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C. J. Hopkins: “The Disinformationists”

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Written by C. J. Hopkins; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

So, the election-meddling Putin-Nazi disinformationists are at it again! Oh yes, while Americans have been distracted by Russiagate, Obstructiongate, Redactiongate, or whatever it’s being called at this point, here in Europe, we are purportedly being bombarded with Russian “disinformation” aimed at fomenting confusion and chaos in advance of the upcoming EU elections, which are due to take place in less than two weeks.

C. J. Hopkins: "The Disinformationists"

The New York Times reports that an entire “constellation” of social media accounts “linked to Russia and far-right groups” is disseminating extremist “disinformation,” “encouraging discord,” and “amplifying distrust in the centrist parties that have governed for decades.” These accounts share some of the same “digital fingerprints,” and are engaging in “tactics” similar to the “tactics used in previous Russian attacks,” notably the Kremlin’s notorious mass-brainwashing of millions of defenseless African Americans with those deceptive anti-masturbation memes during the 2016 elections.

Now, this is not just a bunch of nonsense dressed up with authoritative-sounding lingo. No, The Times spoke to “analysts” and “advocacy groups,” which informed them that certain websites in Italy “share the same signatures” as certain other websites sharing certain “pro-Kremlin views.” Moreover, two “political groups” in Germany used the same Internet service providers as those “Russian hackers” who attacked our democracy by stealing those Democratic Party emails that transformed Americans overnight into a nation of Trump-loving white supremacists!

That hasn’t happened here in Europe yet, but I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out against this relentless onslaught. According to an “analysis” concocted by some cloud-based cybersecurity firm and authoritatively cited by Politico, at this point, “more than half of Europeans might have seen some form of disinformation” spread by “Russians” on social media. They might have been exposed to “extremist views” and “amplified content” possibly produced by the far-right Alternative for Germany party, and even (God help them!) supporters of Brexit.

SafeGuard Cyber (the cybersecurity firm in question, which offers “digital risk protection and empowers businesses to embrace new technologies,” or whatever mumbo jumbo it says on their website) identified, and is now presumably surveilling on a more or less around the clock basis, “a vast network of automated social media accounts allegedly controlled by Russian actors” which is spreading this “amplified extremist content.”

Although Politico “was unable to independently verify” whether the social media accounts the SafeGuard Cyber analysis “identified” (and used to generate a meaningless graph) were in any way actually linked to Russia, and although SafeGuard Cyber would not provide Politico with a list of the users it assured Politico were “linked to Russia,” SafeGuard Cyber’s CTO informed Politico that his team of experts had used “more than 50 identifiers,” among them, the location from which the messages were sent and “activity linked to Russian interests,” to identify these “Russian actors” who are exposing innocent Europeans and expatriate Americans like myself to Lord knows what kind of jargon-laden, dangerously amplified, extremist content in order to disinform and confuse us.

And it’s not just the upcoming EU elections that the Putin-Nazi disinformationists are targeting. An outfit called Global Security Review, which “publishes objective, solutions-oriented insight into geopolitical issues” which can be authoritatively referenced by the corporate media to lend whatever story they are pushing an air of credibility, warn that Russia is conducting a campaign to “overwhelm democracies” with disinformation! According to the experts at GSR, Putin-Nazi disinformationists working for Russia Today and Sputnik brainwashed the citizens of Catalonia into voting for their independence from Spain with a network of bots (or “zombie accounts”). In France, they brainwashed the Gilets Jaunes protesters into attacking the windows of upscale stores and setting fire to luxury vehicles by “magnifying the brutality of the French police,” who have been doing their utmost to show restraint as they shoot people’s eyes out with rubber bullets and indiscriminately tear-gas the hell out of everyone.

And then there’s the evil Russian spywhale, which the disinformationists want us to believe is just a harmless “therapy Beluga” for kids, but which has clearly been strapped with some sort of monstrous, mind-controlling apparatus that enables the Kremlin to remotely implant a host of dangerous “populist” ideas in the brains of defenseless Norwegian fishermen, weaponizing them into a horde of neo-Odinist Viking berserkers who will scream down out of Scandinavia and storm the EU Parliament in Brussels smelling of akvavit and fermented shark.

