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C-130 Hercules Military Transport Aircraft Of US-led Coalition Crashed In Iraq (Infographics)

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UPDATE: The US-led coalition confirmed that 4 persons were injured in the incident.


Late on June 8, a C-130 military transport aircraft of the US-led coalition skidded off a runway during the landing at the Camp Taji. The Pentagon confirmed the incident, but did not report casualties. Iraqi sources claimed that 13 people were killed and 8 others were injured during the incident.

Usbat al-Tha’ireen, an Iraqi anti-US armed group that already claimed responsibility for several attacks on the coalition, immediately reacted to the incident by posting the message “With patience, we are victorious”. While it remains highly unlikely that anti of the recently surfaced Iraqi anti-US groups were somehow linked to the incident, they will for sure exploit the situation for their own propaganda purposes.

C-130 Hercules Military Transport Aircraft Of US-led Coalition Crashed In Iraq (Infographics)

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


fayez chergui



Good riddance to bad Zioterrorist rubbish. Wish it had been the Iraqi liberation forces that sabotaged it.

Chinese Dog

Shia assholes will pay a heavy price for this


Shia and Sunni are at home

Ashkenazi Khazar places is Central Asia, US, or the Jewish Autonomous Oblast
(federal subject of Russia in the Russian Far East, bordering Khabarovsk Krai
and Amur Oblast in Russia and Heilongjiang province in China.)

US/UK/NATO and Israhell warmongers thief’s
are unwelcome and tiring, Eurasia didn’t need them !


And who are you to decide where we should be? you little loser.


When spitting in the air,
it’s fall on the face !

Hopefully you will get and swallow all the radiations
you are looking for since to long ! ! !

Syria: Will the Great Middle Eastern War Begin in the Levant?


By Elijah J. Magnier

Global Research, June 08, 2020

Elijah J. Magnier 6 June 2020

Region: Middle East & North Africa

Theme: Intelligence

The world is in turmoil. 2020 has already brought major multiple crises, with the Iranian-American clash in Iraq which followed the US assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, and the COVID-19 health pandemic and economic disaster that struck all continents and stole the lives of over 400 thousand people around the world, costing tens of millions of jobs. None of this, however, prevented America from imposing even more sanctions on Iran, Syria and Venezuela. Iran – already under maximum sanctions since 1979 – sent five tankers to Venezuela to break the embargo on components and spare parts much needed to process the low octane Venezuelan oil. In parallel with America’s implosion due to domestic protests caused by deep-rooted racism and injustice, in the Middle East other fronts are taking shape in the shadows, to prevent war or to trigger a wider military confrontation.

A likely front is the Levant, where preparations are being made to confront Israel and end its continued violations of Syria’s sovereignty and bombardment of hundreds of targets in Syria throughout the years of the war. This particular issue may bring the Middle East into an all-out war; one mistake could turn fatal and drag the region into an all-out clash in which Syria will not be alone.

It is well known that Israel possesses enormous firepower and strong armed forces for land, sea, and air combat, and is better equipped than any other army in the Middle East. It is also known that Israel’s main enemy and nightmare, the Lebanese Hezbollah, possesses sophisticated weapons, armed drones, and land attack long-range all-weather subsonic cruise missiles. Hezbollah also has long-range strategic anti-ship missiles, anti-tank laser-guided missiles, anti-air low and medium altitude missiles, and precision missiles. These are pointed at precise targets over all the Palestinian geography controlled by Israel, including ports, airports, military barracks, infrastructure, ships, oil-rigs and flying helicopters or jets at medium altitude. Thousands of Hezbollah’s Special Operation Forces, al-Ridwan, never lost a battle since their first engagement in Syria.

Israel has never ceased acquiring the most modern military hardware but it has failed to develop its fighting spirit. It has no newly acquired military experience on the battlefield, because the last battle it fought dates back to 2006, which was considered the second war on Lebanon (after the first invasion of 1982) which resulted in failure on many levels. Meanwhile Israel’s enemy, Hezbollah, developed and strengthened its fighting spirit following its participation for many continuous years in a very wide geographical military theatre estimated to be almost 12 times bigger than Lebanon and 60 times wider than the area of combat in which it confronted Israel in the south of Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley.

