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“But They Are Dangerous!” European Leaders Shocked At Trump’s ISIS Ultimatum


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

After President Trump’s provocative tweets on Sunday wherein he urged European countries to “take back” and prosecute some 800 ISIS foreign fighters as US forces withdraw from Syria, or else “we will be forced to release them,” the message has been met with shock, confusion and indifference in Europe. Trump had warned the terrorists could subsequently “permeate Europe”.

Possibly the most pathetic and somewhat ironic response came from Denmark, where a spokesperson for Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said Copenhagen won’t take back Danish Islamic State foreign fighters to stand trial in the country, according to the German Press Agency DPA“We are talking about the most dangerous people in the world. We should not take them back,” the spokesperson stressed, and added that the war in Syria is ongoing, making the US president’s statement premature.

"But They Are Dangerous!" European Leaders Shocked At Trump's ISIS Ultimatum

Image source: Alamy News/BBC

Germany’s response was also interesting, given a government official framed ISIS fighters’ ability to return as a “right”.  A spokeswoman for Germany’s interior ministry said, “In principle, all German citizens and those suspected of having fought for so-called Islamic State have the right to return.” She even added that German ISIS fighters have “consular access” — as if the terrorists would walk right up to some embassy window in Turkey or Beirut!

Noting that the Iraqi government has also of late contacted Germany to transport foreign fighters to their home country for trial, she added, “But in Syria, the German government cannot guarantee legal and consular duties for jailed German citizens due to the armed conflict there.”

France, for its part, has already agreed to repatriate over 130 French Islamic State members as part of a deal reached in January with US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who are holding them, after which they will go through the French legal system. However, French Secretary of State Laurent Nuñez still insisted that the west’s Kurdish allies would never merely let ISIS terrorists walk out their battlefield prisons free.

“It’s the Kurds who hold them and we have every confidence in their ability to keep them,” Nuñez told French broadcaster BFMTV on Sunday. “Anyway, if these individuals return to the national territory, they all have ongoing judicial proceedings, they will all be put on trial, and incarcerated,” he said, in comments which appeared to leave it up to others to make happen.

And representing the Belgian government, Justice Minister Koen Geens charged Trump with blindsiding his European allies with the demand, which included Trump underscoring that it is “time for others to step up and do the job” before it’s too late. “It would have been nice for friendly nations to have these kinds of questions raised through the usual diplomatic channels rather than a tweet in the middle of the night,” Geens said during a broadcast interview on Sunday, according to the AFP.

Meanwhile in the UK the issue has recently become politically explosive as debate over so-called British jihadist bride Shamima Begum continues. The now 19-year old joined Islamic State in 2015 after fleeing the UK when she was just 15. She’s now given birth in a Syrian refugee camp and is demanding safe return to Britain for fear that she and her child could die in the camp, so near the war zone.

Conservatives in Britain, such as Interior Minister Sajid Javid have argued that “dangerous individuals” coming back to the UK from battlefields in the Middle East should be stripped of their British citizenship. He said this option has already been “so far exercises more than 100 times,” otherwise he also advocates prosecution of apprehended returning suspects “regardless of their age and gender.” 

"But They Are Dangerous!" European Leaders Shocked At Trump's ISIS Ultimatum

Identified as French nationals fighting within ISIS’ ranks, via Khaama press news agency

The UN has estimated that in total up to 42,000 foreign fighters traveled to Iraq and Syria to join IS — which appears a very conservative estimate — and which includes about 900 from Germany and 850 from Britain.

SDF leaders have previously complained about the “lack the capacity” for mass incarceration of ISIS terrorists and the inability to have proper battlefield trials for them. Recent estimates have put the number of ISIS militants in US-SDF battlefield jails at over 1000, though Trump put the number at 800 in his tweet.

However, even once they do return to Europe it’s unclear the extent to which they’ll be properly prosecuted and locked in prison by European authorities.

For example, another fresh controversy that lately erupted in Britain involved a 29-year old UK woman who traveled to join ISIS, and was convicted for membership in a terrorist group upon her return to Britain. She was jailed on a six year sentence in 2016, but is now already walking free a mere less than three years after her conviction.



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  • You can call me Al

    Eliminate them all, kids included as there only lives have been watching beheadings and murders.

    Yes, I know it is a vile suggestion, but it is the only one that will work.

    • Tudor Miron

      No, that would not work in any way other than delight of those who stay behind all this wars.
      Things should be done according to law – Adults who are found guilty should be prosecuted according to law. Kids should be taken care of and that should be done properly.
      Al, I know we’re on the same side but we should never resort to becoming same snakes as that trash that hide behind nice words and “values” while starting wars all over the world. It may sound offensive but that fact that you suggest that kids should be killed shows that “western values” are finding their way to blind you. Don’t give up!
      There’s a proverb here “Солдат ребёнка не обидит”.

      • FlorianGeyer

        It’s just not fair that the British and EU governments should take responsibility for their citizens, Tudor :)

        It was not meant to be like this. Without nasty Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and all the other valiant elected Syrian Government allies, these EU headchoppers would have bought US Democratic Values to Syria by now.

