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Business As Usual: Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Rally Commemorating SS “Galicia” Division

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Business As Usual: Ukrainian Nationalists Hold Rally Commemorating SS "Galicia" Division

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On April 28th, nationalists plan to hold a march of embroidered shirts in Kiev in honor of the SS Galicia division, formed in Lvov in 1943.

The event, which begins at 18:00 at Arsenalnaya Square, Kiev and was announced on Facebook by “Golosiyivska Kryivka”.

“Put on your most beautiful embroidered shirt and come to meet with your family, walk together in a solemn procession in the center of Kiev and remember the First Ukrainian Volunteer Division!”, the organizers wrote.

On the video attached to the poster, one can see excerpts of a black-and-white chronicle with people dressed in Ukrainian national costumes. Swastikas and the SS logo are not featured in the footage, but there is no question that they will be prominently shown at the rally.

Ukrainian member of parliament from Volodymyr Zelensky’s “Servant of the People” Maxim Buzhansky spoke from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada on the occasion of the march of nationalists in honor of the SS Galicia division, which will take place today in Kiev.

In his Telegram channel, he wrote that he considers the demonstration to be the glorification of Nazism.

“If this is not the heroization of Nazism, then what is the heroization? What is missing, banners with a swastika? They will be,” he wrote.

Buzhansky thanked his colleagues who came to the podium to support his position, namely: Igor Negulevsky, Artem Dmitruk, Gennady Kasai, Eduard Leonov.

“My bill 2797 prohibiting the glorification of persons who were related to the SS or took part in the Holocaust was recommended by the committee for inclusion in the session’s agenda, in my opinion, the need for its adoption is more than obvious,” the MP concluded.

Another Ukrainian MP, Daniil Getmantsev believes that the march of the SS division’s supporters has nothing to do with patriotism and the struggle for the independence of Ukraine.

“The march in support of the SS division in the city that survived Babi Yar … In this mockery of the graves of the fallen and innocent murdered there is some special, blasphemous, boundless cynicism. And no, this is definitely not about patriotism and the struggle for independence,” he wrote.

According to the People’s Deputy from “European Solidarity” and ex-head of the Institute of National Remembrance Volodymyr Vyatrovich, the SS Galicia division was a German formation, it consisted of Ukrainians who were forced to fight for German interests by force and propaganda.

In his Telegram channel, TV presenter Maxim Nazarov noted that “only Poroshenko’s teachings to Zelensky can be more disgusting than a march of SS fanatics in Kiev.”

SS Division “Galicia” was a formation of SS troops of Nazi Germany, recruited from Ukrainian volunteers during the Second World War. The division was part of the SS troops of Nazi Germany, and in April 1945 it was formally included in the Ukrainian National Army, which was subordinate to the Ukrainian National Committee.

Nevertheless, since the time of Euromaidan in Ukraine, this division began to be elevated to a cult. Official propaganda retouched the manifestations of Nazism and claimed that it was a “volunteer Ukrainian division,” which, they say, fought for independence (apparently, within the framework of the Third Reich).

At the same time, when it came to serious discussions, statements began to sound that Ukrainians were forced into “Galicia”, so they cannot be considered collaborators. Such messages were promoted by the head of the Institute of National Remembrance Vladimir Vyatrovich.

The reputation of “Galicia” turned out to be so ambiguous that a Kiev court last year recognized its symbolism as Nazi and forbade the Institute of National Remembrance to tell Ukrainians how “good” it was.

However, further history developed predictably for Ukraine: after direct threats from nationalists, the judges canceled the ban on the appeal. And then, back in September 2020, the Kiev Court of Appeal ruled that the symbols of the SS Galicia division were not Nazi. How that makes sense is a mystery to this day.

In the Lviv region, the cult of “Galicia” has already become official. Moreover, he was supported by the governor Maxim Kozitsky, appointed by Vladimir Zelensky. He recorded a whole video in which he argued that the “Galicians” were collaborators, and stated that it was they who fought so hard against Bolshevism.


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Supreme Blyat

This nightmare never ends :)

Lone Ranger

It will, sooner or later.

Albert Pike

Sadly all will be used at the end, and it all follows ‘the plan’, and the use of the Nazi symbols by the Ukrainians is useful to incite a will for war in the Russian people. So the end will be the nightmare of all nightmares…

Lone Ranger

I disagree. It will be a swift defeat for Kiev. Like it happened to Georgia. It’s only up to them when they will cross the red line. When they do Ukraine will be Russia again within 2weeks.

Albert Pike

That would be nice – :-)


It could end really quickly. All they need to do is bomb US and English embassies in Kiev.

Supreme Blyat

What keeps you from taking action, keyboard cowboy? :)


I’m just saying exterminating parasites who control Ukrainian government is the best solution.

Supreme Blyat

Well, saying, scratching and farting are free. Keep saying it.


I’m glad you agree. Sharing information about occupational parasites is important. We know where they live and their schedule.

Supreme Blyat

I bet they are scared now.


Their emotional state is not my concern.

Supreme Blyat

You are so cruel!


It isn’t cruel to kill occupational force. It’s justice.

Supreme Blyat

How many did you kill, should we put a bounty on your head?


Who is “we”?

johnny rotten

Adolf Hitler defined them sub-human Slavic, yet Ukrainians still love him, trying to understand these people is useless, a completely time loss.