Hezbollah fought alongside classic (Syrian, Russian, and Iraqi) armies, gaining battlefield experience against armed groups trained and armed by the CIA and other jihadists affiliated with Al Qaeda and ISIS and possessing highly developed combat skills (combined with classical and guerrilla skills) and high spiritual motivation, far more motivated than the Israeli soldiers. These jihadists fought against the American army throughout its occupation of Iraq and Syria and completed their journey fighting against the Iraqi and Syrian armies and against various organisations, which gave them significant combat experience, an aspiration for martyrdom and advanced guerrilla fighting tactics.

However, their defeat by Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies dashed Israel’s hopes, as expressed by defence minister, Moshe Ya’alon, who said that he preferred “the presence of ISIS on Israel’s borders, not Iran and its allies.” Israel attacked Syrian planes, artillery and intelligence capabilities in support of the jihadists, especially in the Quneitra areas where the Khaled bin Walid army that pledged allegiance to ISIS was deployed, and in areas favourable to al-Nusra – al-Qaeda in Daraa and other southern regions.

However, Israel was not satisfied with these attacks. Israeli jets went on to strike Syria in depth in Damascus, Homs, Hama, Al-Qaim, the desert of the Badia, and any area where there are military warehouses and missiles that Iran supplied to Syria in order to support the Syrian army and rearm it with precision missiles.

Israel was able to hit and destroy a large number of these stores. This prompted Iran to change its armament storage policy for the Syrian army. Syria has built strategic warehouses in the mountains and underground in silos, waiting for the appropriate moment to impose a balance of deterrence – in response to hundreds of Israeli raids – a moment that has not yet come. The Syrian priority is still liberation of its still occupied territories, mainly in Afrin, Idlib and surroundings, without excluding the US-occupied oil and gas fields in the north-east of Syria.

In Idlib and its countryside, the Turkish army has established large military bases. Groups of the Hayat Tahrir Sham (formerly al-Nusra) and Ansar al-Din (al-Qaeda and the remains of ISIS) still exist in and around the established Turkish military bases (i.e. Idlib and its countryside).

However, Iran no longer wants to accept Israeli strikes on its warehouses without any response. Iranian advisers (a few hundred) are not free to respond to these attacks because the decision is in the hands of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Assad and his allies are aware that any Iranian response from Syria would most likely drag the US into the battle to support its ally Israel and have an impact in the forthcoming US elections in favour of President Trump. Trump, who suffers from countless problems in managing his foreign and domestic affairs, is far from assured of regaining his seat in the White House for another four-year term.

Hence, Iran has decided – according to private sources – to evacuate the sites of the gatherings of its advisers, not for withdrawal or for redeployment but to find bases within the Syrian Army barracks. Hezbollah has taken over the vacated Iranian buildings. Russia has been informed of the change so that the information would reach Israel, which is coordinating with Moscow and its base in Syria (Hmeimim military airport base, north-western Syria) every time Tel Aviv sends its planes to Syria to hit certain targets. It was agreed between Israel and Russia that Moscow and Hmeimim would be informed of the details of any strike hours before it occurred to avoid accidents, especially after Russia accused Israel of deliberately taking cover behind its planes to mislead the Syrian air defences, downing the Ilyushin-20 and killing 15 Russian officers in September 2018. Russia, in turn, informs the Syrian army and its allies of coming Israeli strikes. Moscow refuses to be involved in the Iran-Syria-Israel conflict. Russia has strategic interests with all belligerents and is not a party to the “axis of resistance”.

Russia has informed Israeli leaders of this move by Iranian advisers and their presence among the Syrian army units. Russia warned Israel not to strike the Syrian army under any circumstance and informed them that the Iranian bases have been handed over to Hezbollah.

