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Campaign Against SouthFront


SouthFront has once again become the target of a technical and media pressure campaign.

Since January 27, we have released several reports covering the crash of the US Air Force E-11A electronic surveillance aircraft in Afghanistan. Following the principle of freedom of speech, SouthFront has covered facts, positions, and the claims of all sides concerned. One of the reports addressed accounts of the supposed death of the top CIA officer reportedly involved in the US assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. It would seem that the wide reach of this article triggered Google’s censorship department.

On January 28, the Google search service started showing a new widget for people searching keyword “SouthFront”. The widget presents one of SouthFront’s old cover pictures uploaded by some third-rate pro-NATO propaganda website as the official symbol of our organization. SouthFront used this picture specifically as a cover for its reports on the conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2015. Nonetheless, it has never been an official logo of our endeavour.

Apparently, when SouthFront once again crossed the Deep State’s red line, this picture was used with the aim of associating SouthFront with the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine. Likely, they think that the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are an infamous part of modern east European history. The widget also links to the poorly worded 2016 article accusing SouthFront of being a “Russian proxy site”. During the past few years, even the fiercest defenders of the NATO agenda stopped publishing articles claiming that SouthFront was “backed by the Russian government” because this has no basis in reality.

The Google widget content can hardly be explained by some Google algorithms. The same Google search shows many other SouthFront cover pictures. These pictures are more recent and uploaded by websites much more popular than the NATO mouthpiece promoted by Google. Rather, this situation is another example of how Google services and algorithms are being manipulated to influence its audience.

At the same time, Google AdSense restricted a number of southfront.org pages claiming that they allegedly include “dangerous or derogatory content” (they do not). We are going to cover this topic in deatils in the following video on the topic.

We, the SouthFront Team, are happy to see that our work sticks in the throats of mainstream platforms which stand on the side of the globalists. We want to seize this occasion to reiterate that the SouthFront Team is not going to stop and will release even more reports and analyses that will cause concern to mainstream media outlets and their corporate backers.

Dear friends, we want to say a big thank you to all who support SouthFront. Our work is possible thanks only to your regular contributions.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Campaign Against SouthFront

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Campaign Against SouthFront

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Campaign Against SouthFront


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Campaign Against SouthFront

Campaign Against SouthFront Campaign Against SouthFront Campaign Against SouthFront Campaign Against SouthFront Campaign Against SouthFront


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Campaign Against SouthFront

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