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Bursting Pantsirs, Falling Bayraktars: Turkish-Russian Virtual War

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Bursting Pantsirs, Falling Bayraktars: Turkish-Russian Virtual War

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On April 22nd, Turkish defense company Roketsan released a video hyping up its Akıncı UAV.

The video shows the drone use a MAM-T smart bomb, which hits a Russian Pantsir-S1 in a desert setting and destroys it.

Apparently, this is a kind of response to a video report on Russian TV, in which Russian “Lancets” destroy Turkish drones.

On April 18th, The Turkish media drew attention to the fact that in a report on military developments aired on the state Russian TV channel, an animated video was presented in which Russian “Lancets” destroy Turkish UAVs Bayraktar TB-2.

Still, Selcuk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar, the maker of the TB2 and Akinci UCAV has stated that it is NOT an Animation and more like reality.

More advertisement videos of the MAM-T were released.

According to the Twitter post, the first test firing of the Turkish MAM-T ammunition, which was developed for higher warhead efficiency and longer range, was successfully carried out from AKINCI TİHA.

The first flight under the ammunition flight test campaign at Akıncı PT-3 took place on 17 April. On April 21, a second test flight with ammunition took place, and today the first firing has taken place. In a test led by the head of Baykar Technology Selcuk Bayraktar at the Akıncı Flight Training and Testing Center in наorlu, northwestern Turkey, all three test ammunition without warheads that were fired from Akinci TİHA through laser aiming were able to accurately hit targets.

Baykar Makina issued a press bulletin and said that Akıncı PT-3 UCAV took off for its first use of weapon campaign. The UCAV carried Roketsan’s MAM-L, MAM-C and MAM-T ammunitions.

It is known that the first two ammunition are converted from Roketsan’s Umtas Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile and Cirit Missile. The third missile, however, is new to the public. The press released stated that Akıncı used all three ammunition and hit the target successfully.

Smart Micro Munition MAM-T has been developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and light attack aircraft.

The ammunition can engage both stationary and moving targets like armoured vehicles or buildings and naval targets with high precision, thanks to its semi-active laser seeker.

The MAM-T Block-1 has a 30+ km range capability in UAVs. It weighs 94kg. Thanks to its semi-active laser homing and wings, the MAM-T has a 30 km range when released from UAV, 60 km range when released from light aircraft and 80 km range when released from a fighter jet.


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  1. shylockracy says:

    Putin’s Zioterrorist business friends may still organise joint Turk-Russian joyrides in ISIS/al-Qaeda-occupied Idlib with Bayraktar drones providing security.

  2. Potato Man says:

    It is funny how Turk-isis and Zion use Russian military vehicles/ assets (Air defence systems) in their promotional videos…yet Turk-isis bought Russia S-400s and Zion got fuked by an old soviet missile.

    “was successfully carried out from AKINCI TİHA”
    Zion Plastic Dome was also “very successful” if we take Zion words for it.
    Only when a real war start we know how “good” those missiles, drone, etc gonna be…

    1. Alekai Mordechai says:

      In recent weeks Hamas rockets also penetrated through Iron Dome’s defense envelops.

      Someone is giving up info on these ground-set ups.

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        This so called Iron Dome failed over 90% of the time against the upscale fireworks HAMAS used in 2004.

  3. Rhodium 10 says:

    TB2 is a flying potato!…you can see many of them shot down in Syria and Libya just searching “turkish drones shot down”—Image!….even with unqualified LNA crew…

    1. Jihadi Colin says:

      Well, it’s still a bit better than the Predator and Reaper, which are only good for blowing up civilians.

  4. Random Dude says:

    Russia used to compete with US in military technology, now with Turkey? I wonder what happened
    1. Russia got weaker and has to compete with weaker countries
    2. Turkey got stronger and Russia has to compete with it
    3. US is now out of competition and there is a need for benchmark

    1. NITRAM28 says:

      dont give turks so mutch credit considering their performance in modern wars their is alot to be desired.

      1. Random Dude says:

        credit is given by the one who competes with them. not me, im just a mere person

        1. farbat says:

          turks are again a mere attack dog they are allowed to hit the weakest of weak so that nato doesnt need to make its hands dirty but turks out of arrogance have developed a superiority complex towards the nations who pretty much own it which in my view will not go well for both sides

          1. Random Dude says:

            maybe but it is an irrelevant comment. read my comment again to understand what i am writing about

        2. farbat says:

          they already prop up greece with everything they once promised turkey and they will pretty much throw alot of naval warfare equipment behind greece to conflict with turkey since they still want the western part of “istanbul” atleast controlled by the west

          1. Random Dude says:

            the comment has nothing to do with Greece or Greek-Turkish tensions.