It seems obvious that Hezbollah wants to relieve Syria and Iran from the responsibility for a response. Israel is aware that any attack against Hezbollah’s men in Lebanon or Syria would lead to a direct response along the Lebanese borders and inside Palestine. This means that Israel must think carefully before bombing any Hezbollah objective because retaliation will certainly follow, preventing a US-Israeli response against Syria. Hezbollah is offering a new “Rule of Engagement” in Syria which cripples or limit Israel’s freedom to violate Syria’s sovereignty.

Before any airstrike aimed at specific targets in Syria, Israel’s drones make sure these locations are free of Iranian advisers and that the Russian warning reaches those concerned to evacuate human personnel and reduce casualties. Israel follows the same practice when it attacks Hezbollah cars or trucks, warning drivers and passengers in advance. Israel fires a missile, and on the last occasion two missiles, in front of the car or truck so passengers understand to leave it and take a distance to allow Israel a safe-bombing. In this case, Hezbollah’s deterrent response may or may not be required or painful because only material losses are involved.

Israeli minister Naftali Bennett has stated that “Israel would hit one truck and let five other trucks pass”. Israel is looking to avoid further embarrassment from Hezbollah deterrence as happened when Israel tried to send suicide drones into the suburbs of Beirut last year. Hence, it is likely that Israeli strikes on Syria will decrease in number, or Israel will rely on its intelligence information before hitting any Hezbollah target to make sure it is free of any human presence to avoid losses and consequent further humiliation like that imposed on the Israeli army in the past months on the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

Israel is walking through a strategic minefield. The danger for Israel lies in any potential error that might kill Hezbollah members in Syria. Such an outcome would lead to an escalation that may take the Middle Eastern region into a larger and more comprehensive war. The timing will not be to the advantage of Israel and its ally Donald Trump. His presidency is already mired in foreign crises with Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, and also domestically due to Corona pandemic mismanagement plus the consequences of recent riots and racial unrest after the killing of a black American by the police- and in addition the losses of American jobs in numbers exceeding fifty million.

Hezbollah’s new rules of engagement, its advanced armaments and outstanding military experience amount to a significant deterrent. Nevertheless, wars can start by mistake. Will Israel make such a fatal mistake?



““the presence of ISIS on Israel’s borders, not Iran and its allies.” ”

of course he does,. ISIS is Israel and America in drag.

Jim Allen

Plane probably just crashed. It slid off the runway, so it was on the ground.
Iraqi’s have had enough of US “Freedom.” Iraq has brand new allies, y’all woulda’ noticed if ya’ weren’t so busy acting like the Middle East is somehow owned by US Government. Syria, Iran, Iraq have trade, and military alliances with each other. Did y’all know the first Iraqi to stand on Russian soil, is Nouri al-Maliki ? He went to the Kremlin to request a military alliance with Russia. Putin asked him straight out: “Are you here because you want US out ? Yes. He left with a trade alliance, a military alliance and the advice Iraq, and it’s neighbors would look cool with alliances of their own.
Less than a month.
Iran surprised, as it didn’t like Iraq much after it attacked in 1979. An 8 year war followed, Iran eventually prevailed.
Ever since Iraq, and Iran have been like long lost buddies. Trading profusely.
US, right on time with the stupidest move ever, assassinated one of Iran’s top IRGC Generals, and two Iraqi Generals, equally as popular.
This served only to stiffen both countries resolve to put US Government out of their misery. Working closer now than before.
Attacking Libya, murdering Qathafi like that, destroying the the country, killing civilians, and leaving the “Great water transportation project” contaminated with radioactivity using DU munitions. “Freedom” Qathafi stopped the slave traffic, had the highest standard of living in the Middle East. A far, far better leader, and man then the Zionist slime that destroyed the country, left 11,000 US Marine’s guarding the oil, and left. Syria turned out to be more difficult than they thought. Syria had the second highest standard of living in the Middle East. Both Qathafi, and Assad, are better leaders, and better men than any 5 Western leaders. Rate up there with Putin, as quality, and character. In the West the opposite is true. Our beloved Government is determined to kill us.


UK/US politic’s is divide to rule with Genocides to ease Pilfering
on purpose to Blackmail the World
Middle East are all Semites could be easily united !
Israel traditionally Terrorist Leadership from the Khazars Stern Groupe
aren’t Semites, but Central Asia Turco-Mongol from Ukraine and Caspian Sea
The Stern Group Assassinated Prince Folk Bernadotte & probably James Forestal
against Israel doing too big Palestinian spoliation….

