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Call Of Duty 2019: White Helmets, “Bana al-Abed” and Killing “Evil Russians”

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Call Of Duty 2019: White Helmets, "Bana al-Abed" and Killing "Evil Russians"

White Helmets as seen in-game. Click to see full-size image.

The newest 2019 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare features missions involving the pro-al-Qaeda “humanitarian organization” White Helmets and a “Bana al-Abed-esque” girl killing “bad Russians.”

The following is a description of the second mission in which a flashback shows how two children become “rebel fighters” on the side of the US, after Russian soldiers raided their house.

This is a rather large extract of Charlie Intel’s overview of the campaign:

“The scene starts off with a big explosion in a country in the Middle East. After the explosion occurs, we are taken into the perspective of a female child who is stuck under all of the rubble caused by the explosion. The explosion was a drone strike (by I believe Russia). She is panicking and yelling for help. Another girl is stuck next to her but unresponsive. She tries to push around the fallen rocks and cement slabs off of her, but she is too small. We then hear someone come from above them and remove the rubble to see the girl stuck in there. Frantically, many more people come to remove the remaining rubble (even using a saw at one point). Once it’s removed, they pull the girl out, and she goes to her father’s hand, who starts asking where is her brother. The other girl with her in the rubble does not appear to survive. Now, another airstrike drops on the location.

The father picks up the girl and they both start running to find where her brother is. The sister says the brother stayed at home to study, so he wasn’t with her. They have to get back home to find the brother, but during the run back, Russian soldiers come in on vehicles, jump out of the vehicles, and just start shooting everyone — you can hear women, children screaming not to be shot; men and women yelling in pain. The father puts the kid down and tells her to follow behind him. As they start running and getting closer to their house, the Russian soldiers throw some sort of nerve/lethal gas. They bust inside their house, shut the door, and find the brother. They converse about what they must to do next (and the girl/boy are given cell phones). The father reveals that their mother has been killed. The father hands the boy a gas mask, tells him that the daughter will be okay without a mask right now, and prepare to leave.

A Russian soldier is ordered to check door to door and comes into their house before they can leave. The father pleads with him not to shoot because there are children in the house. The father then lunges towards the attacker to take the weapon away and stab him. The little boy tries to help the father take down the attacker, but the attacker throws the boy into the door, knocking him out. The Russian soldier is a lot stronger and shoots the father numerous times — in front of the daughter. The daughter runs for her cover. The soldier starts to search for her around the house, and she starts to run into vents. This begins a little cat and mouse style chase. She picks up a screwdriver, runs at him, stabs him in the leg. He yells. The girl runs again, back for cover as the attacker is not subdued. They go around in this cat and mouse style chase for two more times with the girl stabbing him repeatedly in the legs with a screwdriver, and then, the brother wakes up. The action movies to the kitchen of the house, where a fight ensues again. The daughter stabs this attacker, alongside the brother trying to choke him out. As the man is brought down, the daughter finally gets a hold of the AK of the attacker and shoots him numerous times. The brother and sister converse about what they need to do, and the girl takes off the attacker’s gas mask to use for herself.”

Following that, the father passes away and the two children with gas masks sneak around on the streets, while Russian soldiers are laughing and killing civilians.

At the end of the mission, they reach an impasse and they need to pass, with the boy coughing, so it is all in the girl’s hands.

“They come up on another area not too far where they see a truck they need to take in order to get out. Since the boy is coughing, the girl says she will grab a gun and kill them both but needs a distraction. The boy walks to the other side of this fence, while the girl starts to slowly go closer. She sees a gun on the table, a .44 Magnum, and needs a distraction to get it. She pulls out her phone and calls her brother’s phone, which leads the two Russian soldierss to investigate that ringing. The girl runs over and grabs the weapon, and starts to make her way into a position to shoot the Russian soldiers. She pulls up the gun, shaking a lot, and points it at the head of the attacker. We hear a *bang* and the screen goes black.”

