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JUNE 2023

Canadian Cartoonist Fired After Trump Cartoon Goes Viral, But “Censorship Isn’t Real”

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A cartoonist was fired from a publishing company in Canada, after posting a cartoon he drew of US President Donald Trump on Twitter.

The cartoon subsequently became viral.

It showed Donald Trump playing golf, in his golf kart, having to pass through the bodies of two migrants – one a child.

The drawing is based on the drowning of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his daughter Valeria died while trying to cross the Rio Grande on June 26th.

HINT: The photograph can be found here. Discretion is advised.

The family had become frustrated and desperate after waiting two months in Mexico, unable to present themselves to U.S. authorities to request asylum, according to reporting by Julia Le Duc, who photographed the death of the father and daughter, for Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

Regardless, after drawing the cartoon, Michael de Adder announced that he was let go from all newspapers operated by Brunswick News Inc. on Twitter.

He further said that he wasn’t a victim, because he was publishing a book.

He said he published two other Trump cartoons in the previous weeks, two of them went viral, with the third going “supernova,” referring to the one showing the migrants. And he was let go a day later.

He further explained that in the newspapers he worked for, every Donald Trump cartoon he submitted over the past year “was axed.”

Brunswick News Inc. suggested that it didn’t fire him over the Trump cartoon, but rather because a fan favorite would return to drawing cartoons on the position de Adder had been occupying for 17 years.

“This is a false narrative which has emerged carelessly and recklessly on social media,” the company said. “In fact, BNI was not even offered this cartoon by Mr. de Adder. The decision to bring back reader favourite Greg Perry was made long before this cartoon, and negotiations had been ongoing for weeks.”

They provided no additional information on blocking de Adder’s other Trump cartoons.

And this isn’t even so different from the norm. In 2017, Philip Giraldi was fired from his job, after an article titled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.”

In the linked opinion piece and description, he said that the article was quite popular, even so that former CIA officer Valerie Plame tweeted her approval of it and was viciously and repeatedly attacked, resulting in a string of abject apologies on her part.

Giraldi’s article was banned on Facebook because it contained a “banned word.”

His invitation to be a speaker at a panel discussion was also cancelled:

“I was supposed to speak at a panel discussion critical of Saudi Arabia on October 2nd. The organizer, the Frontiers of Freedom foundation, emailed me to say my services would no longer be required because “the conference will not be a success if we get sidetracked into debating, discussing, or defending the substance of your writings on Israel.””

There is also quite a bit of evidence and testimonies that Twitter is treating conservatives much harsher than liberals. The same goes for Facebook, YouTube, even Pinterest.

Even very recent examples are apparent in how the mainstream narrative is being constructive and those speaking of topics that are not on the “agenda” are silenced.

This can be seen in YouTube’s policies towards right-wing political speakers, such as Steven Crowder.

Or with Google’s plan to avoid a “2020 Trump Situation” by controlling what people see when they search on their platform, or when they watch videos on YouTube.

Google Executive Jen Gennai also responded to Project Veritas’ leak:

“Google has repeatedly been clear that it works to be a trustworthy source of information, without regard to political viewpoint. In fact, Google has no notion of political ideology in its rankings. And everything I have seen backs this up. Our CEO has said ‘We do not bias our products to favor any political agenda.’ He’s somewhat more powerful and authoritative than me,” she wrote.

Even more recently the day after Jen Gennai issued her statement, a leaked email from Google showed that Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and Prager University were “Nazis using the dog whistles you mention.”

A member from the Google Ethics and Transparency team, only called Liam further said in the email:

“I can receive these recommendations regardless of the content of what I’m looking at, and I have recorded thousands of internet users sharing the same experience,” Liam continues. “I don’t think correctly identifying far-right content is beyond our capabilities. But if it is, why not go with Meredith’s suggestion of disabling the suggestions feature? This could be a significant step in terms of user trust.”

Furthermore, PragerU responded:

Talk show host Dave Rubin, who is Jewish, spoke up for Peterson, a Canadian professor with whom he went on a world speaking tour.

“Almost every night he talked about the horrors of fascism, Nazism,” Rubin tweeted. “Discussed their roots and how to fight their terrible ideology…”

It is become more and more clear, that liberalism and freedom of speech, as well as of expression are simply terms used to propagate the idea of “liberal leadership” forward and serve only that end.