Qui a incarcéré puis assassiné James Forrestal, puis l’a fait passer pour fou ?

par JC_Lavau (son site)

vendredi 28 février 2020

Nous sommes si facilement menés par le bout du nez… J’ai cru pendant quarante-trois ans à cette légende croustillante, contée au CNAM par un professeur de prévision technologique : James Forrestal serait jailli de son bureau en criant “Les russes arrivent !”. La légende comporte du reste plusieurs variantes, mais à chaque fois on se sent vachement supérieur, quand on colporte ou reçoit ce genre d’histoire de fou désigné. L’ordre d’incarcérer, d’exécuter Forrestal puis de le faire passer pour fou venait de la Maison Blanche. Depuis, Harry Truman est mort lui aussi, mais remarquez, septante et un ans plus tard, le locataire en titre de la Maison Blanche est à nouveau encadré d’extrêmement près par des gangsters du même gang. Chhhhut !

15 ans avant Kennedy, les sionistes assassinaient James Forrestal


Jim Allen

That’s correct.

Tommy Jensen

Our US Hercules Aircraft hit all its terrorist targets with heavy bombs in a precision strike within 2m, and all US officers returned safely to their homebase without a single scratch and without even sweating.

Robert Ferrin

Hmm post some links to this affair or quit pissing down our leg and telling us its raining.!!!

Tommy Jensen

Four wounded after a stewardess looking like Marilyn Monroe walked by AFTER our Service members got out of the Aircraft. https://www.airforcemag.com/four-injured-when-c-130-overruns-runway-in-iraq/

cechas vodobenikov

delusional CIA disinformation

Assad must stay

I saw someone posted it on facebook they said 17 US died I’m glad I wasn’t on it hahaha


Good News,
il’s a pity it didn’t happened earlier when warmongers Scoundrel’s
were a-provisioning the Zambonaga and Sulu micro bases for terrorism
with the Abu Sayyaf/ISIS/Jemaah Islamiyah… proxies.

They were taking off heavy loaded from Cebu every morning going straight South… !



Political Islam against China

by Thierry Meyssan

You are probably aware that you are incompletely informed about what is brewing in Myanmar, and you probably haven’t heard about the military coalition that is preparing to attack that country. And yet, as Thierry Meyssan reveals here, these current events have been in preparation by Riyadh and Washington since 2013. Don’t take sides before you read this article and digest the information.

cechas vodobenikov

it is well known the the National salvation Army was created and funded by the CIA in order to destabilize Myanmar


For me Salvation Army is Kony in Uganda


Uganda: the hidden agenda behind “Kony 2012” video

by F. William Engdahl

While few would criticize putting indicted Ugandan war criminal Joseph Kony in prison, the motives and timing of the viral video campaign launched by an NGO with an angelic sounding name are less clear. Invisible Children has blurred the line between charity and politics, advocating direct military action. What is clear to this author is that “Kony2012” is ’manipulative propaganda being used to advance an AFRICOM military presence in the richest mineral region in the world’ before China stakes a claim to it. The battle for Africa has only just begun.

From Syria to Burma?

by Thierry Meyssan

The Pentagon is preparing a new war in South East Asia – this time against Myanmar. Till now, the jihadists in Syria, which have the support of several countries that form part of the Middle East, have been waging war between themselves. But now they have a new vision: fighting together with the Pentagon against the Burmese army and the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi.

cechas vodobenikov

the amerikan liars claimed no casualties when Iran sent missiles into their military facilities in Iraq—amerikans are famous for their lying—nobody believes fake amerikans—they r aware that they are fake people—-their fear of death and insecurity is farcical—-unable to fight their own battles they employ hundreds of thousand of mercenaries in private armies—populated by Peruvians, Colombians, Sudanese, etc…..in the most recent military war games, US ranked #35—China, Russia, the 2 best





71% Of Military Age Americans Too Sick To Join, Study Says

71% of Military Age Americans Too Sick to Join, Study Says

By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze

The United States is now facing a security crisis the likes of which it has never faced before. Although we are awaiting the attempts to blame it on them, it’s hard to see how the State Department or the corporate media can pin this on on the Russians.

