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Caitlin Johnstone: “MSM Mourns Death Of CIA-Backed Syrian Al-Qaeda/ISIS Ally”

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

On Wednesday the alternative media outlet Southfront published an article titled “New Video Throws Light On Jaysh Al-Izza High-Tolerance To Al-Qaeda Ideology” about newly discovered footage showing the leader of a “rebel” faction in Syria cozying up with a militant who was wearing a badge of the official flag of ISIS.

Caitlin Johnstone: "MSM Mourns Death Of CIA-Backed Syrian Al-Qaeda/ISIS Ally"

“The video shows Jaysh al-Izza General Commander Major Jamil al-Saleh congratulating a group of his fighters on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr in a underground bunker,” Southfront reports. “One of the fighters greeted by Saleh was wearing a batch of the Islamic Black Standard with the Seal of Muhammad. This is a well-known symbol of al-Qaeda and the official flag of ISIS.”

Today, mass media outlets are mourning the death of a well-known Jaysh al-Izza fighter named Abdel-Basset al-Sarout with grief-stricken beatifications not seen since the death of war criminal John McCain. An Associated Pressreport which has been published by major news outlets like The New York TimesThe GuardianPBS and Bloomberg commemorates Sarout as a “Syrian soccer goalkeeper” who “won international titles representing his country”, as “the singer of the revolution”, and as “an icon among Syria’s opposition”.

Remember Major Jamil al-Saleh from two paragraphs ago? AP features his glowing eulogy in its write-up on Sarout’s death:

“He was both a popular figure, guiding the rebellion, and a military commander,” said Maj. Jamil al-Saleh, leader of Jaish al-Izza rebel group, in which Sarout was a commander. “His martyrdom will give us a push to continue down the path he chose and to which he offered his soul and blood as sacrifice.”

Other mainstream outlets like BBCThe Daily Beast and Al Jazeera have contributed their own fawning hagiographies of the late Jaysh al-Izza commander.

“Formed in 2013, Jaysh al-Izza was one of the first Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in northern Syria to benefit from U.S. support through the CIA’s ‘Timber Sycamore’ train and equip program, which had been approved by then U.S. President Barack Obama,” Southfront reports in the aforementioned article. “The group received loads of weapons from the U.S. including Grad rockets, as well as Fagot and TOW anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).”

“Jaysh al-Izza received this support under the pretension of being a ‘moderate group’ led by a known Syrian Arab Army (SAA) defector, al-Saleh,” Southfrontadds. “However, the group’s acts were not in line with these claims. Since its formation, Jaysh al-Izza has been deeply linked to al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, the al-Nusra Front. The group became one of the main allies of al-Nusra when its changed its name to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in 2017.”

“Western thought leaders are lionizing Abdel Baset al-Sarout who was killed fighting the Syrian army,” tweeted journalist Dan Cohen of the mass media response to Sarout’s death. “They conveniently omit that he fought in a militia allied with al-Qaeda and pledged allegiance to ISIS.”

Cohen linked to an excerpt from his mini-documentary The Syria Deceptionfeaturing footage of Sarout holding an ISIS flag, leading chants calling for the extermination of the Alawite minority in Syria, and announcing his allegiance to ISIS.

Other publicly available video footage includes a speech by Sarout urging cooperation between his own faction, ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise), saying “we know that these two groups are not politicized and have the same goals as us, and are working for God.”

“God willing we will work with them shoulder-to-shoulder when we leave here,” Sarout has been translated as saying in the speech. “And we are not Christians or Shiaa to be scared of suicide belts and car bombs. We consider these things as strengths of ours, and God willing they will be just that. This message is to the Islamic State and our brothers in Jabhat al-Nusra, that when we come out of here we will all be one hand to fight Christians and not to have internal fights among ourselves. We want to take back all the lands that have been filthied by the regime, that were entered and taken over by Shiaas and apostates.”

This bloodthirsty terrorist warmongering was taken by the aforementioned AP hagiography and twisted into the single sentence, “He repeatedly denounced rebel infighting and called on Syrians to unite against government forces.”

The Atlantic’s Hassan Hassan framed Sarout’s unconscionable agendas as mere “flaws” which actually add to his inspiring and heroic story, tweeting, “Some individuals celebrated as heroes make you doubt all stories of heroes in history books. Others, like Abdulbasit Sarout, not inspire of but despite his flaws, make those stories highly plausible. He’s a true legend & his story is well documented. May his soul rest in peace.”

Yeah, come on, everybody’s got flaws. Some people suck at parallel parking, some people team up with ISIS and Al-Qaeda on genocidal extermination campaigns. We’ve all got our quirky little foibles.

We can expect more and more of these mass media distortions as Syria and its allies draw closer to recapturing Syrian land from the extremist forces which nearly succeeded in toppling Damascus just a few short years ago.

