorists In Syrian Desert

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A Russian pro-government news outlet, Rusvesna, has released a video showing an interogation of the ISIS members captured by government troops in the desert area in central Syria.

According to the repeased video, the captured ISIS member, Abu Ayyub Al-Iraqi, claimed that a total number of ISIS members in the Suweida-Damascus desert is about 1,500 and some of them had been trained and supplied with weapons by the coalition.

Furthermore, he claimed that the al-Rubkah refugee camp controlled by the US-led coalition is used by terrorists as a rear base.

If the provided data is confirmed, it will confirm previous statements by the Russian military that the US-led coalition is using the al-Tanf zone, including the Rubkah refugee camp, as a buffer zone allowing ISIS terrorists to carry out attacks on facilities of the Damascus government.

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Yesterday on 7th September, 2018 there was a trilateral summit between Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani on Syria in Tehran, Iran and this was a response from UK. The summit was 100% successful.

UK have slaughtered millions of native Americans, Germans, Japanese, Palestinians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Afghanis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Indians, Turkish, even in hundred different countries they have butchered civilians including children and women by using mostly knives and swords and established their own puppet states there.

Brother Ma

I think they mostly used guns. Knives and swords are the Headchopper way from the 600AD ‘s onward.


In Afghanistan UK army united with Mujahidin used knives and slaughtered thousands of children and men because they were defending their country from UK forces.

Brother Ma

Where Brother ,where? I do not doubt that UK troops killed women and children in Afghanistan with the Mujahidin. Yet i doubt they killed THOUSANDS of women and children AND that it was with KNIVES AND that it was the UKArmy as a whole.

I would believe SOME UK soldiers -probably commandos or rogue fuckwits- killed SOME women and children with KNIVES.

If you know more please let us know details.

Carne João Pasta

Thank you. Loses credibility when people spout of numbers such as here by Rob, ie thousands. Reminds me of WW2 and the alleged Holocaust.

Bill Wilson

That must be the part of the desert that gets a lot of rain.

Garry Compton

Someday maybe – a soldier serving in Syria with a “conscience” will come home , be discharged and talk about the role of the US in Syria. But as we see – “there are no media imbedded or even any journalists close enough to the US/Isis/Al Qaeda Syrian bases that are able to document the crimes against humanity”. { VT }. But, anyone that has been following the Syrian War knows that anything and everything evil there is based with the American/ Allied/ Israelis Regimes.

Jim Bim

It`s not because the MSM is not imbedded, close enough or able to document the US/Isis/Al Qaeda crimes. BUT because the MSM is owned by the Corporates who make billions from the wars, destruction and death.

Garry Compton

PS – NO ONE is allowed in the Syrian US bases around the Euphrates – OKKK ?

Jim Bim

I`m talking in a broader term, all western countries MSM are synchronized and very tight lipped about the US/coalitions activity.


Not quite right. The MSM are owned or controlled by Jews who only care about furthering of the Israeli agenda.


1500! That’s it. Pull the other one.

Rüdiger Preiss

Of course the US is using Al Tanaf to do exactly that! If nobody helped those thugs, they would have long disappeared / or been eliminated.

Carne João Pasta

yeah, what an achievement, eh? Western civilization has come such a long way to get to this point? Looking back (if there is a future anyway) I wonder how history will look upon the US (and British) empire(s)?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)


I’m so proud of my “leaders” here in Disneyland!



O︆o︆auh Du︆d︆es︆ ! T︆︆h︆e L︆i︆s︆t w︆︆i︆th N︆a︆k︆ed︆-︆W︆o︆m︆en︆s f︆r︆︆o︆m y︆o︆u︆r C︆i︆t︆y ︆h︆a︆s b︆e︆en︆ p︆u︆b︆︆l︆is︆h︆e︆d Her︆︆ee︆e︆ ̩︆️︆︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆a︆.︆m︆︆e︆︆/︆p︆︆h︆︆o︆t︆︆o︆︆-︆3︆4︆︆6︆8︆3︆4 ?


︆LO︆OOL T︆ha︆︆nk︆ss ︆B︆r︆o︆o!︆! I︆︆’︆v︆e fo︆︆u︆n︆d t︆he︆︆r︆e m︆y Te︆a︆c︆he︆r N︆a︆ke︆d ! ︆H︆aa︆h︆h︆a︆h︆


︆H︆a︆h︆a︆h︆h︆ l︆u︆︆c︆k︆y ︆d︆u︆de

Feudalism Victory

Seriously? No one should click this ridiculous link.

