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Bulgarian MiG-29 Pilots Refused To Take Part In NATO Air Policing

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Bulgarian MiG-29 Pilots Refused To Take Part In NATO Air Policing

MiG-29 Bulgarian Air Force

On October 24, the Bulgarian pilots of MiG-29 jet fighters from the 3rd airbase “Graf Ignatievo” refused to take part in the NATO Air Policing due to safety reasons. The pilots didn’t want to risk their lives flying the fighter jets which just had their engines “repaired” without any licensing in Poland. This led to major concerns in the army.

The decision to sign a contact with Poland and not with the authorized Russian company was made by the ex-Minister of Defense of Bulgaria – Nikolay Nenchev who was a leading anti-Russian figure in the previous Bulgarian government. The 10 repaired engines have no official protocols which does not guaranteed the safety of the jet and its crew.

The obvious question is why would the now ex-minister risk the lives of the pilots? This question has more than one answer. Since 1989, Bulgaria has seen tremendous decline in its military power and capabilities. From the number one military power on the Balkans in 1989, with more than 350 active aircraft, today, the Bulgarian Air Force can barely operate 3-5 MiG-29s. During the times of “reforms” in the army, Bulgaria sold most of its aircraft, infantry vehicles, tanks, artillery and small weapons to a number of countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Bulgaria joined NATO in 2004 with high hopes of modernization in the army which hasn’t happened until today.

Today the Bulgarian army cannot guarantee the safety of the country, having a lack of resources, personnel, moral and even respect from the Bulgarian authorities and ordinary people.

The NATO-chosen ex-Minister of Defense Nikolay Nenchev just continued the process of destruction of the Bulgarian armed forces. As a fierce anti-Russian puppet, he was used to make sure that none of the Bulgarian Soviet-made jets and vehicles could be used in the future. This way NATO and the USA guaranteed two major things:

  • Bulgaria would need the full support of NATO in order to defend its borders which completely destroys the idea of having any kind of military sovereignty as NATO has 4 military bases situated in the Balkan country.
  • Bulgaria would be made to buy US-made weapons and vehicles which would, of course, boost the military-industrial complex of the United States, something which President Trump is working hard for.

Bulgaria is currently in huge debates and drama over picking a new fighter jet for its army. The newly-elected President and ex-commander of the Bulgarian Air Force Rumen Radev insisted on having a new fighter jet for the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The procedure that took place, chose the Swedish-made new Gripen jets as the best pick for the Bulgarian army. And then the drama started. Lobbyists in the Bulgarian parliament insisted on having a new procedure and picking another jet. The, all kinds of “experts”, including ex-President and first-hand NATO-supprter Rosen Plevneliev started going around every major media to give their opinion that it’s way better to buy 35-year-old F-16 jets, than brand new Gripens. The right hand of PM Boyko Borisov – Tsvetan Tsvetanov even accused the Swedish state of corruption.

The procedure for a new fighter jet is now frozen. The new Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov had the nerve to say that the country first needs to repair and use its old aircraft of Soviet-made MiG-29s, however this time repaired by the licensed Russian company.

For the US-lobbyists this would be the worst. Now, they’ll use the pilots, who have absolutely rightful concerns, to push the agenda to buy F-16s. At the end of the day, why wouldn’t you choose 35-year-old F-16s over repairing your 30-year-old MiG-29s? The irony in these words is more than obvious.

The Bulgarian army is in steady decline and the country’s authorities are making everything possible to make it even worse by just making Washington happy. Even though there has been glimpse of hope for a change with the appointment of the new Minister of Defense, the future doesn’t look bright.

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Ahhhhhhhhh, another satisfied EU country. I seem to recall that they turned down the Russian gas pipeline through their country (well at first anyway). Any new country seeking to join the EU and NATO should examine the prosperous country of Ukraine.

Brother Ma

Yep. It proves the rule. Every country that has joined NATO has been de militarised of its own forces and de – industrialized. Just right for NATO plunderers to come in and loot the country…see ukraine etc


That’s happening in all the OECD countries. They don’t make anything anywhere anymore. Wow, I’m proud of myself for that sentence

Manuel OM

Making countries defenseless and improductive, hence weak and easily amenable to work in/for the pax americana. Nice way as well of ensuring fidelity.

In Spain the matter has gone as far as to cause some 10 million shrinkage -through economic genocide -in nationals of Spain’s stock … a country without manpower is thought unable to oppose the whim of the armed spoilers. So the “husbands kill wifes” and “being gay is cool” tenets going on everyday at your screens.

They started soon, with puppet politicians closing the shipyards. By the way, at that moment, naval engineering was the most difficult graduate title to get, what could be interpreted conversely to the more usual understanding of the matter being difficult to one … of reducing competitors licensed to properly direct building ships able to project military and economic power.

By the sixties Spain had around 90000 sailors, I think it was the 3d country in the world with so much seafaring aptitude. I don’t know the numbers of today, but maybe closer to a tenth of what then. And of course most of what remain of Spain’s navy are 4 to 6 frigates akin to -and compatible with- the american counterparts and workings … to the extent of the crews exchanging ships for practice.