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Conservatives shouldn’t have to excuse themselves from fascism or nazism, because neither of these ideologies are ideologically cousins of conservatism. They are related to socialism. Fascism is socialism based on the nation state, nazism is socialism based on race. The racism inherit in national socialism is no different then the hatred and persecution of economic classes in socialism. There’s a reason why the Soviet concentration camps in Siberia were named after the Gulags, a class group of reasonably well off farmers. And if you look at Hitler’s and Mussolini’s economic policies they are not that much different then Stalin’s. They may not have nationalized the industries, but they still set all the rules they had to adhere to and all the targets that had to be achieved. There was little free market to them.

Claude Jacques Bonhomme

Democratic socialism is what is found in countries like Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Norway. It works. Stalin was a fascist like Hitler and Mussolini and there is nothing socialist in those doctrines.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

“Democratic socialism” works good in countries that have a mere sliver of a fraction of the American population, and were almost untouched by disasterous globalist policies? (that is, up until about 2015 or so…)

I wonder, did they too have a $500 billion + defense budget that grows every year, and a bloated bureaucratic nightmare of a government that hemorrhages money to such an extent that it that it borrows from prvlivate banks in such vast ampunts that it will never be able to pay back in this lifetime or even a 2 or 3 dozen lifetimes?

I wonder if these exemplary dutch and scandynavyan states which now have horrendous levels of violent/sexual crime and homicide are gonna be doong better after a couple more decades of suicidal globalist policies?

None ofnthe countries you lidted are good examples of anythimg but how to condemn fully developed western states to something akin to a painfully slow cultural suicide.

These examples of democratic socialism are rotting from within and by their own hands. The beginning of the end will be an example of what happens when developed nations become softened by their own decadent comforts and begin to fester and rot like bed sores on the body of a bed ridden quadriplegic.

And yes the Soviet union was socialist. And come the fuck on. Dont bullshit me with that veiled exceptionalist nonsense of pointing fingers of certain ruling suthorities that decided to purge this & that group of dissidents, or other unwanted types, that the west was never involved in such a human behavior.

The US did it. Britain Dutch Spanish French Italian Etc etc etc

Every group on the planet has slaughtered its enemies enmasse for this or that reason/greater good/final solution/etc.

Everyone has. Stop hanging only one group out to dry and pretending your nation is sny different.

Lee Hart

Work= insane taxation(thief) from the government.

Nothing like working to pay someone else’s way through life that you don’t owe anything to.

Coerced charity is a crime.


Publishing such a statement equals intellectual suicide and an academical disgrace. In fact, it’s this sense of blindfolded ignorance and the demonization of other form of political organization, that creates fascism.


Barba_Papa strikes a brainy comment again


ism smishm … the malignant force in the world today is neither fascism nor socialism. It’s not free enterprise, democracy or autocracy. It’s not communism or even capitalism. It’s not the muslims, jews, christians or Hindus. It’s capitalists.

It’s the greedy sociopathic assholes that use their money to do anything the fuck they like with impunity. They buy politicians, start wars, topple governments and the treasonous bastards would sell out their own people if they think they can make an extra nickel on a dollar.

I’m all for free enterprise … I’ve been in business and an investor most of my adult life …. but these guys today are going to get us all killed. They’ll do just fine but it’s going to be a living hell for the rest of us.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

Money isn’t real when its value is by decree alone.

Start over.


Thing is though, while capitalists are greedy, they are not interested into mass murder, whereas socialists are. Hitler exterminated his communist rivals and everyone else he deemed undesirable. Pol Pot murdered 1 in every 4 of his countrymen to create the ‘new human being’ he wanted, Stalin offed his communist rivals and anyone he deemed as a capitalist. Mao more then Hitler and Stalin combined with his purges and crazy economic schemes. The social justice brigades want to silence anyone who opposes them too and god help us all if they were to actually get the same kind of total power that the evil quartet had. Because then the blood will flow again. There is not a single capitalist who has the same amount of blood on his hand as this quartet. And its not that some of them weren’t or are ruthless enough. Plenty of them have financed wars that got people killed. But to them killing is a byproduct of making money. Capitalists kill for money. Socialists kill for ideas. You don’t have to kill people to make money, you have to kill those who have different ideas. The latter are far more dangerous.

