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Cameraman of Syrian Hezbollah Media Wing Killed in Aleppo

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Hassan Sharif Jazza, a military cameraman and photoreporter of the Hezbollah media wing, was killed in the south-eastern part of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Cameraman of Syrian Hezbollah Media Wing Killed in Aleppo

Hassan Sharif Jazza

On December 2, a military cameraman and photoreporter, Hassan Sharif Jazza, lost his life during filming of fighting in Sheikh Saeed neighborhood, located in the south-eastern part of the Syrian city of Aleppo. Reportedly, Jazza was mortally wounded. Other circumstances of his death were not reported.

Hassan Sharif Jazza was born in 1989 in the town of Nubl in northern Aleppo province. He joined to the military broadcast after the liberation of Nubl and al-Zahraa towns. Jazza participated in filming of operations of the Syrian Army and its allies against radical groups in the south of Aleppo and in neighborhoods of the city.

Jazza was stationed in a location of the field headquarters of the Hezbollah movement, whose fighters help the Syrian government forces in the fight against the forces of the moderate opposition and terrorists.

Hassan Sharif Jazza was patient and brave, he fulfilled his duty to the end. Some of his exclusive videos are represented below. Such footage could be filmed only by the most brave sons of Syria.

A clash near the Eye Hospital in the east of Aleppo

Jazmati street before the Eye Hospital

Moyasar and Jazmati streets

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pietro del prete


Brad Isherwood

The coverage of this war brings the visual horror of what happens when Israel and Empire Roll into your neighbourhood. The devastation is everywhere in Syria. It looks exactly like post 2006 war Lebanon and Gaza.

In Syria’s case….it has to pull down its own property on the heads of the rats. Jews supposedly lamented as the survivors were led away after the Babylonian Sacked Jerusalem….or after the Romans leveled the place. Since Israel returns in 1948….the mid east has been absolute chaos and death.

Question….which Jewish Media power or government Dept. .. shows determination to stop Violence,bombing,wars in the mid east?

Golden silence….


Hezbollah have own media channels but noticed their footage is very discreet, they are wary of close ups of soldiers faces and always keep it at an infantry level regarding their equipment.


Gonna miss him.

Sebastien Friedrich


Hezbollah is the most elite solder in the world.

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