Julian Clegg

All three of them are spammers working together.

Tudor Miron

That’s the same rat upvoting and replying to himself.

Carne João Pasta

F’n ridiculous

Willing Conscience (The Truths

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Another one. Go back to the LGBTQI forums where you’ll make more cash, this site isn’t as good for that as the ones your used too.


The Longer You stay in Syria U.S. the Nastier this whole stinking Operation is going to be for you…..Your Headchopper-Buddies are Going to sing like Canaries about your involvement…. Water Boarding isn’t even necessary as you can see…. they shit their pants just like that…. Time is on our Side FUKUS & IsraHell….


The American weakness is their pride, they simply cannot admit defeat. It will be their undoing.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Why do you male LGBTQI wankers always use pictures of pretty women to represent yourselves, don’t you think we’d fall for your weird antics if you posted real pictures of yourselves as men, those pictures of you fat wankers wearing dresses and lipstick, and looking even more revolting than any other ugly real women alive. I know the money you’re saving from all this scamming is going towards that sex change operation you desperately want, but this is not the right site for you to do that, I’ll bet you won’t find as many gullible patrons here on this site, I think you should stick to the LGBTQI forums where you’ll make more cash. Putin’s going to bring the LGBTQI New World Order crashing down around you all, Trumps heading in the same direction too, maybe you’ll never be able to have that sex change operation you’ve always dreamed about.

Tony Murphy

Hope they strung the bastard up after they shot the video.

Brother Ma

Confused?? Southfront according to Twitter excerpt the prisoner is Hourani not Iraqi. So which is it? Just saying for clarity.


If you are tired of seeing these obvious porn links that have shown up lately up vote this and perhaps southfront can put an end to it, Please. We come here for a few laughs and some serious talk, well most of us.


Well the CIA will see this and accuse Syria of torture. How else can you get them to tell the truth unless you torture them!


During the Korean war, captured American pilots admitted on camera that they were bombing Korea and China with Anthrax and Bubonic plague bombs. The western media never reported the story, the UN and Red Cross pretended they knew nothing. When the prisoners got back to the USA, they just disappeared.

It will be no different this time, the US controls the western media so only the American version is ever reported.

