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JUNE 2023

Canada Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)

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Canada Oil And Gas Infrastructure (Map Update)

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This map provides a general look at the oil and gas infrastructure of Canada.


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Concrete Mike

The natural gas pipeline.in the maritimes goes to usa not saguenay. There is no conmectivity from west to east past montreal.

There us also an LNG terminal i. ST John, i worked on the tanks. Oil to the St John refinery is shippied in by boat or train.

Quebec dont want pipelines, but they are ok with the trains going through, even after the lac megantic disaster, ive never seen anything so stupid and short sighted in my life.

I like quebec but fucks sakes they can be ignorant selfish pricks sometimes.

St John is the biggest refinery in the country and yet we cant reffine our own oil, we buy from saudis instead.

Come on Trudeau put your foot down and slap quebec down, this has to stop!!! Were losing our shirts here, you didnt waste time stepping up to the plate for.SNC lavallin, now its our turn!!

Make sense

Time for Canada to rid itself of the leeching french

Concrete Mike

I happen to be french, you dont have to live in fucking quebec to be french tabarnak!!

Quebec does need a bitch slap though.

Make sense

Phuck you French coward. French is a dying language and so its its welfare coward people


Greetings, thank you for the feedback. We updated the map by adding an LNG terminal in St John. As to the pipelines depicted, these are both oil and gas pipelines. Sincerely yours, SF Team

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