Brother Thomas

You obviously have no idea what socialism is. Take a look at any if the Scandinavian countries sometime, or Canada. They have universal healthcare, quality public education, maternity leave, unemployed insurance, old age security and pension plans, etc.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

They have a fraction of US population and were untouched by disasterous far left policies until only a frw years ago.

Now you can add hand grenade attacks, no go zones, and a rape epidemic to that list of what makes those little Scandinavian Utopias you were gushing about.

Yugoslavia was a successful socialist dtste until it was brought down by color revolutions/war by proxy that soon became the weapon of choice in west.

The only Cuba Venezuala and even DPRK are definitely communist and would be doing better If They werent being suppressed by the lsrgest military superpower on the planet.

The failures of the latter are not their own but are instigated by the west. If the US let any nation trade or become economic partners with whoever they chose and didn’t use such a stance to economically isolate those who dont OBEY, you would see socialism snd msny other political denominations doing rather well if not totally flourishing.


That’s social democracy. A.K.A. socialism light. Also Nazi Germany and the USSR also had universal healthcare, good education, maternity leave, worker benefits, pension plans, the works. Social Democrats try to implement the goals of socialism without the methods of socialism, complete takeover of the economy and civil society by the state.

The point remains, national socialism is socialism. It just differs from the other variants in its execution. Which is what socialists have always done. And you can’t say that just because the Nazi’s killed communists they aren’t socialists, because socialists have always engaged into infighting. Stalin had his main rival Trotsky banned and murdered, and millions of others too. Any revolution eventually goes into the guillotine stage where the revolutionaries turn on themselves.

Lee Hart

And yet the scramble to the US for health care.,

Do you honestly believe that paying a 3rd party for healthcare is in your best interest?

Should charity be coerced?

Flying Gabriel

de Adder, in his blind haste to vilify Trump, callously trivialized a tragic death in the process and got sacked for it. And in typical sociopathic leftist style … still has no idea why he’s jobless and casts himself as a victim. Nobody’s surprised, least of all me..


I guess that depends on who is telling the truth, eh? Brunswick said he was let go because they were re-hiring a previous cartoonist. He says they wouldn’t run any of his Trump cartoons. But everyone, including Trump says the MSM is against him. Kinda blows a hole in that façade. Why would they not print his cartoons if they in fact were against him. It’s all BS. I bet a close look at the owners and operators would answer a few questions.

Concrete Mike

Irving had enough of him so they axed him.

Simple as that.

Flying Gabriel

When it comes to the media and a cartoonist the truth is irrelevant. They will both pitch according to whatever benefits them the most. Using the recent tragic death of asylum seekers as a political football is poor form on the current battlefield.


Political cartoonists have done this for ages. They can voice what people think or satirize the same. That said, I agree that the use of such an incident is not in good taste, but does represent what some believe. That was not the intent of my post. The intent of my post is that the perception that the MSM is all against Trump is a red herring. Your description of the cartoonist is the same as some feel to be the description of Trump and his policies…only in a fascist sense. You also do not mention that they published none of his Trump cartoons, not just this cartoon…the loss of his job was no mystery to him.


Yeah, weaponising stupidity, and please, you can drool as much you like, Barba, and others, about Nationalism, facism, and the examples you give, isnt even close to the truth. Economic policy, shitheads is always run top down, since the dawn of man and we are millions of years old, the perverted nonsense of us been monkeys is so lame its even worse than the Out of Africa bollocks and then we have the wall it self, Genetics, and now wounder people belive in the CO2 swindel, because people are ignorants, to echoe the TV-shitchannels constant propaganda, and Hitlery/Hitlera 24/7, programs so bad they hurt. Its somewhat an hope that people like Putin is consitent, and read what the Man say, if you dont get it, you have an problem, not I.

