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JUNE 2021

Bureaucracy Makes Another Step To Suppress Sovereignty Of EU Member States

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Bureaucracy Makes Another Step To Suppress Sovereignty Of EU Member States

Michael Roth

Germany’s Foreign Ministry has supported a proposal by Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn to repeal the principle of unanimity in the voting on EU foreign policy issues.

“The principle of unanimity makes it easy to achieve their goals to those who from outside wants to split the EU,” Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth said in an interview to Deutsche Welle.

At the Munich Security Conference in February, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, called for the abolition of the principle of unanimity in foreign policy decisions. Juncker argued that this principle is impeding the ability of the EU to participate in solving important foreign policy issues.

Once again. it becomes evident the EU bureaucracy is pushing to supress the sovereignty of EU member states step by step. It uses the Overton window technology to shape and manipulate the European political system.

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El Diablo

Soon only the Germany will be europeist. Also in France, Macron will not be re-elected, he was been elected only as anti- far right candidate.

Richard M

5th Reich rolling into the station. Anyone that didn’t see this coming wasn’t paying attention.


Keep in mind: The EU has NO constitution. So any ‘EU democracy’ is an illusion.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

The EU can only have a foreign policy through consensus. Any attempt at forcing some countries to accept policies detrimental to them will cause the implosion of the EU. Once more one sees the hand of the US in such a move, through fear that the EU will abandon sanctions against Russia.

Brad Isherwood

US needed 911 False Flag event ( To claim they were attacked by Terrorist from Afghanistan/Bin Laden)
To cause NATO Article 5 become leverage and coalition of the stupid (willing).
British Media pushed the war with Germany (Propoganda )..many years before each World War.
The same pattern today.


you guys should feel fortunate I am not an NWO rulers / Rothschild banker. You guys have no fucking idea that kind of depravity and suffering I would impose on different people across the globe. I have such depraved and satanic reptilian mind mind, I would make ISIS headchoppers look like Mother Teresa by comparison.

You think thieves, warmongers, genocidal maniacs, war criminals, head choppings, and burning people alive is bad? You have no fucking idea how much worse shit would get if I had my way. You would wish you were never born.


Are you auditioning for a cell in a prison for the criminally insane?


Hamster is in full Libtarded mode now. He wants us all to exist in the dire conditions we see in Gaza today.


I would make Gaza look like a tropical paradise by comparison to the kind of twisted shit I can come up with. There would be so much anguish, suffering, pain and screaming, across the entire world, you wouldn’t believe it.

You guys are so lucky I’m not in power :)


Is your real name John Bolton ?


Reptiles don’t think about those kind of things. Check out my friend to the left. They think of food, shelter, warm sun and long sleeps during the winter. Don’t put the massively deficient thoughts in control of your mind on them. Have a better day hamster.

Pave Way IV

Quit writing comments on SF while you’re on the taxpayer’s clock, Bolton. Shouldn’t you be working on a scheme to sell all of this to the US public instead? Oh, wait… that part is pretty much done. Never mind.


That’s why WE WANT GREXIT.
The entire Political Greek Class are TRAITORS . Nothing new here.


The headline is opinionated, even though I agree. The EU is always divided on policy issues that matter, so is prone to in action. This, however, will draw countries into policies they don’t always want. What they really need is to make the EU function more like NORAD.

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