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Calls For “Decolonisation” Aim To Contain Russia’s Growing Power

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Calls For "Decolonisation" Aim To Contain Russia's Growing Power

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Demanding Russia’s “decolonisation” could embolden European separatist movements

Written by Ahmed Adel, Cairo-based geopolitics and political economy researcher

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a strong message in favour of defending Russia’s sovereignty in response to the announcement of the referendums being held in the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, to join to the Russian Federation.

“Sovereignty is the guarantee of everyone’s freedom. And in our tradition, a person cannot feel truly free if his people, his homeland, Russia, Motherland are unfree,” Putin declared on September 21 during a concert dedicated to the 1,160th anniversary of the birth of Russia’s statehood. “We won’t yield to blackmail and harassment and will never betray or lose our sovereignty. They won’t see such mistakes on our part anymore!”

Almost immediately the message was taken by Western media as a threat from the Russian president, whom they even accused of having intimidated the international community with the threat of nuclear weapons. This is consistent with the actions Washington has taken in its propaganda against Russia to try and make the international community believe that Ukraine is winning the war.

An example is the Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kharkiv, promoted by Western media, analysts and commentators. This propaganda also aims to promote the disintegration of the Russian Federation, being coined as “decolonisation”, just as happened decades ago with the Soviet Union.

Washington is launching the belief that Russia must be “decolonised”, a plan very similar to what they had in the 1990s and 2000s that sought to divide the Russian Federation into many independent republics, whether in the Caucasus or in the Far East. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Chechnya, where the US denounced Russia’s efforts to maintain unity and NATO member Turkey orchestrated and supported radical Islamist forces.

Part of this narrative, promoted from Washington, seeks to constantly provoke Russia with a strategy based on targeting territories of the Russian Federation that in the past sought to be secessionist.

The US Helsinki Commission shamelessly discussed on June 23 “the need to ‘decolonize’ Russia for it to become a viable stakeholder in European security and stability.” Influential portals, such as The Atlantic, also push for the need to “decolonise Russia”. In an article simply titled “Decolonize Russia”, Casey Michel argued that “The Kremlin will continue ruling over colonial holdings in places including Chechnya, Tatarstan, Siberia, and the Arctic.”

Washington hopes to provoke independence movements despite the fact that minorities in Russia have a well-defined Russian national identity alongside their ethnic identities, even if in the past there were years of difficult communal relations between varying ethnic groups.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said on September 22 that 20,000 Chechen troops have been deployed to Ukraine since February. Writing on Telegram, he said: “The republic of Chechnya over-fulfilled its conscription plan by 254%… even before the announcement of a partial mobilisation.”

Troops from Chechnya have played an important role in Ukraine, one that the Chechens could have dismissed as an inter-Slavic conflict. Rather, their sense of loyalty to the Russian state has seen the region have more troops per capita than perhaps any other part of Russia.

None-the-less, the Kremlin cannot continue waiting for Kiev to come to its senses. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continues to reiterate his call to the international community to arm Ukraine despite his administration never having respected the agreements signed to pacify the Donbass region. A peaceful agreement could have happened in the last eight years, that’s what the Minsk agreements were for, but what the West is doing is trampling all over the agreements so that pressure could be maintained on Russia.

For this reason, there is a return to the 2014 scenario where referendums have to be reinforced with a military presence because of the war crimes that Kiev’s military will commit against the Russian-speaking population in Donbass.

However, Washington’s pressure to divide Russia may be counterproductive since there are different separatist movements in Europe, many with the ability to call plebiscites. The United Kingdom faces a referendum where Scotland, on October 19 2023, will vote on independence. The Corsican authorities are also in talks with the French government to become autonomous, and Catalonia continues a near century long independence struggle from Spain.

Europe has always been a powder keg in this sense. By Washington promoting separatist causes in Russia, it can certainly embolden other such causes across the European continent.

Regardless, efforts to embolden separatist causes in Russia will humiliatingly fail as ethnic minorities are satisfied with their rights and development under Moscow’s leadership. Nationalist causes are less relevant compared to prosperity and wellbeing, and rather, Washington’s efforts are a desperate attempt to limit Russia’s growing international power and prestige.