Control, over recoursess, have been vitale since the dawn of man, thereby what to day is defined as nationalism, and of course, since we dont wanna a billion African momkeys running around, we are refusing that simply because we are Nazis, right. To me, as an master blaster there are some few things I always have as an Yard stick, I dont care what they define them selfs, liberal, conservative, nationalists, etc, it all crashes the moment I mention Palestina. There i an reason, this “heroes” like Shaitrapido, and thie eh…… right eh….. winged nutt case as this idiot Peterson, never debates Palestina, but drools along with the scam called ISISrael, yeah, I am even an Anti-semit, isnt I, Shaitpiro/Peterson, do enlighten me, nationalists how the f…. is it possible to crawl and spitlik the scums of this earth, ISISraelis whom is killing civilians and invading another mans land and steals their country, to be just. The Bible to me, aka the OT, is nothing but shitpaper, wipe your ass with, and the 12 tribes of ISISrael is an story that rests on another fake narrative, out of Africa and you can take it and stuff it up where the sun dont shine, because it belongs there only.

So, ah…. cartoons, yeah, when the in/famous Charlie HB, draws ist free speache, when in the same people was one man whom drew something about Joohos, they trew the man out, yeah, free eh…. speak, right, for them, yup but for us. To end the rant, they are 100% CON-servatives, aka comunists aka Zionist asslikers. And hides behind the issue about Jews, they are the enemy of Jews, they are the one starting wars, they are the ones trying to instigate a new one, on Iran, where the oldest jewish congregation lives, ups, but then again, we are dealing with insane people, ignorants and scums like Shaitpiro etc, to AJ. Sine you are ignorant, I gave you an short one, but I will never ever apologize for been white, nationalist and conserned about our future, since the monkeys, sorry sorry….. refugees, cant behave.



Liberals are just fine with censorship until someone shuts them down. The difference is that they want to shut down the truth while they put out their stupid cartoon propaganda and lies. Liberalism is what killed those people, not Trump.


I don’t think I’d be so smug as to who is responsible. Did Trump ever mention that Mexico found those responsible for the caravans? No, he did not. He did say that he got all his demands in his so-called agreement, which was a blatant lie, as Mexico had already implemented everything that Trump claimed he forced them to do. Strangely Trump, after immediately cancelling the tariffs after his big announcement that he won the battle with Mexico, he also announced a ‘Marshall Plan, for Latin America, Mexico’s idea. So how is it that Trump didn’t lay the blame where it deserved to be? How is it that Mexico could find this out, but Trump admin couldn’t? Since Trumpets hate Soros (a Trump friend and business partner) and he is neolib, why didn’t Trump out him and his operation? I found it very interesting that Mexico has the identities of these perps, but only turned their names over for possible prosecution and did not release their names. All this vanished with Trumps decision to dump the tariffs, which he did immediately after Mexico announced they knew the perps. I said when the story broke that we would likely never know these names and it looks like we won’t. This whole escapade reminds me of Reagan and the ‘October surprise’.


What you say has nothing to do with the cartoon in question.


It has everything to do with the last line in your post and your assertion that it is all liberals that are responsible. Is Trump a ‘liberal’? Is it a coincidence that MSM, liberals and right wingers are all on the same page when it comes to Iran? Israel? War?


What does Iran and Israel have to do with it? Stick to the story. It is liberal policies that encourage these people to break into the country. That is a fact. I will clarify my remark though. It’s not Trump’s border policies that killed those people. I make this clarification because of your question about Trump being a liberal, which he is. If not for liberal policies then a border wall would not be necessary.


What is a fact is that people with preset opinions have little tendency to look at all the facts, only the ones that agree with their pre-selected view points. There are no FACTs that point entirely to ‘liberals’. What you apparently do not get is that Trump may very well be part of the whole migrant caravan as a political psyop. Trump is not a liberal, I have no idea where that comes from. You say it is liberal policies that are the cause, Trump is a liberal and wants a wall. There are a couple of contradictions there. Look back in time for the same subject and how ‘conservatives’ handled this…Reagan…gave 12 million amnesty and promised to protect the border…was Reagan a liberal too? Did he keep his promise? Look up Kay Bailey Hutchinson and her shenanigans vis a vis the Mexican border…is she a ‘liberal’ as well? The fact that Trump has ignored Mexico’s investigation outcome (never mentioning it) and declared himself victorious (not) while caving to Mexican requests for a Latin American ‘Marshal Plan’ (practically blackmail, why?) goes fully ignored in the ‘opposition’ MSM. My reference to Israel, Iran and war goes to the idea that they are all the same (so-called (neo)conservatives and (neo)libs), are on the same path and fully supported by the MSM…and it is relevant.