It can’t even be said that this sort of propaganda is taking it too far, since it is part of the norm nowadays.

In 2017, Caitlin Johnstone directly pointed at the problem, saying that the “Bana al-Abed” psychological propaganda operation proved how the West was “Saturated in War Propaganda.”

“The reason for all of this, of course, is that US hegemony is fully dependent on its massive military power. Since the heavily-armed American people would grow upset if they were told that the oligarchs who rule their country are spending an unfathomable amount of the nation’s money and resources trying to depose Bashar al-Assad because Syria occupies a crucial strategic location in US world dominance (risking a direct confrontation with the nuclear-armed Russia in the process), they make it about saving children instead.”

In some cases, modern video games, movies and even comic books are infested by war propaganda even more than news pieces released by CNN and similar media outlets.

Just recently, DC Comics has come with a series incorporating “the Russians’ puppet” Assad that “gassed” multiple civilians. So, the American youth is already “informed” who is the “good guys” in Syria. …even if there have been no conclusive evidence to blame Assad for the Duma chemical attack and these “good guys” have appeared to be a rebranded branch of al-Qaeda.

This situation is a demonstration of how little propaganda capabilities Syria, Venezuela, China, Iran or Russia do have in comparison with their “Western partners”. In most cases, the US and the EU use bogeyman stories about the mighty Russian, Chinese, Iranian and even Syrian propagandists as a formal justification to tighten censorship and increase own propaganda efforts.


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Cheryl Brandon

More propaganda from the mouths of the Wahabhists terrorists!!! VaVaVoom SAA patriots!!!


Call of Jihad /CIACNN edition.

Concrete Mike

LOL good one


Typical bullshit from game developers and typical bullshit in whole.Hmm wait the air in my room don’t feel fresh or it maybe stinks a bit from the cigarettes, damn you Russia, sorry but blame Russians for ALL. The typical usual suspect in the US/UK regime propaganda. The US is coming out to say REGIME or we want REGIME change or we don’t want REGIME change blah blah. Once and still they are calling Russia REGIME. Haha. Why the biggest regime in the world this United Snakes must always use REGIME. Do they really know the definition of regime.


Who gives a shit its COD ffs.


CoD has always been trash designed for the lowest common denominator, but unfortunately it’s also popular trash. A lot of impressionable kids will play this and think Russia/Assad are some Nazi-eqsue bad guys.


Yes, it’s all about continuing the “narrative”. Gamers are not excluded. Proves the saying that just because you are not interested in politics doesn’t mean that the politicians (propagandists in this case) aren’t interested in you.


Many of these same kids hang on 4chan and find out what bs the white helmets are. There’s hope.

Of course, the globalist scum want free speech on the web wiped out.

Mahmoud Larfi

That story reminds me when U.S marines used to raid people’s houses in Iraq and killed everyone on sight or when they were shooting at pedestrians or vehicles simply on suspicion.


It’s standard-issue American government ethics: Accuse others of whatever evil you do yourself and take credit for their good deeds.


Even more precisely – it is a psyops where you blame the victim. Textbook israeli psychological operations.


Zionists have been blaming the victim since before Israel’s creation.


Well, if this help a bit, many of them will commit suicide, will have a hard life searching for meth, they will never experience the dopamine rush like in the “time of their life”. Probably some of them are already cutting their forearms right now. Isis knew that, that’s why they were so prone to suicide.


This is an important topic you raise bacon. I read somewhere that for every soldier who dies in combat 20 commit suicide.

Where is the social upheaval from so many of our kids, our finest if you buy the propaganda, offing themselves?

How can the American society feel any sense of superiority when the statistics prove it is sick, in many categories, beyond remediation.

What does the US have to offer but overhyped product and an early miserable death from unsustainable food, medicines and a plethora of ridiculous lifestyle choices?