        That being the case, all of the terrorists exported from the EU to Syria, would now be democratically raping, murdering, torturing in Syria, and all of this with the blessing of NATO governments. :)

        • You can call me Al

          There you go, we know that now and therefore there must be lethal action so that they do not come back. I regrettably stand by my original point.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I would think that part of the reason that the UK Government does not want these killers to return, is because they well have firm evidence of the UK involvement with aiding terrorist groups.

            The UK special forces said to have been in killed and captured Douma being just one facet of aid to terrorists and killing civilians. Then we have the UK funded White Helmet gangs as well.

          • You can call me Al

            Good point. Cheers.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Where is Merjiin these days, Al? Reply by email if you wish.

          • You can call me Al

            I dont know, for the last few days, I have been looking for him (on here obviously)… he just seems to have dissapeared UNLESS he has changed name + picture, which I doubt. Remember a lot of Dutch have gone skiing all of a sudden (well here they have).

          • FlorianGeyer

            I hope he is ok.

      • Concrete Mike

        Once again voice of reason, thank you Tudor!!

      • occupybacon

        Yeah, give him some Russian lesson as the English Hooligans dubbed by UK newspapers as “women & children” learned in France ;)

      • You can call me Al

        But in such a short time, they will fight us; that is how their mentality is.

        Sorry Tudor, on this we must agree to disagree.

      • Barba_Papa

        We shouldn’t be killing kid, I agree. But neither should we be obligated to take back those who willingly chose to go to the most batshit insane headchopperistan. Which engaged in barbarity not seen since the Wehrmacht invaded the USSR, the reign of terror ot the Khmer Rouge and the bloodbaths in the Congo. And unlike those place ISIS mercilessly broadcasted its evil to the world via the internet. So those people who chose to go there cannot feign ignorance. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it. No mercy for these people. if anything we should pay the Kurds to keep this people in jail forever. And for once I’d consider it money well spent.

        And if Donald Trump feels so badly for these people then AFAIC he can open up the West Wing for them. The US helped create this war, the US should therefore clean up its mess.

      • Sinbad2

        Whilst I agree with you in principle, the reality is the US just recruits more replacements.
        Until the US is held accountable for its crimes, the law will fail.

        The only way to stop the US, is to so scare their mercenaries, that they won’t work for them.
        Assad senior made a big public deal of slaughtering all the terrorists and their families. He killed thousands, but it stopped the US.

        How many innocent people have died, because we follow the rules, and the US behaves like a homicidal maniac?

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        I fully agree with you, 100%

        Murdering kids because they are traumatised is just disgusting, kids are innocent and kids should have the option to choose their own path in live, when they, as an adult, have chosen that path, the correct actions can be taken.

      • You can call me Al

        I come back to this. I was morally wrong, but I think logically right. I seem to be, being ripped inside between my heart and brain here.

        Sorry, just had to let you know that after so much time, as I have sent a lot of time thinking about it, the last few days.

        • Tudor Miron

          Thanks for your words. I will tell you one thing – whenever there’s a conflict between brain and heart one should listen his heart. That’s always a win in a longer run.

  • Jens Holm

    The opposition to The Premniere minister in Denmark agrees with him. More then 80 to 90% support it. But its also a very political reaction following, what we think about, whats going on. Many even has burned their danish passports and are as far for even normal moderate Islam as it goes.

    As dane I am for, we should take the ones, which are registrated as Danes. Its not because I am a nice person and naive to them. Its not even because of them. But I think ME has so many fatale mainly selvmade problems making it much harder som grow different if those terrorists are there too – even in jail.

    The last part is a double too. I see no changes in ME for the better at all. None talk about needed reforms for any improvements. NONE. But we can remove or reduce at least one of the 1001 arabic deep Goodnight infected excuses of the worst kind.

    UN mainly by UNHCR has paid since 1948 for a peace solution for Palestine and peace there. But none of You want that as well. So I do understand Trump feeding Westbankers removing 50 mio dollars. Why feed people which are against Israel, where those Jews has no where else to go. Golan is kind of same thing. Those borders are changed forever and also are new ones.

    And who changed things, where You are. You partly collapsed Ootmans Yourself. You hardly uprised at all, but You insist in kurds by a pen can be divided into 4 and 4 countries do hard force to keep the less educated poor areas doen only usefull, if there are some oil or You can brand You as biig ones among each other being the leading clown s of everlasting greedyness excused by religion and needed genosides, jail, torture, gas, artillerystrikes based on fear and bajonets.

    On not only that. All Your history books are constructed totally lying new ones made by nationalisme among each other, I could go on with that and has written above it before.

    So my oppinion is the same. We have no friends in Your region as such. You only need us, when some need some weapons for killing each other – And we as states even help You making it faster. It hardly matters who it is. Thats a good devellopment. I dont think so.

    Without us You were not prodicing all and main parts of You were starving and not as many, som we get You here – too.

    I agree some with the French. Yes, I am sure many of the homecomming Jihadists fx ISIS has learned a lesson and preafer, where they come from. We only has to take care of the rest of them.

