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Bus Explosion Leaves 2 Dead, 19 Injured In Russia’s Voronezh

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Bus Explosion Leaves 2 Dead, 19 Injured In Russia's Voronezh

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On the evening of August 12th, a civilian bus exploded in Russia’s Voronezh.

A total of 19 people were injured, two were killed, the press service of the Ministry of Health said.

“The victims were hospitalized in Voronezh hospitals with injuries of varying severity: the condition of three is assessed by doctors as serious, and eight people are in a state of moderate severity,” the report says.

Another seven received outpatient care.

The PAZ shuttle bus carrying 35 passengers exploded near the Chizhova Gallery shopping center in Voronezh.

The driver, Alexei, noted that all the seats were occupied.

“We were standing at a bus stop, people were getting on the bus, the red light came on. They entered from a pedestrian crossing. I leave – this is such cotton, glass, smoke – I don’t understand what’s going on,” the man said.

One of the victims confirmed to RIA Voronezh that the explosion occurred when people at the bus stop got on the bus.

“I remember the last fire. Big flame. Then, I don’t know how, I got off the bus myself. Eyewitnesses helped me treat my wounds. Those who were sitting in the back got the most: they were all covered in blood. I don’t know how to describe it. Many lost consciousness right in the car, and they were dragged out by people,” said a girl who was sitting in the bus on the third row on the left.

She added that she will go to the hospital to find out if she is in any shock, or if she has an injury or broken glass in her body.

One of the eyewitnesses to the tragedy told the agency that he was at work when he heard the explosion.

“I came running, people flew out of the windows. People were injured, someone’s legs were torn off. Many passers-by helped, the ambulance arrived quickly enough,” he recalled.

Another eyewitness noted that at first there was “a strong roar, as if the house had exploded.”

“Then clouds of blue smoke rose (the bus itself was not visible from my side). I was just talking to my son on the phone, and he said that such smoke can be in a collision of cars on gas,” she said. The woman watched the incident from her balcony.

As a source told RT, no traces of damaging elements were found on the spot, which usually means there was no IED on the bus.

Nevertheless, a car of the FSB explosives arrived at the scene, residents of Voronezh were urged to be attentive to foreign objects in public places.

“Drivers will also inform passengers to pay attention to any foreign objects. A thorough inspection of vehicles will be organized at all motor depots,” said the Governor of the Voronezh Region, Alexander Gusev.

According to RT, investigators are considering various versions of the emergency: a malfunction of technical equipment and the transportation of an explosive object or a gas cylinder by a passenger.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article on the performance of work or the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.

The head of the department, Alexander Bastrykin, sent criminologists and investigators to Voronezh, the investigation was taken under control in the central office.

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee noted that they are working on various versions of what happened.

The Governor of the Voronezh Region, Alexander Gusev, expressed sympathy for all the victims and promised that they would receive assistance. In addition, he instructed to check the fleets of all passenger carriers.


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Islam fini

20 Pakistani factory workers killed in weapon factory explosion in wah Pakistan


Sh1t and filthy Hindu corpses floating down the “holy” Ganges, Holy SH!T LOL

Americunt LOSERS

The JewCUNT Blinken and the ar$e wipe Bill Burns have publicly stated that destabilizing Russia is their top priority as it is full of 5th column Jews and easier target than China or Iran.


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If the numbers are true.

On another note, 143.000 got the COVID yesterday in the U S A!!!

Putin isFAG

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My first thought was a gasbus exploding like happened in Stockholm before but there was no fire.
This seems rather strange and i wonder what caused it.


The Bus had a Diesel Engine, according to an official. There’s some serious foul play at work.

G2 Man

US and western intelligence agencies have a 3 pronged approach aimed at Russian destabilization:

1. Economic and social pressure via sanctions, economic sabotage and so-called color coded civil unrest and we are also witnessing in Belarus. So-called social media, rented academics, businessmen, BBC, VOA and Bilderberg Murdoch MSM play a key role in this project.

2. Internal political and societal destabilization via Jews and other rented opposition. Navalny case is a typical one. NGO basically CIA and western intelligence fronts along with “cultural centers” like British Council and US information centers play a key role in pushing Russian destabilization with fake news and propaganda, recruitment of spies and societal sabotage.

3. The most sinister is the arming and training of terrorist groups within and outside of Russia, mostly from the Salafist Wahhabi fringe created by Saudi, Qatari and UAE assistance.

However, the large Muslim population of Russia is very well integrated and has foiled number of CIA plots. The biggest danger is the Jew 5th column. However, the FSB and OMON are quite good at counter-terrorism and have good intel sharing with allied states like China and Iran. US is destined for failure in Russia too.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man
Dick Von D'Astard

Camping gas bottle canister?

G2 Man

The Chinese engineers bus in Pakistan was targeted by the same methods by the CIA.

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