These Putin-Nazi disinformationists are not to be confused with the corporate media, or other sources of real information, like SafeGuard Cyber, Global Security Review, Bellingcat, Integrity Initiative, The Atlantic Council, E.U. East StratCom Task Force, Foreign Policy Research Institute, and countless other companies, foundations, think tanks, and intelligence agency fronts. These are legitimate information providers, who would never try to disinform the public to serve any sort of corporatist agenda, or to generate any kind of mass hysteria over “terrorists,” “Russians,” “fascists,” or “populists.”

OK, granted, these sources are not perfect, but it’s not like they intentionally lied about those non-existent WMDs in Iraq, or those babies that weren’t yanked out of their incubators, or those nerve gas canisters that Assad didn’t drop, or when Russia didn’t hack the Vermont power grid, or attack us with crickets, or hack into CSPAN, or “collude” with Trump via a secret server, or when Manafort didn’t meet with Assange, or when Corbyn didn’t lay a wreath for terrorists, and all the other things that didn’t happen … no, they just got their stories “wrong,” over and over, and over again.

Plus, what motive would they possibly have, these enormous corporate media conglomerates, and the transnational corporations that own them, and these intelligence agencies, and their fronts and cutouts, and corporate lobbyists and PR firms, and councils, and think tanks, and research institutes, to disinform the Western masses, or to manufacture an official narrative that allows them to systematically stigmatize, marginalize, criminalize, deplatform, demonetize, and otherwise eliminate any type of speech they deem to be “Russian disinformation,” or “extremist content,” or a “conspiracy theory,” or simply too “dangerous,” “divisive,” or “confusing” to circulate among the general public?

No … see? That makes no sense. That’s just an example of the type of fascist disinformation these Putin-Nazi disinformationists are trying to spread to confuse us to the point where we can’t even concentrate long enough to think anymore, or parse the meaningless jargon-laden nonsense they’re trying to deceive us with, and just devolve into these Pavlovian imbeciles conditioned to respond to specific trigger words, like “extremist,” “terrorist,” “fascist,” “populist,” “anti-Semitic,” “Russians,” “hackers,” and whatever other emotional stimuli we are being trained to instantly recognize and robotically react to like circus animals.

Or … I don’t know, maybe it isn’t. I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say. Probably they’ve already got to me. I’d better get back down into my anti-disinformation bunker, pull up The Guardian, or The Washington Post, or Der Spiegel on my child-proof computer, and immerse myself in some objective journalism, before the Putin-Nazi spywhale makes its way up the Landwehrkanal, takes control of what’s left of my mind, and forces me into going out and trying to vote for Hitler or something.

I recommend you do the same, and I’ll see you when this nightmare over.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant Paperbacks. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org.

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Valerianus Maximus

Great satirical article. Makes me despise Big Brother and his MiniTrue all the more.

The word ‘nazi’ is a reference to the Ashkenazi-Jewish people. Disinformationalist Jews distributed propaganda that ‘nazi’ was a reference to the actual indigenous-Suebian tribal peoples fighting to overthrow the colonialist Jewish occupiers. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChahaD7UoAAynxy.jpg

Raptar Driver

This is true, it was other Whites who were not White enough that were the “Untermensch” like Russians, Poles and Serbs.

Harry Smith

Well, Russian were not considered subhumans. Ukrainians were, but not Russians. It’s because Russians have “nordic” blood. So, if you carefully read the plan “OST”, Ukrainians had to be reduced to the slaves, while Russian had to be germanized. And 80% of Poles had to be exterminated.


You really believe that jewish fake history? Well, the communist jews in Soviet Union murdered more ethnic Russians than the Germans in war-time conditions ever did. Did you know that? The Soviets always blamed the Katyn forest massacre on the Germans/SS. In 1997 it was finally admitted that the 5000 Polish officers were massacred by the jewish dominated NKVD! Sholtsenitsyn can’t get his last book translated into English because he tells the truth about who really was murdering Russians. Think about that.

Harry Smith

Plan “OST” is the plan developed by Nazis and describes how had to be managed the territories and population, after the Nazis win the war. I believe nobody, but read the plan. PS After what Poles oficers did to prisoned Red Army soldiers, Katyn is the most human way to punish the bastards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camps_for_Russian_prisoners_and_internees_in_Poland_(1919–24)


You talk of the Poles as sub-human. So you really are a jew, or a pro-jew, as it is amply confirmed that it is jews specifically that have for centuries believed in their own superiority and the inferiority of all other peoples. The way you talk confirms this too – “most human way to punish the bastards”. I feel sorry for you as in your personal hell you obviously don’t share the feeling of common humanity.