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Last edited 2 months ago by Russian
Ziological Warefare

Over time its increasing. Arctic resources mostly untapped and northern sea route coming. Dont forget Asia is the future of global growth, Russia is exposed well. Europe is sinking into obvlivion and the US is eating itself up



Ziological Warefare

Ashkenazim in political circles, what a disaster for everyone. These people should stick to baking bagels, not finance or politics.


“Ashkenazim in political circles … ” Well, that’s what they do. The Ashkenazi have no loyalty to any state regardless of how many years they have lived there they remain a diaspora. There’s a reason they were tossed from over 70 countries, and not allowed to work in banking, education or hold political office etc. Their cause is a Biblical one. After all they are the people chosen by Yahweh. Or so they say.

Israel is a Terrorist Colony

How about decolonize NATO, the EU, Poland, France, the UK, “Israel”.

Max Schmidt

Thank you Mr. Adel, for this very interesting article. These are facts.

North Koreans won against the US back in the 50ies

Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann, a French political scientist, international relations specialist, and observer in Lugansk, told Sputnik that he “is glad” to be in the LPR on “a historic day” when the referendum is taking place, adding that “the future of Europe can only be with Russia”.

🗯”I have been to many polling stations, technically everything is well organized. The same rules apply to voting as in France. I don’t see pressure and coercion of people to vote here. On the contrary, I see that many are enthusiastically doing it. Many say they have been waiting for this for years. They are glad that they can choose their future,” he said, commenting how the referendum is held.


“BILD reports, Stefan Schaller, the German observer at the referendum, who is a managing director of an energy company in Germany, will lose his job as of tomorrow.”

🤯Democracy and freedom in the EU.

Sr. Menotti

well, at least he showed the whole planet that he is a real man with honour. And titanium balls. Who does not lie to himself. While most men in the BRD are herbivore Cucks (the same syndrome that started spreading in South Korea and Japan – now in West Europe).

John Tosh

My suggestion

Time to evacuate Washington DC of non essential staff. Minimize casualties

While our chicken brained intelligence agencies only see a bluff, let the adults do what is necessary.

This is getting to the hot phase of the war between Western domination and freedom.

Real freedom wins ( Russia and all its future friends)

Look at my record. Decide for yourself if you should listen. You in the Western intelligences have tried to kill me.

Fear of death is not my concern. I feel for the innocent children who die because of the stupidity of the ruling elites in the West

Last edited 2 months ago by John Tosh
Holms Jen

Sorry guys, tonight I will not spam you too much with my science fiction BS, because I have guests from the “Convoy of Light”. I will cook for them, and as dessert they will eat my fat ass. They are hungry you know what I mean hi hi ha ha, bye , kisses

Last edited 2 months ago by Holms Jen
jens holm

Bye Jenny` 💋

Jenny Holm DK

well, guys I offer to cook for the fugees from Africa and they offered the cook, I mean the cock, and I said yes. Hmm taste like choco.

jens holm

I want to eat some Africans sperm too.

kogda mi byli na voinye

“soon if you speak about love,there are tears in your eyes” chinese proverb…


Stupid jews destroying the world. Go to any major city in the west, you don’t see Whites out in public anymore. It’s just shitskins everywhere.

They want to multiculturalize Russia so it loses it’s homogeneous power.

Fuck jews.


Very interesting list by The Jerusalem Post, the most influential Jews of 2022 (“our bright stars”).

Not surprisingly Zelensky is n.1 with some interesting additions for this year: new French prime minister Élisabeth Borne, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Anne Neuberger US deputy national security advisor, Judge Elena Kagan the Leader of the US Supreme Court’s liberal wing, the most powerful man on Wall Street Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, Chairwoman of Disney Entertainment Dana Walden, Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle, US billionaire Steven Cohen, Anti-Defamation League CEO and national director Jonathan Greenblatt, and my favorite : ex-Moscow chief rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, now supporting Ukraine and leading “Russian-Jewish resistance to Putin”!