So some must be thinking to give thanks, there is every kind of thanksgiving day.

Brother Ma

Very true,Brother.


NATO military preparedness on display..And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


I bet the Russians are breathing a sigh of relief that they aren’t responsible for the Warsaw Pact after getting shot of this rabble. ;O)


This is why I laugh whenever I read things like ‘NATO wants this’, or ‘NATO does that’. NATO does jack shit because almost all NATO countries are in the same shape militarily as Bulgaria. Utter crap. It’s only the USA that does and pushes for everything.


Buy the F-35, it solves every problem there is.

You can call me Al


You don’t need to worry about two engines a plane as it only has one.

You don’t need to worry about getting your hair wet, as it cannot fly in rain.

You don’t need to worry about being scared, because by that time, you will be suffering from one of the F-35’s hypoxia-like cockpit problem.

But, I bet that is the way they will go, the traitorous scum politicians.

More that sold their soul.


Don’t forget ‘BIRDS’ :-)


Nice addition. No photos of the damage yet?


Nope, but I hear they’re somewhat losing interest in F35s

You can call me Al

But I have their new version …… due to concerns on the maximum flight time, the new F-35 LBGT contains battery backup.

comment image
comment image?itok=T8Vd8Ud-




They truly think that BVR is to their advantage. What an expensive piece of shit.


and gender neutral toilets….. :-)


I sincerely appreciate those 2 photos Al, if I may call you that :)

You can call me Al

Sir / Madam; you may call me anything you wish.

Have a nice weekend.



Igor Dano

They have to buy US crap now.
Good for Russia.
Russia should take back Migs and refurbish them.

You can call me Al

There was one more like this I was thinking about, racking my brains- YOU NAILED IT, CHEERS.




Storks especially :)


Yeah, like not being able to afford an air force at all. Dutch air force is going F-35, but since they can only afford to buy 35 of the damn things, that means our fighter strength gets halved from the current 70. Should have gone Grippen or Rafale instead. Quantity is a quality of its own. But no, our politicians drank the American Cool Aid. Gotta buy stealth. Gotta be on good terms with the US.


I had a good laugh with all this. FANTASTIC GUYS!!!

Goingbrokes’ reply and the other replies (below) to his, are all together a good material for a standup comedy.


If Bulgaria doesn’t want the Mig-29’s they should donate them all…

TO ME!!!


Oh yeah ……………. and the pain continues. The comments here are hilarious, by the way. Thank you everybody for some solid laughter.

Solomon Krupacek

From the number one military power on the Balkans in 1989,

No1 = Turkey
No2 = Greece
No3 = Yugoslavia

Ishyrion Av

Solomon, your geography sucks. Turkey is for sure not in Balkans. Greece is in Balkans from time to time, depends who’s talking. Remains no.3. But that doesn’t give you a graduation mark.

Solomon Krupacek

you undereducated asshole, greece is balkan, the european part of turkey also. moreover, turky has common border with bulgaria. bulgaia wa snever no1. always was the most corrupt sate in whole europe. the bulgarian army was corrupt, the officers sold out everything.

Ishyrion Av

For someone who sucks at both geography and history, you have a very dirty mouth. Usually this is used to cover both stupidity and incompetence.
Enciclopedia Britannica doesn’t agree with you. Geographically, Turkey is NOT in Balkan Peninsula. If you count Constantinople in this and mark it as Turkey, that’s not an argument. Geographically, THAT REGION IS PROBABLY 1/50 of Turkey. Historically, politically and religiously, Turkey is ZERO European. Nothing in common. So, no, Turkey is not Balkan.
I brought the history and politics in discussion because Balkans have also a political and historical dimension. From this point of view, Greece is not Balkan but for example, Romania is. And Romania is not geographically in Balkan Peninsula.
I suggest do your homework better before open your dirty mouth next time.


Only a tiny part of Turkey can be considered part of the Balkans

Solomon Krupacek

sure. but their army can fight there. the greeks could tell you somethimg :)

That Guy

This is what happens when you trust NATO.


I suppose the Air Force could redeploy to Wimbledon Common….


Wasn’t it also from Bulgaria all the standard weapons were shipped to HTS and FSA in Syria?


Who needs enemies when you have friends like the Americans.

Alexander Stoyanov

The article demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding with regard to Bulgarian security issues. The contents of the article remind me of a angry socialist-nostalgic rhethoric, typical of low-class neighbourhood pubs in lesser Bulgarian settlements. It is as clear as it can be that the author is basing his “analysis” on fabricated “facts” and simple anti-NATO/US emotions, which usually dominate the minds of “military capacities” of the sort, eager to present their half-wit perspective on actual events.

Tony T.

>The article demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding with regard to Bulgarian security issues.<

Pathetic boot-licking vassals don't have "security issues"…they do as their told…end of story


Then disprove the deliberate destruction of their military or the refusal of the pilots to fly potentially unsafe aircraft.


Please, enlighten us. I would like to know more about this issue.

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