As these distortions pour in, keep this in mind: all of the violence that is still happening in Syria is the fault of the US and its allies, who helped extremist jihadist factions like Jaysh al-Izza overrun the nation to advance the preexisting goal of effecting regime change. The blame for all the death, suffering and chaos which ensues from a sovereign nation fighting to reclaim its land from these bloodthirsty factions rests solely on the government bodies which inflicted their dominance over the region in the first place.

You will see continuing melodramatic garment-rending from the US State Department and its mass media stenographers about “war crimes” and “human rights violations” as though the responsibility for this violence rests somewhere other than on the US-centralized power alliance, but they will be lying. What these warmongering propagandists are doing is exactly the same as paying a bunch of violent thugs to break into a home and murder its owner, then standing by and sounding the alarm about the way the homeowner chooses to fight off their assailants.

After it was discovered that the US and its allies armed actual, literal terrorist factions in Syria with the goal of effecting regime change, the only sane response would have been for the public to loudly and aggressively demand that all governments involved to take immediate action to completely rectify all damage done by this unforgivable war crime at any cost, and for there to be war crimes tribunals for every decision maker who was a part of it. Instead, because of propaganda circulated by the same mass media narrative management firms who are sanctifying the memory of Abdel-Basset al-Sarout today, the public remains asleep to the depravity of its rulers. This dynamic must change if we are to survive and thrive as a species.

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Yeah, one thing is this Friends of Trump, and the constant bullshit spraying about “islamic terrorism” witch even the alt net is yapping about all the time, but when it comes to Trump and His die hard suport of ISIS/Al-CIAda, witch is by a lot of so called right winged wankees, hailed as an evil religion, but somehow when Trump is founding the home of Wahabism, the one whom created the happy head chopping eh…. modeRats, Saudi-barbaria, they go abolutelly dead silent, when the so called Islamic terror is whole hartly and by all means suported by Trump and the DemoCrauts, back to Obamalama the Lord of Piss and Drones, they dont want to talk about that, nope, instead they whine about Iran.

But do you really know what Russians is doing, do you, really. I give you one name and one link. The sole reason for the betrayal of Russia and Putin and the Goatf…. from Siberia, the RUFs head basket case, is all about ISISrael. I will not elobrate this further but say this. Do the name Yevgeny Satanovky ( that name is real, hehe hell yeah, sounds like another Russian hero, Kaganowitch) tell you anything, huh. And what eh….. christian eh…. Russians thinks about ISISrael, the farse is comeplet. http://www.ng.ru/vision/2019-05-31/100_jerus.html Never ever trust the Russians, and this is also the reason I know Russia will die, wacked from within, by week souls and corrupted creeps, bigots and liars, in an sense, when we know they lie about everything, like the western scums, it will come back Ivan and bite your ass off. I dont do this because of hate, I do this because I know an war is coming, and Iran will be attacked its the last country on their list, 7 countrys on 5 years and counting. Turks and Kurds, the same people as the Khazars, an eh….. indo-european(bollocks) people. And I even managed to read over at Uns Rew, people claiming Europa have no history, no ethinc people, and they only show me, since we are all blacks, incl the Inuits, the Chines, the Incas, to Maori, yup we are all blacks, hehe, pity, I liked Uns,Rew, but they use the standard HasbaRats tech, by been provocative, and gives the impression of speaking the truth (ww2) but now when that is gone they have resorted to go back to the original plan, fake history, and you can take this insane nonsense about 10 tribes and stuff it up where the sun dont shine.

Uns Rew threw me out in an hart beat because of just that, our history. I dont go further this time, but the history faking is spun into overdirve and UR is one of this places. I never ever trust an Jew, ex or not, an Jew is an Jew, period. And they run Putin and Russia.


Loung Kodak


Time will tell…

But my two cents is that: you probably wants to talk about neo-z!on!sts in this moment in time, because overall, neo-z!on!sts (aka Israel) remain a too big target for Russia.


Astrid Watanabe

You are not reasonable about the Russians. They have their problems, and are learning, like all of us. Just yesterday I read in en.farsnews.com/ “Moscow, Ankara Stop Talks amid Turkeys support for Terrorists….” Moscow warns Ankara to stop military support for terrorists in Idlib….. They even threatened to give military support to the Kurds if Turkey continues to support the terrorists. Looks like finally the Russians had it with the Turks and will no longer “please Erdogan” as they complain here. I was glad to read this. Have not seen this note anywhere else than on farsnews, and today I cannot even get it on my obsolete computer.

Loung Kodak

Something about what you said themoscowtimes.com/2019/05/31/russia-says-its-turkeys-duty-to-stop-fighting-in-syrias-idlib-a65830 and this basnews.com/index.php/en/news/middle-east/525726

Astrid Watanabe

Thanks. That’s funny that the Iraqi Kurds report this, but the Syrian Kurds say nothing about this. They probably could not accept support from the Russians because it would endanger their support from the US. The Iraqi Kurds advised them to stick with Assad, but unfortunately they did not listen.