Actually there are 3 vets to commit suicide for every soldier who died in Vietnam, we don’t know how the statistics are now but I believe the parity is 1:1


Have not done a proper search of the topic. It reminds me of the US statistics on police murders. They apparently, do not even keep an official count. Chances are since the numbers, in both cases, are a guess, they are far more than can be rationally explained.

Would say there is a pretty strong class action law suit in here somewhere but a quick check of the documentation signed when enlisting or drafted probably erases that possibility.

The real war we in the west face is to reach decisions from a place of actual knowledge and not as a result of some well funded psychological operation..


There are many other NGO’s that keep those evidences. You see in the West almost everybody donates for some causes, including these, unlike people from Eastern civilizations that, most of the times, say ‘they’ referring to officials, expecting everything to be done by the state.


More good reason to dig into this. Interested to know how many of the Opioid overdose deaths are actually listed as suicide. Given the numbers, abusing these drugs has got to be considered suicidal behavior.

Harry Smith

That’s correct for the Ukrainian army too. In Ukraine is a wave of vet’s suicides. Some sources says it may be because of official hard use of different types of drugs for soldiers on the frontline. Maybe it’s kinda NATO signature.


Actually Russia’s suicide rate is 1st or 2nd in the world, while Ukraine is not even in top 10

Harry Smith

Russia is 2nd, while Ukraine is 8. http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/suicide-rate-by-country/ But we speak about vets suicides.


American vets have higher suicide rates than Russians because they took part in real wars, any army drugs its soldiers, Russia simply couldn’t afford a real war til now. And I wouldn’t brag that 3 million country like Lithuania is in front of 145 million Russia at suicides, since I’ve first heard of this stats, Russia was always on top.

Zionism = EVIL

Why do you think Assange is being tortured? He released the Wikileaks footage of laughing Americunts killing civilians in Iraq and also a number of rapes of Iraqi children by Americunt degenerate pigs.

Zionism = EVIL

These “white helmets” are on CIA payroll for mere propaganda purposes. They really need to be bombed as they are prolonging the misery of the Syrian people.


The Great Satan knows how to make propaganda films!

AM Hants

Just reading ‘Blackwater’, which describes what the mercenary forces were doing in Iraq. Similar to what you state.


Would have never know about many of these incidents without wiki leaks.

The idea that a government has any right to privacy is a dangerous and stupid idea. The reason most secrets exist is not to protect the country. It’s to hide the crimes of the criminals running the country. There are literally still classified documents for the JFK assassination and 9/11. The investigations for both events were predetermined conclusions….complete frauds.

Today, most Americans toss any concept of privacy away for technological convenience while accepting a government that conceals its crimes against humanity while making criminals out of those who would expose it.

In the last 20 years, our government has made it legal to use propaganda against its own citizens and it shows.


This is how they train our children to fight their wars for profit. Don’t just turn off the Tubes, destroy them.


Mission impossible. I don’t see that America will win. The situation seems more worst than Afghanistan for America and their allies.

Concrete Mike

Hey whoever pays 90$+ for a game that is released ,and nowhere near ready ,as are most games nowadays, is not that smart to begin with.

Video games industry runs on Hype, just like the rest of the sheep.food.


True, but the psyops are targeted for the not-so-smart quite specifically – it is they who swallow the story hook line and sinker. These games are part of the mass media spreading mass propaganda readying the infantile minds for mass mobilisation when the time is right. Remember they vote too, or offer no resistance etc.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

There you got Russian soldiers loughing and killing civilians all over the place!!!

Real Anti-Racist Action

So in all of vast Russia, why can Russia not produce well polished high end games for consoles and PC’s? Russia and Putin have been saying that they want to diversify Russian economy and profits. These games make billions of dollars. Russia needs to take their head out of the sand and start high end game publishing. Then they can also give their narratives of story’s. Don;t complain, just counter your enemies moves. Heck, just make a game on Russian real life missions inside of Syria. Because… You know… Why Not??