Fayez Chergui

If the american would have show a similar video in defavor of russian or syrian I would have said it’s a lie. So I cannot consider this one.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians have been saying this for 18 months now, which is getting a little annoying, they know exactly what they have to do to solve the problem, they’ve already done it before. They have to repeat the same process they did last year, that’s if they want to truly eradicate Isis from the territory they control below the Euphrates, it’s as simple as that. Remember last year when the Russian’s prematurely announced they’d eradicated Isis from all SAA territory, bar a few small isolated pockets in north western Hama and the south west Qunietra as well as Darra, they were correct, they did totally eradicate Isis from the areas they controlled, but they didn’t control Al-Tanf did they. In October last year, the Russians and SAA, coordinating with the Iraqi’s, announced an operation to eradicate Isis from all their territories, they invited the US to participate in the operation, but sadly, the US refused. The coalition of Russia/Iraq/SAA began operations against Isis, but soon found the biggest problem in eradicating them, was the US enforced 55km exclusion zone around Al-Tanf. Isis was using this area to retreat to every time they were confronted with overwhelming forces, and not only that, the US was using their artillery and air support to stop SAA troops from pursuing them into the exclusion zone. There were several incidents of US aggression against the SAA, and even one incident where the Russians retaliated with airstrikes against US proxy forces, but eventually the Russians worked out exactly what they had to do to beat the US, whilst not directly confronting them that is. The SAA put a ring of steel around that exclusion zone, they stationed OB patrols and heavy armor all around that zone, they made it extremely hard for even a mouse to sneak in or out. If anything tried to it was either confronted with SAA heavy armor, or in most cases Russian and SAA airstrikes. After the ring of steel was in place the Iraqi’s found it much easier to clean out Isis from their side of the border, the inability of Isis to use this border area to resupply or get reinforcements from, was instrumental in allowing both the SAA and the Iraqi’s, to eradicate Isis on both sides of the border. The Iraqi’s who weren’t in danger of US retaliation, unlike the SAA, were able to chase Isis right up to the Al-Tanf exclusion zone and corner them, and the US under the vigilant eyes of the Iraqi’s, were obliged to attack them too. Before too long the Iraqi’s had managed to clean up their border areas adjacent to Al-Tanf, and not much longer after that the SAA managed to do the same, apart from some small isolated pockets of Isis in the Dier ez Zor desert. It was a 2 month operation with minimal SAA losses, and a great success. The Iraqi’s then went on to eradicate Isis from the whole Syrian/Iraqi border, but were still having problems in the north where the US was in control. They still had Isis crossing the border there, and wanted the US to help confront them, but due to the strike the SDF Kurds were apparently holding {Erdogan’s invasion], nothing was being done. The Iraqi’s took matters into their own hands and launched their own operation. They first asked president Assad for the right to fly over Syrian territory, and then told the US what they were about to do, they didn’t coordinate the operation with the US as you’d expect would be the normal procedure, but instead just went ahead with it. The media made a very stark point by telling us the Iraqi’s went to Assad first instead of the US, which implied that the US weren’t very interested in reinitiating hostilities against Isis, but the Iraqi’s unlike the US, definitely were. The Iraqi’s first airstrikes in Al-Hasakah were just the thing needed to drag the US [kicking and screaming] back into recommencing it’s offensive against Isis. It took only 3 weeks for the coalition forces to eradicate a supposed 5000 Isis fighters from Al-Hasakah and northern Dier ez-Zor, leaving only the one remaining pocket of 1500 fighters near the Iraqi border and along the Euphrates river. It’s amazing what the US can do if it has to, one up for the Iraqi’s, they outsmarted the US at it’s own game. Well sort of, those 5000 Isis fighter mostly just disappeared, they weren’t captured or killed so they’re still out there somewhere, just watching and waiting. Now back to Al-Tanf, why don’t the Russians just repeat the same procedure they did back in October last year, by December they’d done what they needed to and isolated that base, why don’t they just do the same thing now. Well perhaps it’s got something to do with those new radar systems the US has just installed in Al-Hasakah, or the new SAM system they’ve just installed at their based at Al-Tanf, and also maybe the US enforced no fly zone that everyone is talking about, maybe that’ll actually be 2 no fly zones instead, one in the north and another in the southeast at Al-Tanf. A 100 or 150km exclusion zone around Al-Tanf would certainly throw a spanner into the SAA’s finely tuned machine, I’m sure Isis would resurge as never before if that were to happen. The Russians have no choice, they have to place another ring of steel around this US base, there is no other option. If the US did enforce a no fly zone over these 2 areas, the 1500 fighters still at Hajin, and the 5000 fighters that disappeared after the SDF Al-Hasakah offensive, would simply just cross the river and create mayhem in the deserts of Dier ez-Zor, the towns and city’s in the area would no longer be safe, we would have repeats of what happened in Palmyra and Dier ez-Zir city again. The MSM will avoid this story like the plague, this captured Isis fighter and the secrets he tells will never be told by them. If it is it will be called fake news.

Hide Behind

Numbers look at numbers. Just exactly how did a few thousand militants take over huge areas of Syria where a couple million Syrians lived? The numbers of militants grew in areas they controlled and no for sure not all militants were foreign paid mercs. As for the Kurds, they always kept an individual identity and have , not since Ottoman Empire, ever fully integrated into any of nations set in place by Europeans, so to take advantage of situation for both in Iraq and Syria owing no real allegiance to either sought and gained autonomy in both. Their caused As and is of a Revolution and Seperatist movement of long standing. The ease of militants in initial attacks against what appeared to be overwhelming forces was not solely by force of arms but by lack of resistance by millions of Syrian peoples. Yes Europe/Israel/US and oil wealthy Arab nations financialy suports this small groups of militants but their initial capabilities were damn near no more than by AK rifles and used Toyota trucks over running most of Syria. That the outside forces seen the weakness within Syria could be exploited on the cheap worked but is that not as history has shown to be. Crying out loud, 10,000 militants is not even a pin point of numbers with in past wars where tens of thousands of each competing forces were engaged in combat on a daily basis. The tactics of US European military, political, and financial conquest is to keep the real overlapping geopolitical intentions hiding behind small minor conflicts. Twenty to thirty deaths a day by both sides is war on the cheap and does nothing but allow those of power to molest rest of small nations.



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