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Caitlin Johnstone: “Conventional Politicians Are Infinitely Weirder Than Marianne Williamson”

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

Night one of the CNN Democratic debates has come and gone, and if you missed it you didn’t miss much. Basically the entire thing can be summed up as Jake Tapper asking the progressives on stage, “So explain why Americans would vote for your policies when we here at CNN have been telling them for years that they’re not allowed to support those policies?” Then for balance they ask one of the boring centrist candidates to explain why Bernie Sanders is crazy. Repeat for two and a half hours.

Caitlin Johnstone: "Conventional Politicians Are Infinitely Weirder Than Marianne Williamson"

Disrupting the monotony was Marianne Williamson, who once again was the  following the debate. She raised eyebrows by using the phrase “dark psychic forces” to describe Trump’s demagoguery,  many ironically ironic tweets from ironically ironic people eager to make fun of how weird and ridiculous this self-help guru woman is.

Which to me is a bit odd seeing as the people she’s being compared to are status quo politicians, who are some of the most freakishly insane creatures on this planet.

I am not a fan of Marianne Williamson, nor of anyone else in this primary race for that matter. But the candidates who push against the status quo in some way do tend to highlight various aspects of the oppression machine in ways I find interesting, and the reaction to Williamson is certainly no exception.

I mean, this same debate  saying that “assault weapons, things like what I carried overseas in uniform… have no business in American neighborhoods in peacetime, let alone anywhere near a school.” In other words, such weapons don’t belong in America, they belong overseas murdering foreigners for crude oil and Raytheon profit margins.This argument is becoming more and more common in America’s gun control debate, and the only reason people don’t shout and shudder in revulsion upon hearing it is because the propagandists of the political/media class have normalized military mass murder in mainstream American consciousness to such a severe extent.

This same debate also saw former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper  that US troops should remain in Afghanistan for “humanitarian” reasons and to protect “the condition of women”, apparently in an attempt to court the key voting demographic of people who have been sealed in a soundproof time capsule since 2001. He literally said “Look at the progress that’s happened in that country.” With his literal face hole.

This same debate also saw Montana Governor Steve Bullock  of keeping a nuclear first strike policy on the table for the United States. This man sincerely argued that it is good and right for the United States to be prepared to use nuclear weapons even when not attacked with nuclear force, and for other nuclear-armed nations to see this and know this. This is clearly an omnicidal, psychopathic position which threatens every organism on our planet, but today everyone’s talking about Marianne Williamson and energy crystals.

These people are freaks. If someone  where humanity is healthy, the least of their concerns on that stage would be the lady talking about love and slavery reparations.

If people could really see what’s happening in their nation and their world with fresh eyes, they’d scream in horror. But that’s the exact status quo that all these sane, normal, serious politicians have dedicated their lives to upholding. One where people are deliberately kept poor by a plutocratic class which understands that money is power and power is relative. One where the most powerful military force in history circles the globe and wages endless wars upon disobedient populations. One where we rip apart the flesh of our planet and dump poison into our air and our water in facilitation of a new mass extinction event which will someday claim our own species if not reversed. One where we point weapons at each other that can wipe out cities, cover the earth’s surface in nuclear radiation, and fill the sky with black soot blocking out the sun for decades, and we play with escalations toward the deployment of such weapons like it’s a game.

The only reason any of this seems normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized it. The only reason the politicians who help support this system seem normal to anyone is because the propagandists have normalized them. Without the filter of propaganda warping our sense of reality, we’d see these depraved monsters for what they really are.

If all of humanity suddenly took sane pills today, we wouldn’t be mocking some longshot Democratic candidate for saying things in a slightly different way than we’re used to hearing them. We’d be mocking the people who’ve been propping up this ridiculous, insane way of being, and we’d be throwing them all out on their asses. And we’d be enraged that it took us this long to do so.

Seasoned career politicians are infinitely more ridiculous, crazy, risible and undignified than Marianne Williamson, because the power structures and agendas they uphold are so transparently bat shit insane. That doesn’t mean Williamson is special, it means they are freaks. And if we ever get sane, we’ll immediately see them as such.