Ivan Freely

Money. It’s not cheap to make video games these days.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Sweden is famous for pumping out to games such as the battlefield games are a Swedish company. Besides games make money. It is a profit so long as it is a polished game. And producing a game that makes people feel and emotional connection to Russia is cheaper then a war. Seems like good publicity to me that Russian cannot effort to neglect any longer. Russia has more rich then Sweden does. I am encouraging Russia to make money, make quality relations products. And to get another side of the story out.


Have a look at “Escape from Tarkov” if you want a modern, Russian-made FPS game. Unfortunately Russian publishers don’t have the promotional power of EA (ironically the most hated company in gaming) and the other big publishers.

I agree that Russia should push this industry more though, otherwise these asshats in western game studios will just keep making Russophobic propaganda games unchecked.


Your best post ever , take the High Road.


Best WWII flight simulator was and still is the Russian made IL2 Sturmovik.

Best flight modeling, ballistics (robust weapon load out details), and incredibly detailed/accurate animated cockpits. Shows it’s age these days though.

Too bad the average gamer doesnt have the patience to learn the skills the game demands. They’ll instead ingest propaganda riddled easy to play junk like COD.

Olie H

Russian soldiers are laughing while gassing civilians and then Bana al-Arya Star kills them with a screwdriver… what a pile of feces! Just another proof how Anglozionist propaganda is both 1)incredibly sick 2)incredibly retarded. Their entire “culture” is not just brainwashing, it’s brain killing.


The plot’s about as believable as Inglorious Basterds

Black Waters

I know some people say it’s all jokes, but the best effective propaganda ever made by the U.S it’s in videogames, young kids believe what they seen in videogames. The U.S always targeted kids, they area bunch of psychos, you shouldn’t let this game go through Russian market, it’s propaganda full scale totalitarian proportions.

This could be aimed to young kids who play videogames in russia too, they implant these twisted lies into their brains trough continuous propaganda, movies, games, payed actors etc.

Brother Ma

All the Iraq2003 is from the video game generation ,thinking shooting to kill civilians is fun. The rot has set in and you have to cut it all out and Russia needs to counter with its own video games or movies just as China has funded Hollywood movies.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Psyop software upon America’s young to create desensitized GI grunts. (orcs in the Lord of the Rings)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Notice Russian gamers are taking Western games and modding them for their own tastes. Cold Waters 1.14 – PLAYABLE SUBS USSR (Флот СССР) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVyJpVvp0f0

Rodney Loder

The point is, if you want to best the White Helmets you got to put Saudi Arabian ambitions down and only Brother Erdogan can do that by eliminating the PKK / PYD, until that happens propaganda like listed above will continue to be real, so it’s really not propaganda at all.

J Roderet

“Call of Duty” and similar “shooter” games produced by large US gaming companies have always been pure Neocon propaganda. This type of “gaming” propaganda needs to be fought. We should encourage people to boycott these US companies, just like we should call on a complete rejection of the US mass media and Hollywood.


ALL western media is pushing cultural marxism, zio-globalist wars and refugee/migrant open border agendas.

It’s the same controlled opposition media model in Europe where you have the illusion of media choice. Much of the so called alternative media now pushes Zionist/globalist propaganda.

Hard to escape it no matter where you go. The internet is being purged of freedom of thought as we speak and centralized. We need to find ways to permanently decentralize the web before it becomes completely controlled like legacy media.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

agree million procentage bro


Y’all don’t realize you promote the game by being butt hurt, don’t you?

John Smith

Russia should fight fire with fire. Designate the White Helmets as terrorists and target them and all financial and technical sponsors for elimination with extreme prejudice. Why pussy foot around? America has descended into a rogue state just like Israel knowing there are no immediate consequences. There a check mate move against the US and Israel in the region and that is stationing Russian nuclear missiles in Iran and putting Iran under the Russia nuclear umbrella. The US already has nukes in Turkey and the way they operate very likely in the Gulf states too. Remember, they refuse to declare which ship is nuclear armed.

