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MAY 2021

Bulgarian Highways Full of NATO Battle Tanks

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Bulgarian Highways Full of NATO Battle Tanks

‘Defensive’ NATO military exercises have been continuing over Europe

This article is prepared by Viktor Stoilov for SouthFront

NATO’s tanks on the highway? That’s what the people in Bulgaria experienced on the night of August 14 and the morning of August 15. Between 10pm and 8am a big column of tanks and other armored vehicles rolled through the northern Bulgarian highway ‘Hemus’. They will take part in military exercises near the Black sea. Usually military hardware of that kind should be transported through the railroads but it became a tradition for NATO to turn their exercises into provocative military parades on the European streets.

We remind you that just a few months ago, in March, NATO did a similar thing when a simple relocation of armored vehicles was turned into a parade. The forces even organized games for children and took selfies with the citizens. But not everybody was happy about it and Czech anti-war activist launched a campaign named ‘Tanks? No, thanks!’.

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