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AM Hants

Remember the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and how one story dominated events for the next three years. Plus, it is still going strong. How did it all start? Wasn’t it courtesy of Clinton and the Dems, with a mega hand from others. Just not the nation, who got the blame.

Texts Between British, US Intel Officials Reveal UK Link in Whipping Up Russiagate Hysteria – Report… https://sputniknews.com/world/201907311076418319-texts-between-british-us-intel-officials-reveal-uk-link-in-whipping-up-russiagate-hysteria–report/

AM Hants

Secret texts cast light on UK’s early role in Trump-Russia inquiry Senior MI5 and FBI officials shared concerns about ‘our strange situation’ in 2016… https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/30/secret-texts-cast-light-uk-early-role-trump-russia-inquiry

Tommy Jensen

The Russia gate was just one out of many constant fake campaigns during Obama and Democrats Presidency even ever since 9/11.white helmets, chemical attacks, Iraq wmd, Gaddafi dictator, ME spring revolutions, gay marriage, gender rights, green sustainable revolution, etc.

I think they got so used to outright fake lies, by seeing how easy it is to make the mass propaganda massive and bulldoze all resistance away.

However, a MSM lie campaign can survive some years but get exhausted in the public, and has to be renewed at least every new generation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/765ab2a818abd5bd447a6be9006193870f6a672283b2bcb9287186b6aa67ef82.jpg

Luke Hemmming

Right on brother…right on. Hesr hear.?

Luke Hemmming

And talking about white helmets i read a piece on NEO about how the Wahabbist Helmets have all but gone. Their usefulness (more like uselessness) as a propaganda outfit used by the USA and UK to demonize Assad has expired. Too many people saw through the charade. Now apparently they are sitting in limbo in Jordan awaiting relocation to Canada as promised BUT it seems Canada has had second thoughts about allowing these people into the country, and rightly so. Lol couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of mongrels if you asked me.


Good point, AM. The law of Unintended Consequences is a harsh law indeed :)

The US and UK spooks have been caught out by the ever increasing speed of political events driven by an increasingly connected world.

The mature still live in the 20th century and the millennial spooks live in virtual reality games.


The law of unintended consequences is another word for stupidity!

AM Hants

The mature spooks still live in the 20th century and the millennial spooks live in virtual reality games.

Love that line and so true. Even the US State Department admitted it.

MH17 – relying on social media for facts.

I wonder why they have outsourced 80% of their intelligence to the private sector, which is so reliant on social media. Not just the US, but, as you state Uk 21st century spooks.

State Dept’s Harf: “Evidence” Blaming Pro-Russian Separatists For MH17 Based on “Social Media”… https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2014/07/22/state_depts_harf_evidence_blaming_pro-russian_separatists_for_mh17_based_on_social_media.html

The Private Contractors Using Vault 7 Tools for US Gov: Testimony Shows US Intel Needs a Ground-Up Rebuild Part 1… https://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Private-Contractors-Us-by-George-Eliason-Hackers_Intelligence_Intelligence-Agencies_Websites-170331-791.html


One angle to consider is that the digital ‘narrative of the day’ in the 21st century is no different really to the religious narratives from the pulpit or the royal narratives from the town criers of old. The intent of all narratives are to control the thoughts of the populace in order to harness the rank and file for conflict of some kind.

To promote a narrative , it is is necessary to have brainwashed or corrupted story tellers, and in todays world it’s those who are adept on manipulating via a computer.

An unintended consequence ( perhaps) of the UK military’s intent to employ such quasi zealots and charlatans in disinformation and digital sabotage interference operations against the Home Front and foreign adversaries, will be a pool of past employees who have honed their war skills that can easily be utilised to engage in un-sanctioned state crimes at home and abroad.

Such people will not be trained in the traditional ‘lobotomy method’ of all armies, as the UK military cannot create a hackers brain. The UK military has already stated that such recruits with digital talent will not have to conform to current physical requirements etc, etc.

A Pandoras box is about to be opened I think.

AM Hants

Cannot wait for the Pandoras Box to be opened.

