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JULY 2020

Captain Obvious


Captain Obvious

Jüri Luik (C). IMAGE: Andrew Harnik / AP

On May 18, Estonian Miniser of Defence Jüri Luik stressed that Russia openly preparing for a war. According to the defense minister, Moscow has increased its military power on the Western flank and is interested in the weakening NATO.

Luik said that Russia formed 7 regiments in the Western Military District. He said that all of them are deployed less than 50km from the border claiming that this confirms that Russia is preparing for a war. The growing global influence of Russia was described by Luik as a threat.

The Estonian defense minister also slammed the declaration adpoted by the Council of Europe regarding the need to return the right to vote to Russia in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Luik-style remarks include nothing new. In fact, many Western politicians, especially representatives of quasi-states like Estonia, Latvia and others, have repeatedly made similar statements. However, they avoid adresssing the roots of the observed escalation. This situation can be tracked back to the start of the NATO expansion to the East, which was made in violation of promises made to the Russian side. The step-by-step expansion of the US-led military bloc an the build-up of its forces near Russian borders triggered an expected reaction from Russia, which started strengthening its Western border.

By today, actions of the Western establishment and its clients have in fact led to the shaky situation when a reactive scenario could start developing at any moment. The Russian military political leadership openly states that it’s readying to repel a NATO agression. Using the words of Luik, Moscow is preparing for a war on the Western front. This is not a secret or a sensation.

It’s important to note that in the event of an open conflict between the NATO and Russia, the Baltic states will be first to suffer from this conflict. The war will cause irreparable damage to these states and turn the remaining representatives of their nations into exotica.




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  • Enver Hoxha

    Those people are idiots if the think they can defeat russia yet can’t produce their own small arms.

  • John

    About it in a nutshell.

  • Rob

    America and Israel always preparing for wars with many countries in the world. These morons now trying to rewrite the world history. I think the Estonian ministers want to take some land from Russia. LOL

  • goingbrokes

    NATO combined military budget is huge compared to Russia, but all these morons can think of is that there is some kind of Russian aggression coming.
    We are witnessing an era where common sense has left many leaders and has been replaced by moronic short-sightedness and ideological cul-de-sac of World Bank slavery and American militarism.
    The truth is, today the only militaristic state in the world is America (this includes Israel that would be precisely nowhere without US). Russia and China, whilst they can defend themselves, are only playing a bit of catch up.
    In the real world the main enemies are, and will be for a while, American militarism and the international banking mafia. It’s like the mythical two-headed snake. If you attack the left head, the right head strikes you. If you attack the right head, the left head strikes you. If you attack the middle, both heads strike you. So how do you kill that snake?

    • Noland

      Oh please… don’t overhype them…

    • FlorianGeyer

      ” So how do you kill that snake? ”

      By sprinkling Nuclear Fairy Dust over Washington and Tel Aviv ?

      And the City of London :)

  • klove and light

    estonia lololol

    estonia….latvia……lithuania…….. Russia does not Need to attack your fake nations……..those 3 Baltic countries …lololol…….. are “loosing” their Population due to Migration …lol…..no cocksucker wants to live in your bs fake created organzied crime infected minimouse countries…lol

  • Tommy Jensen

    Since the Rasmussen times in Nato, Russia have planned and dreamed about attacking Estonia to gobble more landmasses.
    Now the time has come and Russia will invade Estonia soon as part of its “Full Spectrum Global Dominance” doctrine.
    But the free and civilised world are prepared to fight back. We will fight shoulder by shoulder against dictatorships and Hitler regimes. For freedom folks!

    • verner

      you’d do good to start at home, a humongous demonstration of 2 to 3 million battle-hardened veterans in front of the hill/white house could possibly set things straight again after it’s gone so badly awry. the fact that the squatters have managed to buy and pay for every lawmaker on the hill and dunny the dunce through kushner is telling and needs to be rectified post haste. so there you are – it’s all laid out for you in plain and unambiguous words. get going nit wit!

    • skinner15

      Every mother in eSStonia has a tattoo of Hitler on her thighs.

      Stalin could not have been a mass murderer, when he left so many of the Baltic Nazis alive after WW2.

      • Tudor Miron

        Stalin being a mass murderer is a zionic lie.

        • skinner15

          True, who would have moaned if he had executed every Nazi in Europe.

  • Tudor Miron

    “How dare those pesky Russkies to even think of defending themselves against all mighty West?” :)

    • Pave Way IV

      The West? No way. Russia got seven regiments on its border for protection from the Estonians. You don’t want to piss those guys off. Didn’t Estonia rule most of eastern Europe at one time? i’m pretty sure that’s what they taught us in high school. Maybe it was the Lithuanians? They all look alike to me.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Its very unreasonable of Russia to challenge the ‘ Exceptional Nation of Low IQ ‘.

      Russia should just lie down and grovel to masters of the Universe , and accept greatfully any scraps from the West.

      Oh, I nearly forgot ,Tudor, please ask President Putin to send all the Russian Gold for safe keeping to the US or the UK. Both are honorable nations that never break a contract or treaty. :)

      • Tudor Miron


  • verner

    estonia is just a crappy little country with a large percentage of nazis, old time nazis and neo-nazis galore but they are handy for moronistan (aka usa – home of certified idiots and corrupt officials and a large contingent of cannon fodder from the fly over states, under-educated rednecks/hillbily types for whom the future is either to become a jarhead (marines) or a meth-user with a short life span in front of him/her) when Russia shall be contained (as if that is possible). what a larf! what an idiot!

