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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – White Helmets, “Bana al-Abed” and Killing “Evil Russians”

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Since the formal defeat of ISIS’ self-proclaimed caliphate and so-called “moderate rebels” in most of Syria, the Middle Eastern country, has largely disappeared from the front-pages of mainstream media outlets. Nonetheless, the narrative management operation to distort the real situation in the war-torn country and demonize the Damascus government and its allies fighting foreign-backed radical militant groups continues.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an obvious example of the scale and spread of this campaign. The official trailer for the new part of the franchise features “heroic actions” of the White Helmets, “big bad Russians” bombing civilians and a kid in a gas mask apparently signaling the expected usage of “Assad’s chemical weapons” mantra in the story-telling.

The description of the first missions of the coming part of the world franchise reveals that they will incorporate Russian soldiers laughing while killing civilians as well as using chemical weapons against civilians. So, a “Bana al-Abed”-styled girl will have to kill some “evil Russkies”.

It appears that the goal of this effort is to bring back into attention some propaganda narratives that appear to have, at least partially, died down in recent years under pressure of facts. It’s an open secret that the White Helmets have deep ties with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria) and other radical groups de-facto playing a role in their propaganda wing and participating in staging chemical attack provocations.

The Twitter account of Bana al-Abed became widely known during the battle for Aleppo in 2016. The account operator, using the name and photos of the then 7yo girl, was writing scripted tweets blaming the “Assad regime” and Russia for civilian casualties, spreading fake news and even calling to start a new world war if that’s what’s needed to rescue what the account described as “innocent civilians”. After defeat of the radical groups controlling her part of the city, Bana and her parents withdrew from Aleppo alongside other members of militant groups that had reached a surrender deal with the Damascus government. Later, she and her family appeared in Turkey where Bana’s image continued to be used as a tool of the ongoing campaign against Syria. Her case is a sad example of how kids are being used for war propaganda purposes.

An interesting fact is that the “Call of Duty” game writer is not even hiding that the mainstream video game franchise seeks to indoctrinate its users. Taylor Kurosaki said that “he wants “Call of Duty” to be spoken of as on par with the best war films, and he hopes ‘Modern Warfare’ will inspire fans to check out the harrowing and eye-opening documentaries ‘The White Helmets’ or ‘Last Man in Aleppo”.” It’s no surprise that both mentioned “documentaries” were designed to glorify the White Helmets and militant groups they were assisting by their work and had little in common with the real situation in parts of the country, including, at some point, eastern Aleppo, controlled by MSM-promoted “moderate rebels”.

However, the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game, underlined a tendency that is by no means new. In some cases, modern video games, movies and even comic books are infested with war propaganda even more than news pieces released by CNN and similar media outlets.

Even DC comics, in late 2018, in its Doomsday Clock crossover with Watchmen showcased a superhero from Syria, called Sandstorm, who could control the desert sands. The generic stereotype boy called Nabil Azmah was from Douma, which isn’t even in the desert. He was later killed in the comics, fighting against the “Assad regime.” According to his fictional biography, his family were killed by fighters allied to Assad and his sister was gassed.

To top it off, in the next issue, Russian President Vladimir Putin was portrayed as the bad guy and even picked a fight with Superman, after a US superhero – Firestorm – democratically turned Russian citizens on Red Square into glass.

These tendencies are nothing new. DC comics, in the 80s, portrayed Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, who concludes a deal with Batman’s infamous enemy the Joker. The Joker then says that Iranians and him have a lot in common, namely “being insane.”

The mainstream entertainment industry is doing its best to “inform”  American youth of who the “good guys” are in Syria and around the world, even if these “good guys” accidentally appear to be members of al-Qaeda.

This situation is a demonstration of how little propaganda capabilities Syria, Venezuela, China, Iran or Russia really do have in comparison with their “Western partners”. In most cases, the US and the EU use bogeyman stories about the mighty Russian, Chinese, Iranian and even Syrian propagandists as formal justification to tighten censorship and to increase their own propaganda efforts.

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Hasbara Hunter




I feel so bad for not being included in your tops

Hasbara Hunter

Not even close…..


Try harder, make them longer


Its OK if you shed a tear these days. No stiff upper lip needed :)


+ Turkey ?

Hasbara Hunter

6. Turkey…….

I made a Top Five….not a Top Six…


Lol, Erdogan will put you on his list :)

Hasbara Hunter

That is why I made a Top five in the First place….I’m still waiting for Turkey to stop its Treacherous Behaviour…


Can a Turk ever do that, as treachery is a common theme of past Turkish exploits in history ?

Its akin to the treachery of the US toward the indigenous American tribes that resulted in a genocide of biblical proportions, and starvation was a US soldiers tool as well of course.

The same abhorrent and cowardly US playbook that is being used in Venezuela today.

Hasbara Hunter

I’ve got the feeling Treacherous Behaviour has become an Art these days…Worldwide that is

Astrid Watanabe

“….. am still waiting for Turkey to stop its Treacherous Behaviour” Why? Do you think they will stop?