        3. farbat says:

          erdogans idiotic plan to turn one part of istanbul entirely into an island wont fix the needs of the west and turkeys needs

          1. Random Dude says:

            again you are missing the topic

        4. farbat says:

          turkey is a mere idiotic playball all around really and what would turkey have done anyway if russia would have taken ukraine not as if a few turkish terrorists would have stopped that

          1. Random Dude says:

            still not what the comment is about

        5. farbat says:

          turkey is so idiotic it will probably conflict with the same ukraine it tried to use against russia

          1. Random Dude says:

            sure, but thats not what the comment is about

        6. NITRAM28 says:

          Ofc you can give them credit by beeing just a person your statment is proof of this.

          1. Random Dude says:

            my statement is the reiteration of the facts. The fact is you compete if you put that benchmark in your weapon promotional video

          2. NITRAM28 says:

            Or maybe its just to make it easyer for ppl to relate to i have seen 100’s of Russian promotional vids showing the destruction of T55’s or M60’s does that mean they are competitive platforms?

    2. HB_Norica says:

      When has Turkey gone up against the Russian military … since the fall of the Ottoman empire that is? Skirmishes that really amount to a little sniping and fights against others using Russian equipment in isolation isn’t fighting the Russians.

      Turkish drones fighting against the Russians would be operating without GPS and likely without any communication at all while the Russians have the ability to strike deep into the strategic depth with artillery and missiles while their main attacking force stays under AD / EW bubble.

        1. HB_Norica says:

          Yea …. you’ll notice that the USA wouldn’t put their money where there mouth in Ukraine last month. They even chickened out over deploying destroyers in the Black Sea after the Russians warned them not to. Thoughts, prayers and words of support were all they had to offer.

          Since Russia is a declining power, led by a killer fascist dictator with an economy the size of Italy and an outdated armed forces you would think they’d love the opportunity to take apart massed Russian land forces from the air with invisible aircraft and drones … it should be like shooting fish in a barrel … but when push comes to shove they chicken out.

          1. Random Dude says:

            this is how you came to that conclusion? pretty surfaced i have to admit

          2. HB_Norica says:

            First because the US media only talked about Russia massing on Ukraines borders while in fact they the Russians were responding to the Ukrainians moving an invasion force to the Donbass contact line. It was a propaganda campaign meant to make Russia look like the aggressor at the same time as making Putin look like a super villain. Pretty much the same playbook they use whenever they want to depose a government.

            When Russia responded with a massive military buildup the Ukraine put the brakes on their planned offensive and the USA cancelled the deployment of warships in the Black sea.

            So in Feb / march the plan was for the Ukraine to retake the Donbass with the help of NATO advisors backed up y the US military but when Russia showed up with 2 powerful combined arms armies The Ukraine / NATO backed down and the USA wouldn’t even risk sending warships into the Black Sea as a show of support for the Ukrainians.

            This is the first time in modern history the USA has backed down from a war plan with their tails between their legs. What other conclusion can the be other than they backed down

          3. Tommy Jensen says:

            US State Department, US Defence Department, Pentagon, CIA and all important Intelligence agencies are reading South Front and the comment sections every day.
            They saw something they couldnt believe. Something they completely missed in their calculations and discussions upon war scenarios.
            My advises to remember wellies when you enter Russia territory!!

            Therefore the whole action were blown off by US and Ukraine.
            They realized I was right and Russia was trying to lead them into a mud trap, and when Russia realized they had realized what Russia already had realized, the Russians pulled back!

            Thats how it was in real reality with facts and logo reason. The truth!

          4. HB_Norica says:

            Why I always keep a pair of wellies in the back of the truck …. concrete and Russians.

      1. farbat says:

        the turks really have 0 clue what they are doing

      2. farbat says:

        it seems to me that the turks are a mere attack dog who gets a few boons everytime they do something useful

    3. Ulli says:

      Have you missed all the developments of the Russian industrial military complex of the past 10 years? You live in a parallel universe.

      1. Random Dude says:

        which part of my comment do those “past 10 year developments” discredit?

    4. Jihadi Colin says:

      Russia should compete with Amerikastan in building boondoggles like planes that can’t fly and ships that can’t afford to fire their guns? Is that it?

      1. Random Dude says:

        oh yes my bad. Russian weapons have no competition. Its the best of the best for the next 100, no 1000 years. Way ahead of all civilization

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          Weapons aren’t civilised.

          Just like Amerikastanis.

  5. johnny rotten says:

    After the little war in Nk the publicist invented the war of the future, those who were once a plane gambling models now have become very high futuristic weapons, and a pile of stupid really believes it, as usual, while in a war environment between superior powers it is difficult to fly even for the best planes, just read the statements of the US Air Force about the electronic environment in the skies of the syria, you can easily understand that when the game is serious for the jokers there is no place for playing.