You are sorely confused by the terms liberal and conservative because you associate them with democrat and republican. There are NO Conservatives in politics. Both parties are dominated by liberals and socialists. It is liberal policy that is at fault.


Not likely. I’m not at all confused over dums and repugs, same coin. There are no such things as liberals (or conservatives, for that matter), the votes on the Patriot Act and Homeland Security proved that. Those entities are anything but liberal. Suppose you define liberal and conservative for me. I go by actions, not which gang they’re in. So now, Bolton, Pompass and their policies are all liberal and not neocon? At least now I can see where you’re coming from. Neocons Reagan, Nixon, Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain, Lindsey, Bush 1 & 2…all liberal policies. Hmmm. I’m trying to picture their changes to the country as liberal, compared to supposed liberals like Clinton and Obama, who both continued bankster plans like NAFTA and bank bail-outs, both began by neocons. Apparently the definitions of liberal (minding your own business and social responsibility) have changed dramatically, as has the definition of conservative(fiscal restraint and adherence to older paradigms). Today, they’re all war mongers, thieves, criminals and employees of Israel…regardless of the moniker they’re identified with. Liberal? Only in the most corrupted sense.


Political liberalism doesn’t mean “minding your own business” nor “social responsibility” at all and never has. There is a difference between personal liberalism and political liberalism. And since our constitution is politically liberal then it breeds political liberalism.


Quite so. Especially political conservatism in relation to ‘fiscal restraint’. Like those who enacted the Federal Reserve…political conservatives all, but in reality, autoritarians. As with those that identify politically as conservatives…which you say does not equate to parties…although in reality it does, as those who support them identify primarily as repugs. Conservatives espouse supposedly conservative values as a meme…the same with liberals…they identify as such in the social sense…the reality is that neither are either one. The parties today are not liberal, (or conservative) they are authoritarian. Trying to disassociate the social terminology of either bent from politically corrupted terminology is what gets us where we are today. The true description of either party as authoritarian is far more correct, but who is going to run or identify as an authoritarian? Who would openly support authoritarians politically, even though in reality they already do. In your first post, you equate liberals with liberalism…conflating a social meme with a (corrupted) political ideology. This I disagree with.


I made the distinction between personal liberalism and political liberalism. Political liberalism IS authoritarianism. But then again any government is authoritarian. That is what government is. Conservatism by it’s very nature is non intrusive that is why political conservatism is practically an oxymoron.


If you believe that, then you need to re-read your first post. Then there is: “Both parties are dominated by liberals and socialists.” You are making contradicting statements in relation to “the distinction between personal liberalism and political liberalism”.


No contradiction. You are confused. The liberalization of policy is what is the problem and IS the reason those people died. If not for the liberal policy of stealing money from some to give to others and the liberal policy regarding immigration then those people would not have been incentivized to put themselves in the position to die as they did.


The border issue is a scam. If it was the way you portray it, this problem would have been solved long ago, under Reagan. Immigrants come here for a better life. Why? In the Americas, it’s because the US uses them the way the Israelis use Palestinians and have ruined their economies and gov. One look at Venezuela should be convincing enough…are those ‘liberal’ policies? As far as the caravan is concerned, it was organized by entities from UK, US, Canada, other SA states. These people were told that they would be given entry to the US and that it was all arranged. How does this equate to US politics? Does the fact that Trump never once mentioned the Mexican investigation into who is behind this mean a thing to you? Not one US official has mentioned this. Yet, as soon as the Mexicans made it known they had the goods on them, seized their assets and had their names, Trump suddenly had a deal. A deal where he got NOTHING. Why, he even acquiesced to a Marshal Plan for the Americas, a Mexican proposal. Someone ran this as an operation for a reason and Trump did not call them out and isn’t going to. Why? Because he is not involved, but the ‘liberals’ are? Please. “Liberalism is what killed those people, not Trump.”….”I make this clarification because of your question about Trump being a liberal, which he is”. I was not asking if Trump was a liberal, I was incredulous that you think he is.