According to a new study by the Heritage Foundation, nearly 71% of young U.S. citizens are ineligible to serve in the military. To be more specific, out of 34 million people, between the ages of 17 and 24, more than 24 million are unable to join the military. Sixty percent of those ineligible to join are ineligible due to health problems or physical fitness. Around one-third are too obese.

Indeed, 27% of young Americans are “too overweight for military service.”

“The obesity issue is the most troubling because the trend is going in the wrong direction…by 2020 it could be as high as 50%,” said Major General Allen Batschelet, former Commander of U.S. Army Recruiting Command “back in 2015, “which means only two in ten would qualify to join the Army.”

Other common health concerns are hearing and eyesight problems, asthma and mental illness.

The study also shows that a quarter of those unfit for military service, are due to intelligence factors and are unable to complete their high school education and lack a “basic understanding of written and cognitive skills…to complete an organized program.”

The research points out that these individuals are considered unfit despite the fact that the military routinely accepts people who do not complete their high school education and “rarely pass the armed forces qualification test.”

Another 10% were ineligible due to a criminal record.

The national security issue comes to play when one realizes that this stunning commentary on the intellectual, mental and physical health of the United States will lead to a very serious shortage of recruits for the military, meaning that the U.S. military will suffer from a lack of manpower.

All ready, the U.S. Army is having a hard time meeting its 2018 goal of enlisting 80,000 volunteers.

Army Major General Malcolm Frost, Commander of the Army’s Initial Military Training Command, publicly stated in 2017, that “I would argue that the next existential threat that we have… is the inability to man our military.”

One highly important point to mention, is that the southern states, who have traditionally supplied the military with the largest amount of recruits, are experiencing even more concerning health issues than their Northern and Western counterparts.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas are “significantly less fit, and consequently are more likely to encounter training related injuries and recruits from other U.S. states,” according to recent research conducted by the Citadel, the U.S. Army Public Health Center and the American Heart Association.

The southern states mentioned above make up more than 37% of new recruits.

Thus, Americans’ poor health, dropping IQ and mental instability have reached such a proportion that it is now a national security issue.

While there are many other factors at play in regards to national security and the ability to man the military, such as an expansive military presence across the world and a constant state of warfare – America must begin to make drastic changes in its food supply, healthcare and culture unless it wants to do to itself what no outside power is capable of doing.



If 13 U.S soldeirs were killed by that shia group, I expect Iraq to become a living hell for every shia terrorist there, once the Americans get angry it’s a bad idea to mess with them as they will find out. Their first response should be wiping out entite shia villages as a retaliation.

Doom Sternz

Committing war crimes is nothing new to the US regime in the ME. As you well know, after all Zionism is based on committing the supreme international crime……the crime of aggression. This crime of aggression also includes, ethnic cleansing and genocide the murder of woman and children and many, many other egregious outrageous crimes.

Zionism is one long crime against humanity.


We haven’t even showed you “genocide and ethnic cleansing” little clown, when we really decide to do it then your Palis will be thrown to the sea or Jordan. You only see pinpoint strikes that hardly kill anyone, since it’s a political decision led by the traitor Bibi to cooperate with the terrorists. If we are given a greenligt to unleash our true power, then the war would end faster than you think, either in Gaza or Lebanon.

Doom Sternz

I think Hezbollah has already called your bluff and you ran like scared little children……all i see is a sad little boy threatening US violence. Stand up straight and pull ya socks up.

There is nothing to be scared of by your bluster and bugger all else.


“You think”, have you ever been to a war? I have. Everytime before we went in we let the civilians know we enter so they can escape, which army is doing it? I see it as weakness. If it was up to me, I’d carpet bomb the entire Southern Lebanon and burn every village to the groud and show them what is the outcome of shooting rockets. I’d make it very clear to them that if they support Hezbollah they will get the same treatment.

