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Bulgaria And Russia Discuss Extension Of Turkish Stream And Cooperation In Nuclear Power

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Bulgaria And Russia Discuss Extension Of Turkish Stream And Cooperation In Nuclear Power

SOURCE: en.kremlin.ru

On May 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov discussed cooperation in the fields of gas transit and nuclear power industry.

Putin pointed out that Moscow is “developing partnerships with Bulgarian regions” and stressed the further cooperation in the nuclear industry.

“We discussed in detail cooperation in the nuclear power industry. The Rosatom State Corporation will continue supplying nuclear fuel to the Bulgarian Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant,” Putin stated at the press conference after negotiations.

“Russia is ready to return to the idea of carrying out the project to build Belene Nuclear Power Plant – if, of course, the Bulgarian leadership decides to.”

Borisov stressed that Russia and Turkey do not oppose to the extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline to reach Europe, including Bulgaria.

“President Putin told us that yesterday they spoke with the Turkish President and there are no objections to the extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline towards Bulgaria,” Borisov said.

Putin also expressed his will to work out on the gas pipeline issue. He emphasized that the development of cooperation on gas transit will ensure energy security in Europe.

“We are working on this in practical terms with our Turkish and Bulgarian friends. I know that Bulgaria is building certain transit capacities on its territory. As for the volume and prices, this is up to the companies involved – there are many purely commercial economic issues that are within their competence,” Putin said.

“The volume of annual supplies is about 3 bln cubic meters. I would like to note that routes of transit of Russian hydrocarbons to other countries of South-Eastern Europe are passing through Bulgaria, so there are opportunities to develop cooperation in this important area.”

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that any specific agreement on the Turkish Stream deal hasn’t been reached yet, RBC reported. He said that Bulgaria is interested in the cooperation, but it is not clear how to accomplish this project technically.

In December 2014, Putin announced that Russia refuses to implement South Stream gas pipeline project. Moscow explained its refusal by the absence of Bulgarian permission and by the EU contraction to the project.

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This is the only way for Bulgaria and Russia. Unity!

Brian Dippenaar

Except that Bulgaria has shown itself to be a less than reliable partner in the past.


One can not identify the Bulgarians with their government.


You have all these European countries that want Russia to build pipelines, and then you have the Americans telling them Russia cannot build pipelines. How about Bulgaria, and some of those other needy European countries start building pipelines to Russia Iran, Qatar. The Europeans can’t seem to do anything for themselves?

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