  • Barba_Papa

    Russia has every right to station troops wherever it wants inside its own borders. All the more so when NATO stations NATO troops along Russia’s borders. And I didn’t know there was a 200 km exclusion zone along the Baltic borders. It’s even completely normal for Russia to have invasion plans for the Baltics. It’s called contingency planning. It’s good to have those plans in case you need them. It’s very bad not to have them when you actually need them. I don’t see much butthurt in the UK and US for the plans to go to war that both countries also had in the past. Including making Canada their battleground.

    That being said I do understand where this moron’s views comes from. The USSR invaded and brutally occupied the Baltic states twice. And Russia, having assumed the mantle as the USSR’s successor, has never addressed this fact. And still acts like the Red Army came as liberators to these places. People like it when you at least acknowledge that they have a valid point of contention. Belittling it or pretending it didn’t happen is not going to make you any friends in the long term. This is why I keep on saying that the Myth of the Great Patriotic War, of noble Russia not doing any wrong in that war, is not good for Russia in the long term. Bad stuff happened during that war. And Russia could so easily disarm this by shifting blame on the USSR and Stalin. Modern day Russia didn’t exist back then and Stalin is the perfect patsy to blame for everything bad that happened back then.

    • skinner15

      The Baltic states were also part of Imperial Russia before the Soviets took over, the Baltic territories were also ruled by the Swedes, Polish and Hanseatic States.

      Why do you think the Baltics were invaded, when in fact they have always been a part of a kingdomempire, and were only ever designated separate nations by, Britain and France!

      The Baltic states are meant as a provocation against RussianSoviet and German interests by the French and British after WW1. They do not have a tradition of independence or democracy, they were turned into dictatorships who committed genocide alongside the Nazis, murdered its own citizens before once again being swallowed up by a larger power, Nazi Germany.

      Now the Balts are part of the EU, I wonder how long it will take them to become Nazis again.

      • Barba_Papa

        That kind of attitude is why the Baltic states view Russia as a threat, joined NATO and clamor for more NATO troops there.

        • skinner15

          They also joined Hitler, which is why the Russians don’t trust them.

          They were part of the Russian Empire for centuries, before the Russians, the Poles, Swedes and Hanseatic states ruled them.
          They then begged the Russians to save them from those states.

          • Barba_Papa

            They got raped by Stalin. As in literally raped by Stalin, with tens of thousands murdered and deported by his secret police in a concerted attempt to eradicate their national identity. And then you wonder why not only they hailed in the Nazi’s as liberators but fought alongside them? You really are blind to the POV that others might have.

            Yeah, they might have been part of Russia for centuries, but all bets were off after the Russian revolution, and can you really blame them for not wanting to be part of that immense human disaster that was the USSR?

            Also, denying them the right to be independent states, just because they never were one in the past is the same argument that pro Israel advocates use to deny that Palestinians even exist. Don’t go there, just don’t go there.

    • Tudor Miron

      USSR invaded baltic states??? Those tiny states became part of USSR simply by fact that they were part of Russian Empire.

      • Barba_Papa

        So was Finland, that remained independent. The Baltics were independent until 1940. Then the Red Army invaded and Stalin released a reign of terror. And then the Wehrmacht came a year later and was greeted as liberators. And then the Red Army returned in 1944 and an insurgency continued until the 1950’s.

        The USSR invaded the Baltic states and tens of thousands got murdered and deported by Stalin’s secret police. This was not a happy event, nor a liberation. The people of the Baltics remember this and as long as Russia pretends like nothing happened and says things like you the Baltic states will clamor for more NATO troops to be based there. Russia is shooting itself in the foot here by pretending nothing happened.

        • skinner15

          If you want to be independent, then stop inviting enemies of Russia onto Russian borders.

          History tells us what Baltic independence really means, Russia baiting.

  • Rhodium 10

    The main economic activity of the beggars states ( Baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine) is to sell its Soil( near Russian border) to NATO, beside to isolate kaliningrad..in exchange for receiving people from these countries seeking social benefits in Rich European countries like Germany, France, GB, Denmark..etc…militarily are useless because in case of war Russian division will advance inside Poland through Kaliningrad ( western) and Belarus ( east) to deploy there S-500 to close European airspace..meanwhile the S-400 close Baltic countries and Norway ( from Murmansk) airspace!…later the Mig 31 and TU 22M under cover of these AD System would destroy NATO strategic military assets with Hipersonic Khinzal….so USA& EU are wasting money in these countries!..Germany would be the first country to stop the Anglosaxon org activities in his country which means the facto the end of NATO…

    • Pave Way IV

      The main economic activity, from what I can tell, seems to be selling their young ladies’ ‘services’ in the big cities. They also seem to export a lot of plumbers and plasterers to western Europe. Not sure how the two are related. Potatoes are somehow used as a kind of underground currency domestically, but neither the prostitutes nor the handymen will accept them as payment. Odd.

  • Dušan Mirić

    What a stupid projection of own desires and hate!