Not sure what is happening with the UK Military, since Common Purpose took control

Since when did you send ‘Military Orders’ to your sailors, to keep off the ketamine?

They seem more focused, on professionalism, when attending ‘Pride Parades’ than ketamine abuse on balistic deterrent submarines. Now what on earth could go wrong?

Royal Navy pleads with sailors to stop taking ketamine amid fears that the Class B drug is rife among junior naval personnel on ships and submarines Navy chiefs issued an official notice warning the drug will not be tolerated The hypnotic, also used as horse tranquilliser, is banned under military law A number of submariners failed compulsory drug tests on nuclear submarines The Ministry of Defence said the warning was issued as part of daily orders… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7318043/Royal-Navy-pleads-sailors-stop-taking-ketamine-amid-fears-Class-B-drug-rife.html

Nine British servicemen removed from HMS Vigilant after testing positive for cocaine… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/27/nine-british-servicemen-removed-hms-vigilant-testing-positive/

Royal Navy submarine commander removed over claim of ‘inappropriate relationship’ with female officer… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/02/royal-navy-submarine-commander-removed-claim-inappropriate-relationship/



Even a TV advert for the Online Estate Agent , Purple Bricks, are part of the Common Purpose nonsense now. It portrays a White man and his African partner who are extolling the benefits of Purple Bricks. Both of them are effing puppets :)

A pal sent me this :- ‘Just watched the film Dunkirk, but the lack of a black disabled transgender Muslim really ruined it for me’.

I was in fits of laughter :)

AM Hants

Love the Dunkirk comment.

Purple Bricks, for some reason, anything with Purple in the title, makes me think of the Clinton Foundation. I have no idea why, but, believe it was Soros trying to create the ‘Purple Revolution’ over in the US, using BLM and Anti-fa. First thought, with regards ‘purple’ is how they complement the Government Rainbow Policy haha.


Yes, The Dunkirk comment is sadly the way we are all browbeaten to think in these times of neo-liberal intolerance .

As for Purple:-

“Purple is a black sheep. The disowned child of red and blue, it is neither warm nor cold. And although it reminds us of some of the world’s beautiful flowers, the jury is MOST CERTAINLY out on this one.

In western culture, purple is a symbol of both dignity and jealousy, deceit and sadness. Quite a range of emotions. In the 16th century it was the official colour of grieving (or sadness). Even earlier, around 1200, Pope Innocent II made it the official colour of repentance (hence the deceit – because everyone knows that those who must repent are deceitful”.

I am away again tomorrow for a few days of politically incorrect ‘behaviour’, AM.

AM Hants

Enjoy your time out.

I must admit I am laughing, owing to getting bored with hair colour and have had very vibrant ‘purple hair’ for a few months. My son is horrified and suggests that I look like a granny on acid. However, I am more than comfortable with it, so will keep it this colour for a while longer.

Interesting what you have to say about the colour, owing to my personality being seriously eclectic, which appears to fit in with the colour purple. Ironically, never been a purple person, prior to this year. Think I prefer the dignified purple, to the deceitful purple, name by a Pope haha.


Purple hair is better than Blue Rinse any day. :) I have a 50% head of grey hair.

AM Hants

That is why I have gone purple. It beats a blue rinse, shampoo and set, with twin set and pearls, haha. It is seriously short as well, so when the grey comes through, it blends in quite well, owing to the colour fading. Then just get it redone, vibrant purple. I am ambivalent to it, but, surprised when out and about and get some nice comments from strangers, as I wonder what medication they are on. Just my son that is horrified by it.

AM Hants

Just went to check out ‘Purple’, bearing in mind I have spent my lifetime being what could be conceived, colourwise, as ‘red’. You would always find me wearing red or black and there would be some form of glitter in the mix.

Guess I must be calming down haha.

‘…Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic…’


I came across this web page that puts the UK child abuse by the ‘Great and the Good’ into a 20th and 21st century context of utter depravity.

I recall some of it from the late 60’s, yet the cesspool of paedophiles encompassed all facets of high society, and even those who were not abusers were able and often willing to ‘leverage’ their knowledge.

