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Caitlin Johnstone: “War Whores Scramble To Say Syria Attack Means Troops Must Remain”

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

A suicide bombing in Manbij, Syria has reportedly killed 19 people including four Americans, two of whom were US soldiers and two of whom worked with the US military. ISIS, which has an extensive history of falsely claiming responsibility for attacks it had nothing to do with, has claimed responsibilityfor the attack. Despite the fact that ISIS would claim responsibility for a housewife stepping on a Lego block, and despite the complete absence of evidence that it had anything to do with the deadly explosion, all the usual cheerleaders of endless war are pointing to the Manbij suicide bombing and shrieking “See?? Trump said ISIS is defeated and it’s not!”

“ISIS is still a very real threat here,” CNN international corespondent Clarissa Ward told Jake Tapper from northern Syria. “And the real concern that we are hearing over and over again on the ground, Jake, is that when US troops withdraw, a power vacuum is created, and that only gives them more strength.”

Virulent Syria war pundit Charles Lister, who is notorious for praising Al Qaeda and is a senior fellow at the Gulf state-funded neoconservative think tank Middle East Institute, told AFP that this attack invalidates Donald Trump’s order last month to withdraw troops from Syria.

“Trump’s order was reckless and driven far more by domestic political concerns than it was by facts on the ground,” Lister said, adding, “To suggest ISIS is ‘defeated’ because it no longer controls territory is to fundamentally misunderstand how ISIS and similar organizations seek to operate.”

Former John McCain ventriloquism dummy Lindsey Graham pounced like a rat on a cheese doodle on the opportunity to call for continued US troop presence within hours of the attack, interrupting the confirmation hearing of Attorney General nominee William Barr with an ejaculation about Trump’s Syria withdrawal.

“I would hope the President would look long and hard at where he’s headed in Syria,” Graham said after repeating the baseless claim that the attack was perpetrated by ISIS. “I know people are frustrated, but we’re never going to be safe here unless we’re willing to help people over there who will stand up against this radical ideology.”

Not to be left out when there are moronic war agendas to be sold, Fox News leapt into the fray with a quote from an anonymous foreign diplomat saying “This attack today is a direct result of the announcement made by President Trump that U.S. forces are pulling out. These troops had a bullseye on them when the president telegraphed that he was ordering a pullout.”

“ISIS has already claimed responsibility for today’s suicide attack, a reminder that the group is not defeated,” added Fox’s Jennifer Griffin.

MSNBC’s deranged intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance topped everyone as usual with a babbling nonsensical post about how US troops were killed in Manbij because there were no US troops in Manbij, proving that Assad and Putin may have allowed the attack to happen, which proves Trump is a Russian asset.

“The moment Russia and Assad took over patrolling Manbij on Trumps go ahead we get hit with suicide bombers for the first time. It’s possible Russia/Assad let the attack happen. Trump’s treachery on this matter now kills our special operators. #RussianAsset,” Nance tweeted between huffs of paint thinner.

Other voices are treating the reports about the bombing with a little more skepticism.

“If ISIS were smart it would hold its fire especially against Americans,” tweetedprofessor and author Max Abrahms. “The main justification for leaving Syria is the (contested) assessment ISIS is defeated. ISIS attacks convey the opposite, weakening the strategic rationale of withdrawal while making it politically harder.”

“Ok, so Trump announces that the U.S. will begin a phased withdrawal from Syria, which according to his critics, would only benefit ISIS who they say is still operational and would welcome a U.S. pull out. But not waiting for pull out ISIS then targets U.S. troops! Yeah right,” tweeted former Green Party vice presidential nominee Ajamu Baraka.

These are interesting points. If ISIS is indeed responsible for the bombing, as war pundits are unquestioningly asserting is the case, then they’re either really, really stupid or they really want US troops to remain in Syria. Or perhaps the attack was engineered by someone else who has a vested interest in keeping a US military presence in Syria, either using ISIS as a patsy or completely separate from ISIS. Wouldn’t be the first time a suspicious attack took place in Syria while the Trump administration was working to withdraw troops.

Of course, this whole debate ignores the most obvious point of all: that if there was no US military presence in Syria, there would be no US military personnel being killed in Syria. The fight against the terrorist forces who nearly overtook the nation with the help of the western power alliance’s imperialist support have been beaten to the brink of total defeat not by the US, but by the Syrian government and its allies. If US troops were removed Damascus would quickly restore stability to the region and continue rebuilding the war-ravaged nation. But this is precisely what these war whores do not want.

Syria is a strategically crucial geopolitical nation for reasons having to do with natural resources and the power dynamics of Israel, Iran, and the empire-aligned Gulf states. It is not a coincidence that so much energy gets poured into this small stretch of land and its surrounding nations by the western military alliance and its propaganda machine, and it’s unlikely that the global dominators will lose interest in Syria any time soon. Stay skeptical.