Doom Sternz

Meanwhile back to the real world. Iran called US’s bluff. At least 30 Iranian guided missiles hit Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, home of the United States Air Force and largest base in Iraq. The pentagon now admits 109 casualties, there are many dead.

Trump threatened to murder the PM of Iraq, ordered the Marines to murder protesters and ordered the murder of Soleimani while he was on a peace mission. Crimes don’t get worse than this. The death of the top CIA officer Mike D’Andrea “Prince of Darkness” involved in the US assassination of prominent Iranian General Qassem Soleimani is justice served.

As the Iraqi Prime Minister explained……..After my return from China, Trump called me and asked me to cancel the agreement, so I still refused, and he threatened me with massive demonstrations that would topple me. Indeed, the demonstrations started and then Trump called, threatening to escalate in the event I did not cooperate and do as he asked.

This is what led to the US Attacks on Iraqi Military and PMU Hundreds of Miles from the “Incident” at K1 base. The attack Trump claims to be retaliating against was against an Iraqi base, not an American base, an attack by ISIS where an American oil worker was killed on an Exxon oil facility…where oil has been stolen from Iraq for years. This is Trump escalating the situation in Iraq as he threatened to do.

The base which was attacked housed not just Iraqi regulars but PMF units, who were also attacked, the same units Trump says staged the attack. The attack was using a Romanian built 122mm rocket, that was supplied to ISIS by the US. The BBC admits that the K1 base housed PMF militias who were there to protect K1 from ISIS. Trump used his ISIS proxies to escalate by attacking K1. Trump then bombed PMU forces in northern Iraq who were actually fighting ISIS which then led to the US embassy being attacked, Trump then escalated further by murdering General Qassem Soleimani in the most despicable way possible

The US deployed multiple batteries of Patriot Missiles to the base in May in case of such an attack. America’s air defense ships in the Persian Gulf stood down, no AEGIS or Patriot protection for 5000 US troops stranded in Iraq by Trump’s criminal insanity. With US forces on high alert, and billions of US air defense equipment on site we do not have one video of an incoming missile taken down when ballistic missiles are supposed to be the easiest to intercept.

If Trump retaliated the US troops would of been slaughtered. This is how Iranians saved Iraq from the Western backed terrorists. They put their lives on the line for Iraq and saved the country, that is why Iranians in Iraq are heroes, And that is why Trump murdered these Generals, and ISIS celebrated.


You are another Iranian troll brainwashed propagandist, there is nothing to discuss here. Next.

Doom Sternz

You might want to consider the fate of America currently……because without America Israel will not exist. Israel is a paper tiger and the people are weak and cowardly.


Come here and we will show you how “weak and cowardly” we are, computer hero.

Doom Sternz

There is nothing to be scared of by your bluster and bugger all else. If you had any strength at all you wouldn’t be hiding behind America’s power. I repeat……You might want to consider the fate of America currently because without America Israel will not exist.


Bring it on.

Doom Sternz

I think Syria is in the process of bringing it on and you seem powerless to stop them. All you seem to be capable of is sending your proxies ISIS to do your dirty work. Their is no honour for Israel in any of this.

Despicable people do despicable things.


lol, it’s only in your twisted mind that we need ISIS to wipe the floor with your terrorist friends. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait much longer, 3 more weeks we will see who is scared.

Doom Sternz

And what more war crimes, more ISIS proxies, more ineffective missile strikes, more what exactly? More ethnic cleansing, genocide? Murder a few more woman and children, after all this is all you are capable of.



Doom Sternz

Crimea River………that is what your brothers in arms suffered in Ukraine. The Stepan Bandera fans, you know the Zionist brothers in arms…….the people who faught with the Germans in WW2 and supposedly killed 6 million of you……..yeah Cry Me A River.

History will not treat the Zionist well. You are an abomination on this earth. A nationalist affront to humanity.


The history is history, we are the ones to decide the present and the future here in Israel, not anyone else.

Lone Ranger

Probably small arms fire or RPG.
These turboprops are fairly reliable, it either takes a retard or enemy fire to crash it.

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