    But I am certainly not prepared to take more then the ones with Danish passports whereever they are born here or not.

    It seemes forgotten by Trumps and most of You we see so many prefaring to live here among us compared to muslims, that something is terrible wrong, where they come from. Most of those are ok even many cant feed themselves, but taking or retaking the worst kind is no option.

    We see half of our prisoners are 50% muslims and the same for womens safehouses even muslims here only are 8-9%. Syrians and Iraqians are some of the worst in those matter in %. Many Syrians seemes to be ok, but the rest is like stones in bread insisting by telling us our culture, religion and the rest even iks unclean and women are proporty like goats and cars.

    If anything, we only should take women and small children from those and several of Your other belowed countries. All of them are raised to do, what they are ordered to. By that we can demand them to learn to be good normal danes in at lest next generation having less black tents in the landscape.

    Thats how, and why things are here. I am in the moderate group as well as I only see very small shoes among You.

    After WW1 You got Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrein, Qatar, UAE, Saudis, Yemen, Oman and Jordan. Even so You cant leave a very small dot named as Israel alone.

    My worst worries about that is, that the Israelians look more and more like You.

  • Valery Grigoryev

    I suspect, such damaged goods are unwelcome in Europe. While Syrian desert is very convenient place to shoot them all there:)

    • John Whitehot

      “such damaged goods are unwelcome in Europe”

      Instead Europe welcomes, or loves to welcome all those that still aren’t “damaged”.

      Who cares if the next generations of Europeans will have to face thousands of armed terrorists on their own territories if the current politicians put money from Soros and saudis in their pockets and appeased zionist banking scum.

  • John Whitehot

    ““It would have been nice for friendly nations to have these kinds of questions raised through the usual diplomatic channels rather than a tweet in the middle of the night,””

    why, better not make too much people aware that EU countries nurtured and cared for wannabe jihadi terrorists, and that 99% of them came from naturalized immigrants?

    • Rodger

      Then Trump would have been advised that because the US already put them on trail the EU countries can no longer do so. Yet another very poorly thought out Trump move.
      “The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial.”

      • John Whitehot

        frankly, idk what u talking about.

        This people should be deprived of their EU countries citizenship (it happens for much less) and then forbidden to reenter EU.

        Let their supporters welcome them back in tel aviv and ryadh.

  • Andrei

    Kill them all
    No mercy
    No even a sweat in my forehead while pulling the trigger on them
    They don’t deserve to consume water and air send them on Mars maybe they meet their creator

  • You can call me Al

    Pay the little Babylon Kurds a fiver and they will eliminate them. We do not want this scum back.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Here this old obesity trumpet blower is right let the puppets take back their created terrorist just as their evacuated white terrorist helmets.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Trump exposing European hypocrisy: “EU take back your f..king ISIS headchoppers or we will let them loose over EU´s border”……………………….LOL.
    Trump maybe bad but he is not that bad…………………LOL.

  • goingbrokes

    We are witnessing the fruits of the fake “war on Terror”.
    Western governments will do anything to keep these assets alive and well. Please put pressure on your government to do something about this. They should not be allowed to live off the public purse (prison, or heaven forbid, social security) and they must be declared forever a danger to society. So what are they going to do?
    CIA will set up a private prison somewhere in Ukraine or Colombia through a shell company that will take daesh prisoners happily, forever for a payment (public purse again). After a few years in this prison you won’t recognise them any longer, they will look so different. In fact they will be different people altogether, they have been replaced with real political enemies, while the assets will be free somewhere doing their dirty work again. Who wants to bet that they will run a scheme something like this?
    It is a peculiar fact that there was never put in place a legal framework how to deal with captured terrorists! Just shows that it was always a war of terror, rather than a war on terror.

  • Sinbad2

    When the US President Raygun, started open warfare against Syria using jihadist mercenaries, Hafez al-Assad slaughtered them all.
    It so scared the jihadists, that they refused to work for the US in Syria.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, come to Norway, the rightwinged and our “eminet” leftis scums have no problems with ISIS, they have trained and founded them for decades, all the way back to Afgainstan and the masses brought forth in Libya etc to what we have to day.
    Norway have sponsored them with well fare mooney, and is giving ISIS/Al-CIAedas an safe haven, since the Norwegian Gov is protecting Wahabi scums, like the group attacking civilianse on Iran, associated with MEK, witch is uh….. not an terror org.
    And on top of it, despite the quire of hate speech against Islam, they have no problems with helping the worst rats ever come from that region, isnt is sweeeeet, yeah, the Norse, hehe, you know nothing do you about the westen backed ISIS do you.

    My humble advice is this, help the children with all of your hart, they, are after all inocents, for me and for our Lord, hang the rest, women or men, just hang them where ever you find them, if they want to live, then send them to the scums that started all this, UssA, either go there is be hanged.
    The UssA created them, and the UssA can take em back.
    No mercy is needed, since no mercy is shown or given, they dont even regret, but then again, when our Gov and intell groups have encuraged them since Tunis, what do you expect, it was the west that made them and now we all reap what they and we have sewn.