  6. swedish_viking says:

    Wasn’t there a defense analytic report (maybe from a US analyst) about Libya that looked at damaged Pantsir and the number of drones it shot down.
    It came to the conclusion that the economic loss for Turkey was way greater than the cost of the Pantsir-S and it’s ammunition .
    So when analyzing the conflict Turkey draw the shortest straw.
    But defense companies often use propaganda in it’s marketing so nothing new here.

    1. swedish_viking says:

      That being said it’s not very surprising that Turkey has been working hard at increasing the range to 30km+.
      With that range it can be fired from outside the range of Pantsir-S1 which might be one of the goals Turkey wanted to achieve.
      If it can be launched from out of range of the air-defense then they can fired salvos at the air-defense to deplete it of munition so it can be taken out.
      With it’s increased range and new seeker (GPS/INS) it opens up for new tactics and might change the battlefield.

  7. rightiswrong rightiswrong says:

    I don’t see any Turkish military gear being used by Russia, whereas the Turks have spent billions on Russian gear.

    That says it all.

  8. The Objective says:

    Turkish drones are not invincible, but their success rate is way higher than the rate at which they fall off the sky. Downing one drone isn’t big deal. Russia should have done it in Libya to help Haftar or in Syria to protect Assad’s forces who died in the hundreds, or in N-K to prevent the takeover of parts of occupied N-K. But nothing like that. Now they show a “QUESTIONABLE” video of downing a TB2 drone. Whether it’s true or not makes little difference.

    Things will likely get worse for Russia as Ukraine and Turkey have launched several joint weapons development programs. Akinci is jointly manufactured by Turkish and Ukrainian engineers, where Ukraine supplies the more powerful engine and Turkey does the rest.

    Ukraine wants war tech that the U.S and Europe are reluctant to share, such as communication equipment for its military, drone tech, ship-building tech, and tanks – all of which Turkey showed a readiness to share provided Ukraine is willing to share engine tech. Things are looking like Ukraine is finally deciding to jump in with Turkey.

    There’s news of Motor Sich selling 50% of its shares to Turkey. Motor Sich is Ukraine’s engine manufacturing giant. China tried to crookedly acquire Motor Sich two to three years ago but Ukraine was prompted by the U.S to block it. as a result, Ukraine sanctioned the Chinese company that was trying to acquire Motor Sich.

    Turkey did not try to follow any dodgy methods to master Ukraine’s engine know-how. It went directly to the political leadership, and recently, the Ukrainians are showing more interest than Turkey towards cooperation. Ukraine will learn ship-building, drone tech, communications gadgets tech, etc from Turkey in exchange for sharing engine tech if everything goes well. The U.S has been interrupting this, and I suspect the Russian war on Ukraine might also have the intent of preventing the transfer of critical weapons tech to Turkey.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      They did.
      Turkey lost the drone war over Idlib.

      1. Alekai Mordechai says:

        And? Russian also lost their orlans to syrian rebels.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Russian losses were minimal compared to Turkish.

        2. Bobo Voxar says:

          Orlan? 2k$ per piece from AliX parts… This drone is not comparable and it doing things their job fine for a price …

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Dont worry about Russia, if they want they can be in Kiev in a week.
      Will Erdogan go to Moscow for a 4th time…lol.

    3. HB_Norica says:

      Yea …. drones are high tech scary technology unless you call them what they really are which is small, light, slow, prop driven remote controlled aircraft.

      They work well against lightly armed rebels, third world armies or for assassinations of Pashtun tribesmen … also for recon. But if you think they can be a decisive weapon against an enemy that can jam GPS and not only have EW assets that can block or hack their data streams but follow those streams to their source then attack their source with missiles from thousands of miles away you’re dreaming.

  9. Gaijin says:

    Turkey has to start investing for IIR-MMW Seekers.Range and warhead is pretty cool but if they want to hit moving targets laser seeking is not the best option at that range even with most sensitive laser illumination.

  10. Lone Ranger says:

    Thats all they can do, create disney videos.
    Meanwhile they miserably failed over Idlib against me a couple of TORs and Pantsirs.

  11. disTheeNot says:

    that’s a great shot of the missile hitting a rocket launcher.

    both the missile and the launcher are the property of the TR army, i would assume

  12. Assad must stay says:

    falling bayraktars hhaahhahahhahaha

  13. Jihadi Colin says:

    The Ottomans are not friends of Russia. They never have been, they are not now, they never will be.

  14. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly, we and our Allies use it in reality, while Russia only use it in virtual reality. The Russians thinks its a video game.

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