When the establishment has total control over all the institutions of government, there can be no real justice for the abused.


It’s an excellent reference in my opinion. When I Google a censored topic now, I star reading from the lower search results, as the higher ones all tend to be sanitised neo-liberal half truths.

We need a large dose of Red and Black shirted activists to purge high society I think. With a wee bit of sparkle as well :)

Afterall, todays High Society are generally descendants of violent parasites and their hangers on.

AM Hants

I was in Stoke Mandeville for 3 weeks, and just turned 13, when Saville was raising funds for the hospital. Funnily enough, they put me on an adult ward, despite my age and I asked a nurse if I could meet him, and she told me to stear clear of him. Not a nice man, or something similar, she said.

Our local train line used to run into Euston and I was at some boring family party and watching TV, whilst in my early teens. ‘Johny Come Home’, a superb documentary was on and featured ‘The Bishop’, who ended up going down with Sidney Cook and the others involved in the Snuff Videos. He was picking up homeless kids at Euston, for him and his mates to abuse. You know when you watch something horrific, but, you cannot walk away from it? The documentary has stayed with me for life. Together with the fact that my goddaughter came to stay with me, back in the early 90s, with her young cousin (both in their teens at the time and the cousin knew Jason Burke, who was one of the young boys, who was sacrificed to a snuff video, thanks to those monsters. Who got less then if they had not paid their TV licence fee. Sick b * s t a r d s, together with their high profile, political mates.


You could have been prime meat for Saville and friends. When you were of an age to understand the implications , it must have sent s shiver down your spine.

Sydney Cook was a rat like figure , if my memory is correct.

I had a surreal conversation this weekend with my friends at a show. Someone told me tht Epstein was deadby suicide. I said that he was on a secure wing and in a single cell after the corrupt cop killer who shared his cell had left him for dead after his assault on Epstein a few a few weeks ago. I surmised that it was ‘highly likely’ that Epstein was put in a cell with a lifer serving 45 years minimum in order for a assassination attempt to be made. The payoff being better conditions for the dirty cop.

The secure wing has a routine 24 hr ‘suicide watch’, and it begs the question, Why was the suicide not prevented, why were there any materials in the cell that could have been utilised for suicide. A paper suit in a warm cell is all that Epstein should have had until after his trial etc, due to his death being an early Christmas present for all those involved with the paedophile ring. Was it a planned ‘assassination ‘?

My friends wife , who is educated , is like a dog with a bone in situations that directly affect her. Yet she said she was glad he was dead as it ends the episode. I said what about all the great and the good that are implicated and the 200 plus on CD’s that have been found that recode the abuse. Surely they should be tried in open court. She said that is just a conspiracy theory. I said ‘If people can be bought to justice, it would have been easier with Epstein alive to testify and surely would be a just outcome.

I then said that she cannot be selective just because it’s too uncomfortable to accept that depraved cults of the rich and powerful have always been part of societies, including ours.

She then said, that she did not want to think about it :)

AM Hants

With regards people turning the other way, because they do not like the story, your friend’s wife is not the only one.

My mother is heavily devoted to her Catholic faith. She was so excited, with regards one of the priests, who funnily enough ran a boys club, for over 10 year olds. Fortunately, I had moved up North and my two sons, were out of the parish, and out of his reach. Well, mother was so shocked, when the Priest had to face a jury and he had the script all written, for the parishioners. She actually collects telegrams from the Pope of the day, whenever she has something to celebrate. Remember buying her for a laugh, a ‘Pope on a Rope’ soap, to keep her happy. Anyway, when this Priest was sent down, she never mentioned his name again and completely ignored the crime, or the fact she wanted to gift her grandsons to him, all in the name of religion. Most people are born with spines, you would associate with an amoeba and can no longer surprise me.

Saville, I remember reading a Sunday article, where he was interviewed, around the time I was in Stoke Mandeville and he was bragging about his contacts and how nasty he was. Did not find it strange, as the man was seriously weird. Gold medalions, extra large cigars and those awful tracksuits. Plus, didn’t he love his Rolls and mother? Say no more about the mother and how long he spent with her dead body.