Bigg Chungus

Russia not a homogenous country, nor is Russia white, nor is Russia free of “shitskins”.

Russia has close relations with Israel and is extremely intermixed with its own Jewish community.

The desire to destroy Russia has racial undertones for sure, but it’s not Jews hating white people; in many ways, it’s white people hating Russians because they’re not white enough.

Jews hate Russia because pogroms. And they both hate Russia because Russia stands in the way of all out war against China, and China is the only competitor of the Jews for the construction of Satan’s world state.


Russia has no power

Transgender vegan Sarah Ashton-Cirillo

well, then why you nato fags dont come to liberate Mariupol? Cowards. We have no power, so come on, pussy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Transgender vegan Sarah Ashton-Cirillo
am hants

So why are the Globalists freaking out then?


Sephi-rot has no brain


Perhaps Washington should begin the process of decolonization and close down it’s hundreds of military bases squatting menacingly all over the World…

and mothball the ‘colonialist’ financial hegemony and jew globalism they worship..

and the ridiculous hypocritical ‘woke’ terminology these imbeciles insist on framing their colonialism in…

and then just fuck off to die somewhere.. quietly..



Assad Defeated Zionists

Decolonize Las Malvinas.


Not much remains when you decolonize America…. actually nothing at all.

Slimey Joe

The US is the one that needs breaking up into smaller nations unable to threaten the world


Putin esta destruindo a Rússia. a população russa que comemorava morte de ucraniano, os que comorava a destruição da Ucrânia, estão sendo convocados para ir a guerra, vão morrer na Ucrânia, estão com medo, muitos voltarão num caixão, e se voltarem vivos vão ser preso com 10 anos de prisão.

J. D.

A certo, os ucranianos não comemoram a morte de russos? Abra os olhos seu burro. E quem ‘vão morrer na Ucrânia’ serão os neonazistas ucranianos e não os russos. E eles não estão com medo não, estão felizes de servir o seu país, com orgulho. Estão motivadíssimos, aqui o vídeo: https://t.me/intelslava/37964. Nem todo mundo é um covardinho pé de chinelo que nem você. Bichinha louca. Vai tomar no cú.

Joseph Day

Washedupington are getting desperate.


A very good article from Southfront

The TARGET has always been Russia why ???

Because Imperialsts cannot have economic/Political rivals with the Human and Natural resources that can challenge them . it’s the reason Africa was divided at the Berlin Conference which was the act that sowed the seeds of WW1

Last edited 2 months ago by NDR7652
Sgt. Based

Don’t forget that America too has it’s own separatist groups




the only thing that needs to be “decolonized” or liberated is the US.

these new “master-race” imperialists literally only exist ’cause their ancestors robbed land and life from the natives for centuries…

the day the US get vaporized will be the “independence day” of the people of the united earth!


Because we the USA and NATOSTAN demand you do; as we tell everyone 😉!!! How’s that all working out?

Captain Hohol

Listen to what the politicians in the west are saying, and the language they are using, they use it against white people in the west, and now they’re using it against Russians, the difference? Russians have been in these lands for as long as recorded history and earlier. The lands they claim to want to “decolonize” are the rightful homeland of these people.

Listen to what they’re saying, they’re saying that white people don’t have any homeland on this world, this tells you everything you need to know about what they will do to Russians if they allow the west to infiltrate their society and government.


The biggest neocolonialist nations are the USA and the UK. Europe is one big American colony, conquered in World War 1 and 2. But the war against Europe is quickly visible. American British sabotage of the two Baltic Sea gas pipelines shows who are ruling Europe with an iron fist. The Britt’s and Americans rather destroy Europe, than leave it independent. It is in the process of destroying its vassal states. Both Ukraine AND Germany will suffer heavily this winter.. The Poles and Baltics peoples will follow quickly, in the abyss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6IIwltTM4Q


On RT today 27 September, article by Elizaveta Naumova about Iran

The Objective

Time shall tell, Putin.

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