Harry Smith

I’m not even thought that anybody can be subhuman. Just saying facts about Hitler’s plan OST, which I read. Should suggest you to read it, but censorship in the Internet is so high now, so even in darknet you won’t find the original. As for Katyn, those people were executed not because they were Poles, but because of their approach to the Red Army POWs 20 years later. They weren’t civilians, but military war criminals. If you will research the subject about Poland-USSR war in 1920s you would have the same point of view as mine. Katyn is just an episode used for inside Poland propaganda. Same way they use Volyn Slaughter, but not even mention about Amiya Krayova, which slaughtered approx 65 000 ethnic Ukrainians as response for UPA actions. It’s up to you. To believe in their propaganda or to start dig the truth. Blue or red pill, Neo? Which one you will choose?


Hitler’s “plan”, if it was true, would be pasted all over the internet because it would fully support the bogus narrative about WW2 that now passes as history. Therefore I have high confidence that it is fake, and that is the reason it is hard to find. As for your examples of revenge killings re Katyn etc., it is just an example of the low life mind-set of a part of humanity, and it is particularly typical of the communist Ashkenazi jews, who dominated NKVD that committed that atrocity, and blamed it on the SS for decades before the truth came to light. Justice or no, it was not the Germans.

Harry Smith

Yep, you got the point! Mass killing revenges were practiced for thousands years before. So I would really believe that world has changed and Russia has to apologize for Katyn, only after Poland will apologize for Red Army POWs mass death and ethnic Ukrainian genocide. All I’m trying to say, that no one is perfectly right and a la guerre comme a la guerre. War’s main purpose is to mass kill people in a most efficient way. Period.

Raptar Driver

Yes they were, read my struggle by the part Jew Hitler.

Harry Smith

Sorry pal. I’ve read the OST plan. Other particular opinions doesn’t matter for me in the case if I have access to the origin. You know, there is a rule: truth is explaining facts and facts are supporting the truth. Let’s say you are right. How then you explain the nazi’s approach to the Dostoyevsky? The main nazi philosoph Nitsche, considered Dostoyevsky genus. Nazis, when occupied Staraya Russa, at the first, restored the Dostoyevsky museum. So if you’re right, that means nazi considered subhumans as genius. That’s oxymoron if you ever read Hitler’s Mein Kampf. So, logically, you’re wrong and the OST plan is true. Jews, Ukrainians, Asians, Caucasians – those were subhumans for nazis. Not Russians or Baltics. Of course, when Hitler started to lose, he reformed his approach, but I think that reform was a temporary stage for nazis. Because Jewish veterans of WWI had no special treatment in the nazi’s concentration camps.

I don’t know what ‘white’ is other then Jewish propaganda. I do know what ethnic-Japethites are. Poles are the same ethnic-Suebian tribe that any German is. Germany published this over and over. Many Russians are also of this tribe. Germany sided with the White-Russians (which is just a political name for traditional Russians against the Zionist-Marxist-government) Germany had an entire Russian division of Russians fighting to free their home lands from the Georgian-Racist-Dictator-Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili.


Raptar Driver

White of course is a misnomer, Caucasians is the proper term. Japheth people are the Mongoloids, and many Germans fought with the Russians, your points are useless distractions.


” Oh yes, while Americans have been distracted by Russiagate, Obstructiongate, Redactiongate, or whatever it’s being called at this point…….”

Don’t forget Nxivm-gate as one of many others that is not listed. It is like watching spinning plates trying to keep up.



lol you right!


The storm is upon us. :-)


:) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f592c4af596d06e9a906fcd12012feb2b112850cd7487d7ef0f2f60d48ad7b2f.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f71cd3b0a6226f13932081ff16b79eb7c10d849bab844bf98f746d9a293ff734.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/19f5a833e4b00e7029e6c655141630169b26f90b4924830395da5be4fb49d831.png

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0838f7627e00b4b15a05bea2decb4b57fe99188879add8282b8bdd721e71ae89.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5dbd7ee546c6e57153bae243a8c89c31e3237ff5ae1d531dac84975570924378.png

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