For some reason, whenever I hear the name Podesta, or images of them, my first thoughts go to Saville and friends.

I have just been reading the 2nd part of the Whitney Webb, story on Epstein. Seriously weird, as it brings back so many memories, together with the 1st part.

Where I lived, the Rothschilds owned the land and it was part of the Rothschild Estate. They refused to have the train station in the small, market town, so it was built out close to the village of Aldbury. Which is where Victor Lownes, ran the Playboy Country Club. Every year he would have the annual summer party, and I would spend Sunday Mornings, catching up on the gossip, in the News of the World. Funnily enough, the local Catholic Priest, would get an invite and of course he was good friends of my mum. Never forget him turning up in Stoke Mandeville, the same day as the hospital priest and I was convinced it was to give me the ‘Last Rights’, despite the fact I was on the mend haha. Anyway, you would have the likes of Imrhan Khan, who has just had a visit from Donald and now things have kicked off in Kashmir, at the parties, together with Keith Moon, driving his car of the day, into the swimming pool. Anyway, owing to spending my early teenage years, reading Harold Robbins and Jacqueline Susann, I loved the stories relating to Studio 54, the Playboy Club (and I used to go there in the late 80s, when it was part of the Dorchester) and tales of Hugh Hefner and Victor Lownes. Anyway, I am rabbiting away, full of waffle, but, so found the Whiteny Webb articles interesting, owing to who was involved at the time, plus, the timeframe.

Together with how the little market town I grew up in, has links to so much history, including George Washington’s grandfather coming from Tring. How it all relates to what interests me today, as much as back in the 70s.

AM Hants

With regards Saville, it never bothered me, when I thought about it. Funnily enough, I remember, reading of a 13 year old girl, over in Switzerland, who was pregnant with triplets, when I was in Stoke Mandeville. That filled me with horror.

What did concern me, was watching ‘Johny Go Home’ and the evil Bishop. Following parts of the story, from then till now. How they and Saville, got away with so much and the poor kids that were used, abused and thrown out. Together with the abuse, that went on in the Council Run Children’s Homes. Just hope, before I die, that all involved, then, now and in the future find karma is waiting for them, in the worst possible way. Including for the masses to finally understand and know, what they have all been upto.


Its frustrating though that all too many people are unable to see what is going on in plain sight in a display of cognitive dissonance.

AM Hants

What gets me, is when they find out, they just ignore the facts and pretend the situation/person never existed. Moving forward, learning nothing, but, following the same way of thinking, as they complete ignore it ever happened.


That’s also what my friends wife does , and she is 69. :)

She is a control freak though.

AM Hants

Just like a relative of mine, with narcistic personality, including passive aggression and emotional manipulation thrown in. Poor loves.


Her horse has had a foal and she gets up at 6 when her husband does to feed the horses. This is so that the foal is fed by her, and in her mind it bonds with her. Its madness, especially as she will not be able to ride it due to a long term serious injury last year

AM Hants

Poor love and I bet she has no understanding of the comedy value she provides?


These publications are always right, it’s just that today they are more right than yesterday! ;)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

they never will. they need to keep their narrative going,. CNN is the most watched news channel in public toilets across america XD


A lot of people share the author’s view. I know that I do. The question is what to do about it. Trump got in office because he said pretty much the same thing. And then delivered 90% Israel first and 10% America First. If that much, when you consider how anti America First that Israel first is.

Outlawing Judaism worldwide. And dejudifying the US, Palestine and the planet. Would go a long ways towards correcting a lot of these problems that Jews are the primary causal factor of. Like the US forever war and Yinon plan regional perpetual turmoil.

Tommy Jensen

Richard, outlawing Judaism has been done and tried since 167 bc. Destroying the Jewish mono religious faith has been tried since 587 bc. So you just continue a 2606 year stupidity pattern that has proved impossible.


People said the same thing about slavery. Half of the planet is Jew free. The other half needs to be.


Everyone knows that you shill for the blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cultists.


I love love looove Marianne.


Bernie Sanders is crazy, all american politicians are.

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