Hasbara Hunter

The Turks I know are good Folks….there must be something wrong with their Elitist Leadership….Dönmeh…Muslimbrotherhood…Grey Wolves….After the Fall of the Ottoman Empire the AngloZioNazis took over Control… Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was a Mason… Same with Communism… Overtake the Government & Install the AngloZioNazi-System… Masonic Pyramids installed Worldwide…the Great take-over of Planet Earth….


Turkey, of course, is just part of the family….NATO.


Yes, the Black Sheep of the NATO family who traditionally is ‘sent abroad’ to make their fortunes plundering ‘natives’.

David Parker

You have #1 and #2 reversed. Behind all misery are Zionists, Satan’s disciples.

Hasbara Hunter

The U.S. & ISISraHell it was Neck & Neck….for the number One position



Cheryl Brandon



We are at war with Russia. We have always been at war with Russia. ISIS is our friend. ISIS has always been our friend.


Now please tell us you are a real American and you’re hired

Harry Smith

Oh the great bacon, please pardon me for bothering you at your NY penthouse, but there is a book called “1984” and all the slaves and peasants of evil Putin, just understood now, that your extraordinary intellectual baggage has no this book in the list. But don’t worry, the greatest one. Successors of ancient Ukrs doesn’t not have to read this plebeian book.


“ancient Ukrs” is this from LOTR? here’s a piece of your beloved 1984 little mexican: Russia and Iran will isolate themselves from the rest of the Internet, along with China. Have a great threesome there, make a good sandwich.

Harry Smith

Oh son of the great Ukrs, l am beginning your pardon, you described not 1984, but Atlas Shrugged. PS: Who is John Galt?


Dunno, the man who bangs your mom and gives you candies?


And your ISIS friends will bite the US on its fat arse, just as the Taliban have done :)


And we are going to kill you all (the not yet in arms majority of the humanity).

Hasbara Hunter



It’s a fake bitch. With no balls for nothing, their suicides are more well payed than the others (lets laugh).

Johnny Canuck

Yes, Big Brother. You are always correct. I will obey.

Kell McBanned

1984 nice. We have always been a war with East Asia, big brother loves you and is watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0wH6YDfCzg


Anyone remembers this episode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOT_BoGpCn4


Yes that clip is sadly very very funny, and all that is so obvious that the sheep cannot see it as they run helter skelter toward the Zionist slaughterhouse .


Yeah the zombie democrats were eager to demonstrate his stupidity falling in his trap, he obviously knew what is is Aleppo, it was a rhetorical question. Now they don’t remember what is Aleppo, it was just a trend for the sheep, as you said


Perhaps something in Houston, Texas, in the next 50 years.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

shared to gab


Would be fun People pick sides and work out their frustration online. With online translation people might figure out the real enemy is the governments and those that control them. Another fun video game idea is first person shooter with accurate maps of offices and homes of targets like neocon think tank member, Bilderburg ,Davos attendents ,MIC executives, Rothschild family and friends maybe Soros and associated NGO. So grateful veterans and thankful citizens could practice thanking such people for their selfless service to humanity!

Hasbara Hunter

If you pick out Elites One by One….they are outnumbered….. 99/1

Dušan Mirić



Would be interesting to do game online where people could play as SAA, Hezbollah, Iranian guard and Russia. The people that actually removed ISIS. Then be able to kill U$, Saudi and Israel funded terrorists. Would be fun to kill virtual wahhabi mossad white helmet and U$ special ops

Johnny Canuck

I’m in.


When Iraqi Journalists throw his shoes at Bush, the game were made to mirror the event…. Sadly, no one made game about heroic fight of SAA and its allies, yes that kind of game maybe would bring no profits at all… But still fun to fight isisrael dogs. ☕

Cheryl Brandon

EXTRADITION ACT 2003 effectively makes UK a colony which obeys the dictates of USA draconian /illegal extra jurisdiction. UK is trampled on by USA’s=Israhell’s evil plans

The treaty has been claimed to be one-sided[3] because it allows the US to demand extradition of UK citizens and other nationals for offences committed against US law, even though the alleged offence may have been committed in the UK by a person living and working in the UK (see for example the NatWest Three), and there being no reciprocal right; and issues about the level of proof required to extradite from the UK to the US versus from the US to the UK.[4]

Cheryl Brandon


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1883611032ebdc042ebf9aedb0bb5f8af7e20e780c63fc4bb2087a0e7fa72a6b.jpg I

Robert Mullin

If I may possibly re-evaluate the bombing scene of the trailer of Call of Duty, it looks like the Russian Warplane was bombing an outposts on some highway with a lot of abandoned vehicles. But the very next scene looks like something else going on, where they were clearly in an urban area.

But other than that, I do agree from what I hear about the story of the game, they are truely painting the Russians in a bad light. One COULD say the Syrians too but it looks like they opted to make a fictional country for the warzone.

I remember that before, the Russians were considered allies in the previous games where only ultra-nationalists (Like what you see in Ukraine) were the Bad Russians. You worked alongside the Russian Military at times when taking them on. Sigh… Can we please just go back to those days, Activision?

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