Trump is a liberal and supports liberal social policies. And it is a fact that people would not be coming here if not for the liberal policies that give them special treatment and welfare. If we had a conservative government then there would be no welfare incentives for those people. Those “entities” you mention from UK, US, Canada, and other SA states are Liberal.


Right. Those elites are authoritarians and anyone that equates them to liberals is sorely demented. Like the way you ignore that the whole caravan thing is most likely a psyop, not a result of national policy. It is being used to shape national policy and continue to destroy the constitution, like all the ops they run. National policy is a different animal from covert political operations. But to the brainwashed people in the US, up is down an down is up. When people believe the BS they are fed by the MSM and manipulated to encouage stupid reactions, we end up with The Patroit Act, Homeland Security and TSA. Then people are so stupid as to ask how this all happened. Because the people fell for every phony line of manure they were told. It is a fact people would not be coming here if not for the policies of our criminal government and the thieves that manipulate it. Ex-CIA head Casey explained it best: “when everything the people believe is wrong, then we’ll know we’ve been successful.” But I’m sure you would feel the same about Arabs in Europe… They just want to go to Europe to rape and kill, their countries being devastated means zip, right? And we wonder why the world thinks we’re crazy. Yes, lets build a wall and continue our crimes, like in Venezuela, Cuba…it doesn’t make any difference, right? They’re just ‘jealous of our freedom’.


It doesn’t matter if it is some national policy, the people who organize it are liberals. And like I said, liberalism is authoritarianism. Conservatism is non intrusive while liberalism is all intrusive and is the reason for all the totalitarian intrusions you mention. As far as people believing lies goes, You don’t even know the half of it. With all due respect.


The mechanics of evil intent:

People act because of reasons. (Reasons eg. political opinion)

People do not carry out because of their very own characteristics.

For what I understand, their is no difference of political understanding that would matter, why one do not help.


I would answer you if I could understand you.


I believe he meant that people are guided more by their goals, rather than personal beliefs. Cheney was not a liberal politician, but a neocon, yet was personally socially liberal. He is still responsible for the deaths of millions…which was not a traditional liberal mindset at the time.


Neocons are liberals.


All US victomised countries should come together and start joint military force, free trades on own currencies and start own research and development jointly with China and Russia just for your own survivals, dignity and prosperity.

I laugh, when any country complain to UN, US or UK. They are not justice bodies rather they are biggest hurdles in the justice. They have created all this chaos in the world for own benefits.


Its a beautiful cartoon from the standpoint of making a statement. But the reason for mass exodus of folks from C and S America has more to do with NAFTA (ruining small scale ag sector) and the ongoing colonization of these regions by mining and ag export corporations.

On top of that most have an upper class of collaborators who maintain the political and military resources needed to keep the game rigged. Any time social advocates, indigenous advocates, land reform advocates, clean water, labor etc speak up they are run off or killed, often by extra judicial Right Wing paras.

How else could bananas be sold at a profit for $.49/lb in New York – you couldn’t get a bag of sand shipped to NY for $.49/lb but somehow bananas, cantalopes etc etc. Mining sector is a lot more profitable when tailing can be dumped directly into local waterways and rights purchased for pennies with a few well placed bribes.

If the locals stand up, the US makes sure they get knocked back down – all the countries with the biggest exodus of people also have the heaviest US military presence and long history of US political meddling. Social problems from illegal immigration are just another form of social welfare to a handful of corporations so they can extract max profit. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to flee places like El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala.


Very good analysis and right on target. Unfortunately, most Americans would rather blame it all on the ‘shithole’ countries, rather than admit why they’re that way…to support our synthetic standard of living. It’s nothing new and Butler said it best. Now Venezuela is in the crosshairs and it’s plain to see how, why and who…if you look that is. If those that watch Fox, CNN, et al were to be exposed to such information, psychiatrists would be overrun.


Most folks cannot grasp the scale, as a result will not believe it, even when all the pieces are there to see.

J Ramirez

The cartoon is distasteful and disrespectful, a child died! If it would have been a white child you would all be holding hands and lighting candles, Get a FN clue moron!


