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Islamist infiltration in the Bundeswehr

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Islamist infiltration in the Bundeswehr

Original at defence24.pl; translation by J.Hawk

In recent months, at least 29 former Bundeswehr soldiers appear to have joined ISIS and other terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq. There are concerns that groups of current Bundeswehr soldiers may be Islamist sympathizers.

According to the DP news agency, citing the German Militärischer Abschirmdienst (MAD) counter-intelligence service, ISIS ranks include at least 29 German citizens who have served in the Bundeswehr. MAD’s Christoph Gramm, in an interview with Welt am Sonntag estimated their number at about 20.

German counter-intelligence is conducting investigations of potential terrorist supporters currently undergoing active military service in the Bundeswehr. It is believed this group includes up to 65 active duty soldiers. Some are suspected of falling under the influence of radical Islamist ideology, while others already have extremist views.

Since 2007, MAD carried out 320 investigations of suspected Islamists. They resulted in 17 German soldiers being discharged from service.

Hans-Peter Bartels (SPD), a member of the Bundestag’s Armed Forces Committee, warns of the possibility that terrorist supporters might deliberately infiltrate the military. He underscored that so far there is no evidence of a systemic effort to infiltrate the Bundeswehr by the radical Islamist organizations. Other European countries are suffering from a similar danger.

The Islamists’ purpose is to undergo military training as part of the military, then use the acquired weapons and explosives skills to carry out terrorist strikes. Hans-Peter Bartels noted that while this is not the Bundeswehr’s most pressing current problem, it should not be underestimated either. MAD will henceforth conduct close surveillance for potential radical views among the soldiers. This process will be particularly intensive during the new soldiers’ recruitment process.

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Yeah, i think over 50% of indigenous European tribal peoples have now fully awakened to the globalist plans to genocide them. These plans have been in the works for hundreds of years through the Devils Zionism.
Looks like the indigenous are rising up and waking up to nobly defend themselves from foreign racist invaders.

Singh Sardar

You know christianity is also semitic right?

Go back to fire worship,

Enoch was the first one to profess Christ. Enoch lived before Japethites or Shemites or Hamites.
Read the oldest book Humans have. The book of Enoch.
A follower of Christ preexist Judaism and Muslim or the three main races.
Come talk to me after you have read. All you have done is recite what you watch on TV.

Singh Sardar

That’s the kind of nonsense like the dinosaurs were muslims or that zeus/Indra dev were really incarnations of christ that christians believe.

The Vedas are the oldest book & put you melechas in your place. .

Zuzana Rehakova

He did not speak about christianity.
All Abraham religions have to be banned in Europe. This stupid import from ME is no good.

Singh Sardar

Have to agree with this, cannot disagree. May you receive all the military force needed to achieve this most brave & just action.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai


?? W ciągu ostatnich miesięcy co najmniej 29 byłych niemieckich żołnierzy mogło dołączyć do Daesh lub innych organizacji terrorystycznych w Syrii i Iraku. Pojawiają się obawy dotyczące istnienia grupy wojskowych nadal służących w Bundeswehrze, którzy mogą być sympatykami islamistów.

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