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MAY 2021

Call For Volunteers! SouthFront Develops Ahead

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Researchers and copy editors are needed most!

Online volunteer application

Started as a page in Facebook, SouthFront has grown to a fully functional public project on issues of international politics. We produce video and text materials about the ongoing crisises around the world: from Ukraine and protest movements in the Balkans  to the wars in Yemen and Syria  and other important events, influencing the growth of tension between countries and nations inspired by destructive forces.

But our success is based on a fantastic team of volunteers who assist with every aspect of our work. Interested in helping us smash the rubber-stamping media and exprets?

What we currently need:

  1. Researchers, research assistants (We need people to track websites and sources, read them, compile, decide what to include. These people will work with main SouthFront Researchers team to produce more original content as Maps of War, Russian Military Map and to build new original products. There are a lot of important points in the world we want to showcase)
  2. Copy editors (Read articles and correct for typos, errors)
  3. English writers, journalists
  4. News scanners (Track websites and source articles to be posted on southfront.org)
  5. Translators (Russian-English)
  6. English voice-over, dubbing
  7. Video journalists, production

If you can’t volunteer, please, please donate via PayPal: southfront@list.ru or via: http://southfront.org/donate/. We survive on your help!

If you have questions contact usinfo@southfront.org

Support SouthFront


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