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Kilgore Trout

false flag bull!!! F89k ameri3ka!!! Get out or start ordering body bags!!!!

Zionism = EVIL

That is the only way they will leave the region as Vietnam and Algerian war of liberation clearly showed.


well it worked OK on the old US boat Liberty and 911.

Zionism = EVIL

Well they did succeed, 5 Arab and Muslim countries from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen to Libya have been destroyed and Iran is next. The Zionist scum have brainwashed the rednecks and using them to destroy all their enemies real or imagined and things are about to get worse, unless the regional forces resist and cooperate. Russia is weak as piss, treacherous and cowardly and in any case in Zionist pockets and colluding with Americunt “partners” even as they kill dozens of Slavic cannon fodder and humiliate Russia.

Tommy Jensen

The Jewish Oppenheimer family just increased their share in Russia´s Yandex to 6,1%.

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew oligarchs have sold Russia down the tubes, they are like the al-Saud family of pimps. Sadly, Putin and his family has benefited from the Jew plunder of Russia.


You rascal, you Tommy Jensen! I saw what you did.


for Israeli thieves,make a deal already, they send the 911 dancing Jews for executions and then we can talk about the removals of their agents here in congress.


I liked the humor in the article by the author. A breath of fresh air in the slaughter house.

Well, the hit is intriguing. It could have happened anytime but, it had not occurred in years of US involvement in Syria. So, a couple of US ‘operators’ were killed too huh? What was going on in the restaurant? I am beginning to think this is more of either payback or a message saying ‘do not delay, get the heck out of there pronto, we are done with you’. I am taking it as a response to Bolten and Co., to hit the road baby.

Anything is possible at this point so, time will reveal more. My take on it at this moment.

Tommy Jensen

If you some rare day find a real man in Western countries, he is usually a woman.


She was not bad. There are some good ones though. They are not easily accessible though.

al quaida

Check out her blog. She writes an article per day. She’s awesome!

Blas de Lezo

I bet it was the MOSSAD using one of their Sunni slaves. Netanyahu and Israel are the only ones who would benefit from the US staying in Syria. Their puppets in the Congress and in the military are a disgrace to our country.
America first. it’s time for our troops to stop dying for the sake of the Jewish, banana republic of Israel

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist agenda is to fight regional wars and increase their occupation of Arabs lands from Nile to Euphrates. Egypt is already a Zionist pimp and Syria was the only impediment left. Iraq has been destroyed and occupied by Americunts for two decades now. It is not that hard to find treacherous pimps in the region as the British faggot Major T.E Lawrence wrote in his seven pillars of wisdom on Arab tribalism and petty jealousies, “Arabs are petty tribal people, father against son, son against brother, tribe against tribe and everyone against each other”. If that was not the case, how on earth could 6 million imported criminals calling themselves Zionists and living on western charity be able to occupy a huge chunk of Arab land and Palestine for 70 years without any repercussions or cost?

Tommy Jensen

What you describe is just the nature of sheeple.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, let’s get real. The whole Americunt Senate, Congress and government of brainwashed braindead morons is enslaved to Zionist parasites who have infected the whole rotten fabric of the Americunt warmongering failed state. Trump is a loudmouth corrupt moron in the pockets Zionists. Mark my words, the Americunts have no interest in leaving the region or stop supporting terrorism. Infact, they will escalate the conflict for their Zionist masters and are already increasing military presence and building more bases in Syria. Since Arabs are divided and largely self-destroying brainless dolts, the Americunts are using the old British tactic of sectarianism and tribalism to divide and rule. They are supporting the Daesh Sunni Wahabbi Saudi funded tribes in Iraq and Syria, along with the historic whores, the Kurds. Turkey and Jordan are the regional pimps for Zionists too. Unless, the Syrian military and its regional allies are willing to wage a long and costly war of attrition, Syria is finished as a unified state and the Turkeys already have annexed the best agricultural lands and dams in Aleppo and Idlib province. The Russians are in Zionist pockets and are totally colluding in the occupation of Syria. This is a sad fact and no spin can change reality as time will show. People can save this post as a reference point several years later..


Look at the picture of Lindsey Graham, look at any pic of Lindsey Graham, and ask yourself, would you leave children in the care of that man?

Tommy Jensen

If I were in Government or public service, cared for my country and lived up to my responsibility toward society, Lindsey Graham would be in an asylum or jail since many years.

Tommy Jensen

Malcolm Nance, black snitch from the cotton fields, promoted, given a white shirt and tie to preach peace and passivity in the local church.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Isis was Erdogan’s patsy. He already has well established connections to Isis from his previous dealings with them, if the finger should be pointing at anyone it should be him.

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