Loung Kodak

Yes, nothing is sure with them. My two cents: The US doesn’t care as mich what should happen to civilians, since they deliberately provoked all these proxy wars to cause as many casualties as possible (sophisticated psy op. to make Arabs in situation that they will kill each other). They don’t care about democracy no more (but oil and weapons business) since they are obviously dealing with Saudi Arabia, (which is the worst regime on this aspect), in fact. They also underestimate the ability of Syrian Kurds to reconcile. The mere fact that the SAA liberate Idlib will push the Kurds to conclude this deal, because the Kurds are divided on this issue and they don’t form a majority in the whole North, and afaik the US let SAA doing it. And at the same time, whe have to considere this question: where will the Islamists should go after fleeing Idlib? If they couldn’t go to Turkey, where could they go? If not going to northeast, the place occupied by Kurds? So between the two options (fighting terror!sts fundamentalists or Turkish forces), Kurds will probably choose to reconcile, because to date they don’t fight SAA (except few clashes) right?

Xoli Xoli

Just cancel S-400 deal with Erdogan and join USA in Arming Kurds.


You weaponising groups in the region. We are against revolutioners, rebels, militants and freedom fighters whose mission is to divide Syria, Iraq and Turkey.


All of these regime change terror groups have the same paymasters and are work for the same Jew world order objectives.


If Turkey, Syria and Saudi, Iran become allies then America, NATO and Israel game over.

Turkey, Syria and Saudi, Yemen fight for third party, I mean CIA. They fuel this war while Turkey and Saudi will not get any benefit.

Icarus Tanović

If turkey,,and especially Saudiya gets leveled thats even better. Way better, they have to pay.

Brother Ma

I agree ,turn Saudia into a field of glass.


The goalie couldn’t stop this last shot!


Or more like he did stop it!

Tommy Jensen

He is finished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfP8lVfbg5w


Yours has to be the Southfront Statement of the Month. Brilliant and so very true :)

Loung Kodak

Hi folks!

It makes us want to vomit isn’t it?

I naively thought that at first there might have been “real moderates”, but nope. Not even that. It’s amazing how much we’ve all been manipulated, fooled by mass media! It’s traumatic.

Icarus Tanović

I’m sorry, but you really figure it out quite late. From the first moment on, these so called Arab springs seem like good piece of lie to all us.

Astrid Watanabe

Better late than never. Americans are subject to the daily brainwash by TV and mainstream newspapers. People are busy with their daily hassles and work. I cannot talk with anyone I know about this, they just think I am nuts. Anybody who can figure this out is to be appreciated.

Loung Kodak

For real, I understood first of all when the Secretary of State (under the Obama presidency) revealed certain contradictory elements, such as the involvement of FB. and also daily executions by drones, which resulted in 95% of co-lateral victims. So I understood 1) something huge happened and 2) it that wasn’t spontaneous and so on. But the point that was not clear, was the source of the very first movement, I found that, back in the days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THdMj0-LmRw footage which made people believe that real moderates had existed. But in the end, nope. Because I missed that information.

Astrid Watanabe

Hi yourself, and thanks for commenting here.

Tudor Miron

There’s no “moderates” or “rebels” in Syria. There are irregular armed forces of UK/US/Israel – simple as that.


Well done breaking through the fog and the crap!

Loung Kodak

Thank you Dude!


Welcome to the ever increasing membership of the ‘ Enlightened ‘, Loung:)


This isn’t news…. terrorists are the primary allies of the US used for coups (especially in Syria, albeit it would like to provide transportation for them into the Caucuses and Russia, then again those unmarked helicopter rides for terrorists to the border of Afghanistan….. hmmmmm). If anyone has a doubt about that, just look at the other terrorist entities it values highly, i.e. the terrorist states of Israel & Saudi Arabia.

Icarus Tanović

They back in Obama days knew it all, they haven’t been tricked by this and many, many millions of other wahhabi scum. America knows very well what is doing. This will last for some more, but they, and I mean America+Israel are about to face theirs defeat. This demonism must and will be stopped.

Davy de Verteuil

Shows that he was working for the Devils in Tel Aviv Langley and London-Buckingham. Sick perfidious criminals dare represent Islam and our humanity. May he go directly to Hell

Rhodium 10

He was killed by a guide bomb and the Russian pilot shouted…GOALLLLLL


Lol. That made me chuckle.


Hmm… Jaish al-Izza… “Jaish” means army, doesn’t it? I’m sure Izza means something specific, but I can’t help thinking Izzrael. ;)


I wonder what the relatives of Western hostages who were murdered in this region think of this, if they even know about it. Our governments are helping the spread of radical Islam, they are actively engaged in sowing the seeds of chaos, death and destruction.

Tommy Jensen

How did it got so far in only a few years? US and Europe in concerted praising of psychopats.

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