Darth Moshe

My theory. Short Version. According to some Historians Noah’s Ark landed somewhere North of Turkey, in the Black Sea. One of the sons of Noah moved West and ended up in Germany/Scandinavia. The so called Caucasians. Last Ice age covered Northern Europe and Scandinavia which is conveniently forgotten. Galicians and brainwashed Ukrainians believe they are leftovers from these “Germans”. Those are the same people who called themselves “Aryans” (which means prideful people). But in all of this they forget the “Sloveni” (people of the Word), Germans are called Nemci, which means mute, because they didn’t speak the word. They just appeared out of thin air 600 AD according to Western “historians” and happen to occupy territory bigger than the size of Pluto. Which obviously doesn’t make any sense. One Indian Sanskrit scholar went to Russia and he thought they speak Sanskrit. Its not a coincidence that Hitler used the Swastika as symbol to fight the “Sloveni” or that they called themselves “Aryan”. The devil inverts (and perverts) because he cannot create himself. It wasn’t just a physical battle but a spiritual one as well. Which should be obvious, spirit always comes before matter.

Lone Ranger

Autism at its finest… Not a coincidence that the Ukrop flag and the Down Syndrome Awarness ribbon are ond and the same…

Rhodium 10

They are NATO proxies ( useful in the Maidan coup) like Al Qaeda in Libya to kill Gadafi and ISIS in Syria to take oil fields….




Not sure how Ukraine will survive. The Nordstream 2 is almost complete and no revenues for Ukraine and this further downs what is left of its GDP. Millions are getting out of the country and majority of them are going to Russia. What is the population of Ukraine now? 25 million? There were once many Ukrainian prostitutes in Asia also.


What is the difference between the Ukrainian Banderista and Croatian ustasha? NONE! And, yet Russia was supporting ustasha and by extension the West and NATO against the Serbs throughout the Balkan war. So whenever we read posts like this one about the Ukrainian fascists seen from the Russian perspective it is totally misleading because, apparently, for Russia and its apologetics there are at least two kinds of Nazi-fascists: the GOOD ones – those supported by Russia (and its Western “partners”) and the BAD ones – those not supported by Russia. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://www.vreme.com/cms/view.php?id%3D1731562

jade villaceran

from what i read, ustasha is a pro nazi militia and an anti russian orthodox


They murdered the orthodox people in Serbia in a very savage way. Real animals imo.

Albert Pike

The Nazi Ustasha men (Wiki tells us ‘the most ardent’) were called ‘the Frankists’ and the Ustashe was founded by the jewish/catholic Dr. Josip Frank, whose father was a ‘Emanuel Frank’. Now the Baron Messia Jakob Frank had also a son ‘Emmanuel Frank’, and when the hype about the Frankist came down, and Eva Frank (even after being visited by the Russian Czar) couldn’t hold it together, they moved to Croatia and into secrecy. You may look it up in Israel owned Geni.com

https://www.geni.com/people/Emanuel-Frank/6000000083018856125 https://www.geni.com/people/Lejb-Frank/6000000079774289263?through=6000000053442760838 By the way they only know since 2.July of 2018 when that one was born, or when he died – before they didn’t…

Most of the Ustashe leaders where jewish, or jewish/catholic converts – and when it was over they all moved via the vatican rat line to the other freemason fascist Juan Peron, into jewish Argentine. Hannah Arendt even wrote a defending piece about the jews in the Ustashe in her booK (Jew) ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’. Hitler by the way made them (the Frankists in the Ustashe) all ‘Honorary Aryan’… https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1114393/

And there the circle closes, since the fascist Azov Battalion was also founded and financially supported by Lubavitch Jew Ihor Kolomoyskyi – who also owns the Ukrainian president…


You cant compare Russia today under Putin with what is was like under Yeltsin in the 90s

Al Balog

Um, that was Yeltsin who supported Croatian Ustasha in the 90s.

Albert Pike

‘What is the difference between the Ukrainian Banderista and Croatian ustasha? NONE!’ Both were/are made by Jews. There always was a strong jewish influence in Russian politics… https://www.nytimes.com/1998/12/16/world/a-communist-accuses-yeltsin-and-jewish-aides-of-genocide.html

Lone Ranger

Ukropisstan in a nutshell… Pride of the CIA and fake liberalnazi beta faglets and feminazis… Slow clap…


“Put on your most beautiful embroidered shirt” …and your make-up and your best high heels (red preferred) and we will all swish our way around the town square playing grab-a**. Браво!

Jihadi Colin

Repeat after Nuland: There are no Nazis in Ukraine. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. There are no Nazis in Ukraine. There, that makes you feel much more righteously anti Russian, doesn’t it?

Al Balog

Very bad situation between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It all started very suddenly, and it’s happening right now. Don’t be surprised if the Ukrops will be encouraged by this. They might try pulling this off in Donbass in the coming months.

War footage: https://t.me/akipress/8002

Live feed of what’s happening:

https://www.turmush.kg/ru/news:1698958/?from=turmush&place=newsload https://24.kg/sjuzhety/51_prigranichnyie_konfliktyi/ https://asiaplustj.info/ru/news/tajikistan/security/20210429/pryamoi-efir-konflikt-na-tadzhiksko-kirgizskoi-granitse

Analysts from Central Asia late in 2020 were predicting a sharp aggravation in this region in the Spring. They were sadly correct:


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