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JUNE 2023

Ukraine. Calm Before Storm

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Ukraine. Calm Before Storm

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Ukraine. Calm Before Storm
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Ukraine. Calm Before Storm

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On January 17, the ex-president of Ukraine, a well-known oligarch Petro Poroshenko, returned to the country. Poroshenko faced a criminal case opened under the articles ‘high treason’ and ‘assistance to the activities of terrorist organizations.’ In particular, it concerns the purchase of coal from the Donbas. According to the investigation, the ex-president created a criminal group and disrupted coal supplies from South Africa in the fall of 2014. A month ago, the State Bureau of Investigation tried to serve a subpoena on the ex-president and summon him for questioning, but Poroshenko evaded receiving the document and immediately fled abroad.

He did not waste time. His team managed to mobilize ultranationalist forces and the masses dissatisfied with the policy of the current Ukrainian president, the former comedian Zelensky.

Apparently, Poroshenko received certain guarantees by Euro-Atlantic elites.

The ex-president was not detained before the election of a preventive measure at the airport upon his arrival, as required by law. The judge also refused to make a decision on the pre-trial restrictions on January 17 and postponed the hearing to January 19.

Meanwhile, President Zelensky’s approval rating is rapidly declining. Key members of the president’s office are resigning. The country suffers from a protracted economic crisis accompanied by a demographic catastrophe. The main reasons are widespread corruption and the colonial-styled exploitation of the country’s economy by the Euro-Atlantists. In fact, Ukraine is under the external control of Washington and Brussels.

Today, the most important task for the West is to maintain the status quo in Ukraine. Both Poroshenko and Zelensky are completely controlled by Washington. At the same time, there are high risks of mass protests and even a coup due to the dissatisfaction with the policies of the current president. Poroshenko is seen as a loyal figure who, in case of a crisis, will not allow any third parties to come to power and change the course of the country’s foreign policy.

The events in Ukraine are taking place amid the failure of the dialogue on strategic stability between Russia and NATO, as well as the extreme price volatility in the energy markets.

On January 17, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the OSCE announced the end of negotiations on security guarantees within the security organization due to their futility. In recent days, there have been reports that Moscow is consistently reducing its diplomatic corps in Ukraine. The Kremlin has also tightened its rhetoric, accusing NATO of preparing aggressive actions against Russia.

In turn, the president of Belarus Lukashenko, a Russia’s ally, claimed the buildup of Ukraine’s troops near the country’s borders. NATO keeps up similar accusations against Russia.

At the same time, there is a temporary lull in Donbass.

Only sporadic skirmishes with no use of heavy weapons are reported on the frontlines between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the armed units of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics.

Earlier, the concentration of the UAF shock troops, including armored units, in the immediate vicinity of the contact line was confirmed. Volunteer nationalist battalions, consisting mainly of residents of the Ukraine’s western regions, arrived at the forefront. NATO has increased arms supplies to Kiev. Following the Washington’s example, the head of the British Defense Ministry said that London will send anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. There are a large number of NATO instructors in the UAF ranks.

The constellation of events indicates that the parties consider the outbreak of another armed conflict in Eastern Europe as the most likely scenario in the near future.

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Veritas Vincit

Broader military cooperation between the defence forces of Russia and China (including the potential to develop integrated operational plans for certain scenarios) may be required in response to unfolding situations.

It is worth noting the US-NATO-allied bloc build-up of military-missile architecture in Eastern Europe (for a ‘large-scale military conflict’ [as assessed by Russia]) and in the Asia-Pacific (involving the enhancement of US-led military cooperation initiatives/alliance structures such as AUKUS, QSD, RAA, CSPs, etc. [towards the creation of an ‘Asian NATO’]). Reports also indicate Australia is seeking to host US and/or UK nuclear submarines [1](while seeking to procure its own nuclear-powered/nuclear-capable submarines as part of concealed efforts to attain allied nuclear device delivery potential).

In addition to the necessary targeting of hostile military architecture in war scenarios, the associated targeting of Australian military-naval bases (and broader targeting in certain scenarios) by the strategic forces of Russia and China is likely required. While the prevention of war remains a priority, as situations of war being imposed on both Russia and China are increasingly probable (Russian restraint likely to be exceeded by the US-NATO-Ukrainian use of military force against the Russian speaking LDNR and potentially Crimea; US-DPP moves to develop Taiwan as an offensive allied military-missile platform being moves towards the enforcement of the Anti-Secession Law; etc.), I respectfully suggest it would be prudent for Russia and China to also prioritise the attainment of nuclear primacy (a key objective of the US-NATO-allied bloc [efforts to overcome mutually assured destruction through close proximity fast first-strike potential with multi-layered multi-phase retaliatory missile interception capabilities]). Observation of unfolding situations that are moving towards a world war scenario indicate the necessity for such defence cooperation between Russia and China.

References: 1. “Closer military cooperation and possible basing of British defence assets in Australia will be discussed when ministers from both nations hold long-awaited face-to-face talks in Sydney this week….. The ABC has been told that during the AUKMIN talks, the UK and Australia will also consider further areas of more immediate military cooperation, including the possible temporary basing of British nuclear submarines here.” (Nuclear submarines and closer interaction with British military to dominate Australian talks with UK, By defence correspondent Andrew Greene, ABC [Australia], 19/01/2022)

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropnazis are crying and raging 🤗 Hope CIAisis gave them enough bodybags. They will need them when they are sent back in them to Kievistan.

andre zulu

ukraine is offered in exchange for syria…

Rodney Loder.

If NATO is sending anti-tank weapons to Ukraine and Russia is watching them sending them then this situation wont continue for very long because it’s Rusdian boys that will be on the receiving end when Ukraine invades the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, this is legitimate terminology because of the 2015 Minsk agreement under which Ukraine agreed to negotiate with the two Republics thereby giving them Federal Status.

However l think the West is about to give up on exploiting Ukraine further and hand it over to Russia, because Biden and Boris Johnson think that there will be a propaganda advantage when Russia invades Ukrain. Their dreaming.

L du Plessis

The start of WW3 is coming.


Poroshenko should not have aligned himself with cannibals. It barely takes a few years before the CIA throws its own assets under the bus, he should be glad they only want to jail him and not kill him like they probably will do to Guaido, Tikhanovskaya, and Navalny

Chris Gr

Guaido, Tikhanovskaya and Navalny are bad even though I am not a commie.

mike l hutchings

American troops will not be sent in. the US is in no position to fight a ground war in Europe just to prove that dementia F J Biden has balls

Mike Cal

People of the world unite against the provocative, destructive and Nazi policies of the USA, UK and their puppets around the world, otherwise we will never know peace, they are the main engine of suffering on this planet.

Stephan Williams

Stop spewing ridiculous “nazi” slurs. they only prove your ignorance.

If you disbelieve the information your media and government are spreading now – about everything going on today – why do you continue to believe the horsepoo they’ve been spreading about “not sees” since before you were born?


Smarten up!

Everything they told you about Germany, the Not Sees and even their everyday German people is a criminal LIE designed to hid the lies and war crimes of our side – and there were plenty of them – WAR CRIMES out our whazzooos.

Take some time and look it up if you can find the time. The information is all there…

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