Stuff it up your ass. Legions of children die every day across this planet trying to escape the consequences of US imperial policy, and the greed and hatred of scores of other individuals and cultures equally devoid of moral character.

Not to sound like a puss, but as a father it makes me ill to see any of it, no matter the ethnic background. I don’t forget for one second that it could have been me and mine under different circumstances- circumstances outside my control, outside any of our direct control.

Sad as it might be, this cartoon probably elicited more feeling from more viewers than the actual photograph.


Again, well said. There are those that will continue the political name calling, all the while ignoring the actual causes. It’s much easier to say it is owing to political bent, when the reality is simply corporate led crime. As long as people refuse, as you said, to see what is right in front of them, this will continue. This is where the term exceptionalism comes in. It’s always going to be another’s fault, never our criminal actions. The political circus continues because it’s easier to be part of it…that is until it’s our turn. Then it won’t be what your political bent is, it will be woe is me and how will I survive. We just better hope our future does not require sympathy from our victims. Just wait until China and Russia have the upper hand world wide due to our criminality and the world getting fed up.

John Wallace

What about that Charlie Hebdo cartoon when that refugee child drownd in the sea and washed up on the shore. Something about happy meals for children with the image of the drowned child. Now that was offensive and would have ignored if someone went and shot up their office again.


yep very telling about the american mentality – there is an imminent need to recover the power(s) from the corporations presently running the show in washington dc and endangering the world’s future. to do so will require sacrifices by the american people and just one party fit to do so – the vast number of veterans retired from the wars washington dc is running in the world to the benefit of those corporations and a few and seriously to the detriment of the american people. thus a humongous demonstration of a couple of million veterans in washington dc to set it off. no way the standing army or national guards would accept to go against their brethren if the purpose is to recover and restore democracy to the american people. it’s never too late but there is a blinding urgency since washington dc is off kilter in that nukes are part of the forward planning narrative.


Brunswick news is owned by the Irving family.

The irving family owns a vertically integrated, privately held group of companies focusing on oil refining and retailing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, lumber and agriculture.

The Irvings are very conservative and very private. Being privately held no one knows exactly how much they are worth and being a privately held company they are accountable to no one. Aside from being major players in oil and gas they are Canada’s largest defence contractor and practically own the province of New Brunswick.

In 1975 I was a 16 year old apprentice boilermaker working for the Irving shipyards when I was personally fired by JD Irving himself for engaging in a snowball fight when I was supposed to be shovelling off the deck of a ship under construction. That was the last meaningful job I ever held in NB …. that’s the power and vindictiveness of the Irvings. They can make you or destroy you.




Enlightening…Thank You. Always good to see things from real life experience. Sounds like the Kochs of Canada.


The Koch’s wish they were as ruthless as the Irvings. As I mentioned before the Irvings companies are vertically integrated. The resturaunts at their gas stations serves food grown on Irving farms and the toilet paper is made in an Irving paper mill. They have their own construction companies, hardware suppliers, concrete companies ….. they leased a building to Starbucks and as part of the agreement Starbucks had to use only Irving parer products, like coffee cups. Starbucks of course refused and the building, that the Irvings built specially for Starbucks, sat vacant for 4 years. THAT is the length the Irvings will go to to keep competition out of their territory. No mercy, no quarter, no competition.

Kristina Rain Mcleod

God what a pompous asshole.

Oh but he’s so BRAVE! Oh no this is PROOF! Irrefutable PROOF THAT TUMP IS HITLER! OHNOES!


LIES! HE LIES! Okay. When? About what? …… … ?



If you ain’t figured it out by now, telling you would surely be a waste of time. But here are a few anyway. Non-interference with other nations…Yemen, Syria, Russian sanctions, Venezuela. Mexico will pay for wall…LOL (only a complete IDIOT would believe this in the first place) Dump NATO…look at the war games in Europe and more troops on Russian border…this is making nice with Russia? Didn’t need money from others because he’s rich…Sheldon Adelson and friends (Bibi’s go between) $30M+. Need more?


Canada, including ALL EU states are just USA whores, funny thing is those so called patriotic Canadians and Europeans, even the white pride euronazis do NOTHING about it.

Lee Hart

He got his just rewards for serving up nonsense and perpetuating the Democrat agenda along with their lies.

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