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Burning Saudi Vehicles As Art Form: Houthis Release More Footage From Recent Offensive Operations


Burning Saudi Vehicles As Art Form: Houthis Release More Footage From Recent Offensive Operations

A screenshot from the video

Yemen’s Houthis continue releasing footage from their recent offenisve operations against Saudi-led forces across Yemen.




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  • nick1111

    Burning well. Burn them all

  • <>

    If I am not mistaken, the filthy Houthis have threatened to strike us with their rockets from Yemen. So come on, we are still waiting for you to shoot. Sana’a would be a good example to the world, we are not the Saudis.

    • Concrete Mike

      Haha they did threaten the warmongers, glad to see you noticed them.

      You think your puny f16 and f35 sre enough to knock these son of a bitches down?

      I dont think so, better start by getting your own air tankers you fucken charity case bums!

    • Furkan Sahin

      Sanaa Yemen is snake and Legend 😃

    • Arch Bungle

      Because you reptiloids are interfering in their affairs, they’ve warned if you continue they will smash your shitty little crusader colony.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      LOL, yes you are waiting in California for the next dollar handout, you little hasbara JEW PUNK!

    • jm74

      You are correct, you are not Saudis but a worse form of low life.

    • LR captain

      that would be bad idea long term and here is why.

      when the IDF first started striking SAA the Syrian’s could not repel them. But over the time this random targeting of their positions. Basically gave the SAA target practice and now you need 8-12 missiles to fired so to guarantee that the target was destroyed. He The SAA even down one IDF aircraft. Witch crashed in Israel.
      Now the IDF use the Lebanon’s mountains to avoid detection then swoop up fire thier missiles and the swoop back down to avoid any return fire. This worked for short while but SAA are now back intercepting 7 out 12 missiles.

      now the difference between the houthis and SAA.
      The SAA can’t build their own radars aa systems.
      The Houthis are now working on obtaining those capabilities as in building their own local versions.

      – the houthis can make improvents based on the data collected from the engagement.
      – the houthis AA operators gain more experience in conducting AA operations.
      – the IDF would need to US in flight refilling or saudi bases to reach Yemen.
      – any damaged cause by the air strikes would be repaired in short time the Yemen people have a lot of experience in that field.
      – after the SAA downed an IDF plane, the IDF made mandatory for pilots to take 3 week long course in flying in areas covered by radar.(this program uses technical data from Greece’s s-300 systems) Those who don’t pass the course are grounded from syrian operations. The Israelis are not suadis.

      So even if the IDF may wipe the floor in 3 or 5 air strikes. the risks then faced by Saudi aircraft and US re fulling craft will be increased. Saudi drones and planes would down far more frequently after the Israeli strike.

      but honestly with one or two fighters involved in each strike. The damage would be symbolic.

      • <>

        LR, there is a reason Iran doesn’t shoot their missiles over here just like Yemen doesn’t. People got me all wrong here, thinking we would enter a war so far away from our borders and waste resources on that shithole. No, we would just launch a couple of Jericho III missiles back at Sana’a as a retaliation, they won’t even have time to regret their attacks. They will just be vaporized.

        • Simon Ndiritu

          It would justify Yemenis and all the allies to through everything they have at you.

          • <>

            What wasn’t clear? there won’t be any Yemenis left.

          • Simon Ndiritu

            I meant “It would justify Yemenis and all the allies to throw everything they have at you”

        • LR captain

          there’s the hit of practicality (we would just launch a couple of Jericho III missiles back at Sana’a as a retaliation)

      • Simon Ndiritu

        How would Zionist collect intel of any significance to identify targets ? What would be the significance of flying an F-16 over 1000 kilometer to drop 4 or 5 bombs. Houthi’s are well spread out such that any of their installations have only less value when wiped out. Also take into account the mountainous nature of Yemen making accurate targeting an nightmare. Zionist should wish they never come to a shooting war with houthi’s

    • Jaime

      How brave! I suppose insulting and playing the macho role is easy when you do it from behind your American slaves.

      • cechas vodobenikov

        Israel was humiliated by less well equipped Hizbollah…..zion’s grandiosity reveals narcissistic insecurity, self loathing

      • goingbrokes

        Yes, the israelis have NEVER fought from an underdog position like the Houthis are. IDF has no guts to fight with an equal opponent at all, they are not men. Unless they have a massive overwhelming advantage they go nowhere. They are always behind the American apron strings.

    • Luke Hemmming

      Better get your ground troops ready because your planes will do jack shit against the extremely mobile and camouflaged Yemen tribesmen who operate in small numbers. Oh that’s right IDF ground forces are lazy cunts and wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Yemen. IDF would end up like Saudi troops.

  • Assad must stay

    hahahaha i love seeing burning roasting wahhabis and saudi vehicles

    • Furkan Sahin

      Saudi has many airplane but cant win lol

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Air power has never won a war since the first flight at Kitty Hawk 1903. The Americunt losers learnt that in Korea and Afghanistan, and the Zionist child killers have been repeatedly humiliated in even tiny poor Gaza gulag as they bomb daily and kill Palestinian women and children, but the resistance gets stronger. The Saudis are inept to begin with.

    • Cook

      Did someone order roasted mercenaries with a side of fried wahabbi and a 24 oz Amerifag tears?

      • Assad must stay

        yea houthis did hahahaha

  • FlorianGeyer

    The Houthis are more than a Legend, they are the Gods of war and an inspiration to ALL oppressed nations in ALL parts of the globe.


    • Zionism = EVIL

      History of Yemen dating back to the Queen of Sheba should be a mandatory reading for all moronic invaders, same as Afghanistan, these are very hardly tribal warrior folks who simply don’t cotton to the notion that arrogant outsiders can invade their lands. In recent history, the Egyptians suffered an equally worse fate in the 1960’s , even though they used banned munitions like the Zionist scum and chemical weapons. Egypt, suffered 60,000 casualties depleting its military and morale and that manifested in the 1967 defeat.

  • JoeAlpha

    There’s nothing more fun than standing next to the spoils of war that your enemies have just left after you have defeated them. While chewing your khat. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/161350056aa898a14b1484d2351a4ed1b23b5249052396ef60118b28abb063f1.jpg

  • Vitex

    I notice they’re starting to drive away the ones that still have wheels on. They’ll have quite the armoured corps soon

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Saudi and Emirati arseholes have lost in Yemen as expected and now there is no plan B. The morons need to get of the MBS created mess and pay war reparations to the Ansarallah and Yemenis. With oil now heading towards $40 a barrel and cost of the lost war at $5 BILLION a month, not including the daily free gift of hundreds of weapons, the Saudi cowardly sons of Zionist whores simply can not survive.

  • MeMad Max

    The houthis are being genocided by the bloodthirsty sunni arabs(led by saudi arabia), they are cut off, starved, bombed, and killed for just being shia…

    Its not surprising that the houthis fight so well, they have no where to go…. do, or die.

    You see a perfect example of this at 1:25 of the video. When a man charges a enemy position like that, you know that enemy is gonna lose….

    Sun Tzu said:
    “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”