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‘Build Back… You Know, The Thing’: Americans Have No Idea What’s In Biden’s Economic Plan

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'Build Back... You Know, The Thing': Americans Have No Idea What's In Biden's Economic Plan

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Originally published on ZeroHedge.

While Congressional Democrats spar over the ultimate size of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” economic plan, Bloomberg astutely points out that Americans have no clue what they’re signing up for with their tax dollars. In fact, according to a CBS News poll published Oct. 10, just 10% of Americans say they know the specifics of the bill, while only 1/3 think it would benefit them directly.

What’s more, “Not even Congress knows what the bill would accomplish, with the contents of the plan changing day-by-day as Democrats squabble over how much it should spend, who it should benefit and who should pay for it.”

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biden is an incoherent buffoon. He does not even understand what state he is in 90℅ of the time.


On the recently televised Town Hall on CNN and hosted by pro-Biden CNN broadcaster Cooper, Biden literally stated, ‘ahh…what am I doing here’, mid answer about the logistics shortfalls and problems of hundreds of cargo ships sitting off US coast unable to unload containers. Broadcaster Cooper then intervened, and completed the answer for Biden. Softest political ‘journalism’ have ever seen, interviewer literally answering his own question for Biden who obviously became cognitively lost.

Last edited 1 month ago by Robespierre
Israel is a NATO colony project

Let’s go Brandon.




Anyone who believes democracy is freedom is a godless retard.

Oh wait, almost everyone believes that.

Yep. That includes you too.

Last edited 1 month ago by IMHO

Democrat Hose Speaker Pelosi stated. ‘we need to pass this Bill so we can see what’s in it’. Seriously. Not kidding you. A senior parliamentarian stated that they need to pass a major legislative Spending Bill, no questions asked, to only then examine at the contents AFTERWARDS. That is the complete reversal of how centuries of’ parliamentary process review works. If this doesn’t tell what is going on in US politics right now, nothing will. Its obviously Pelosi, Schumer and Obama’s bureaucratic re-treads actually writing these Spending BIlls, not Dementia Biden, and they are trying to ram them through quickly as possible under false narrative that they are signature policies of Biden.

L du Plessis

The USA is doomed under the NWO agenda

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