Gregory Casey

Such a good idea!! Soon please Mr Putin & Mr Rouhani!!

Brother Ma

I agree. Fight fire with fire.


Yup, COD is crap, it an Wankeestan product, with an crappy game modus and crappy storylines, you know, wankees are born brain dead, and keept braindead, and despite the graphic hype, its just crap, all tho I really like Battlefields series because of not that politicied and you could couse what side you are on, etc, to this, COD witch is just propaganda and nothing else and do notice how fast they made this game happen, yeah, and I bet the games playing fields are exactly the same as the previous ones for witch they have used as an platorm since the first one came out, this is just a new wrapping of old shiit, I dropped COD years ago, it was simply not good enough and riddled with hackers etc, and belive me, people are pissed on EA, because they make game moduses for cheeters and hackers and to play against this, is the sole reason for me not even bothering to think about BF5 another Swedish PC infested joke. War games are dying, to me, they have lost the grip and is sliding downward the drain.

The Russians, well, there is hehe “highly lightly” just one game so far this year that I may, may buy, and that one is Russian made, aka the Metro and now its an new one, an sequel to the first Metro. Otherwise, I have had PL since they arrived, I am not going to buy an new PL, since it dont change anything, apart from graphics nothing else, the games remains the same, aka crap. They even managed to f…. up the best game/s I know of, Assasins Creed, raped and robbed to oblivion, the 3 first is probably the best PL games ever invented and they crashed that to, huh, they should given am medal, for stupdity and greed, the nemesis of PL games. Belive me, they are self-mutilating and will die, if they dont change and so far I can judge, they dont even care, so I dont either care.

But, I am not that hysterical, just turn on the Tube and watch, series after series, whom is the enemy, bad ones, Russians, really bad ones Serbs, etc to Chines. Its run 24/7 and somehow the games gets the focus when the TV sends this idiot propaganda all the time for years, and this is just another suplemetary to the ongoing hate propaganda against Russians. I know it, because I am married to an Russian, yeah, she isnt black enough, otherwise they would not deer to do anything, but since she is Russian, she is an whore and criminal. That is not comed forth thru Games, morons, its the f…. MSM.


Lazy Gamer

That is surely propaganda. But then, we cannot underestimate the inhumanity of people, American or Russian or otherwise, in war. Best thing is to always evacuate


Remember, this war propaganda is run by pretty much the same media that turned a few hundred thousand dead (per the Red Cross) into 6 million, plus human skin lamp shades, human soap, and other ridiculous claims.

That propaganda helped Bolshevism take root in east Germany and Europe for decades. Patton wasn’t happy about the situation. He wanted to take out the communists right then. Of course, he had an “accident” as a reward for daring to speak the truth….”We defeated the wrong enemy”.

Cultural Marxism is clearly now the established force in much of Europe. How ironic, something they call multiculturalism appears to be very effective at destroying multiple cultures across Europe.

Genocide is actually happening now. The planned destruction of European culture and people is obvious to anyone with eyes that is not blinded by modern day propaganda. In a few more generations, Europe will be unrecognizable. Many areas have already reached that point.

The white helmet and other propaganda goes hand in hand with refugee resettlement programs that flood Europe, America, and other western countries with people who will NEVER assimilate. The war machine that globalist/Zionists feed supplies the refugee invaders they use to destroy the western world by design. There are no accidents.


If you support any of the major powers in this world then you need to be taken down with your bully establishment. I await the day when your global economy falls so that you may face your judgement.


I was going to play this game and looked forward to buying it. but after seeing how they portray white helmets as heroes and Russians as bad, yet again. No way. Fuck you terrorist loving infinity ward. More like jihadi ward


infinity ward should change their name to jihadi ward or al-qaeda ward

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