Brutality At A Peak Of Syrian Conflict

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The escalation of the situation in northern and eastern Syria during the past months sparked a new wave of media interest to the conflict. Expectedly, all the sides involved in the standoff ramped up their propaganda efforts. In this very period, multiple shocking videos filmed in 2016-2017 appeared online. Some media organizations tried to present these videos as up-to-date.

For example, videos showing atrocity of Turkish-backed militant groups in northeastern Syria (video 21+) were accompanied by footage filmed during Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch in Afrin in 2018 (video 21+; This link was provided for information purposes only. SF strongly advises to avoid watching it). Pro-Kurdish soruces used old videos in an attempt to increase an international pressure on the Turkish government after the start of its military operation in northeastern Syria.

Another case from this field is a series of videos showing actions of alleged Russia-linked military contractors towards a Syrian man that reportedly defected to ISIS. These videos (graphic video warning 21+: here, here, here; These links were provided for information purposes only. SF strongly advises to avoid watching them.) have been recently injected into the media space and drew significant attention of English-language media outlets.

Brutality At A Peak Of Syrian Conflict

A blured screenshot from the video

The disturbing series of clip shows an execution of an alleged Syrian deserter to ISIS by Russian-speaking men dressed in tactical clothing. The person (according to some media, Abdullah al-Ismail, 32 – this remains unconfirmed) is shown being pushed to the ground, repeatedly hit with a sledgehammer and beaten. The group the beheads him and cuts off his arms. The further footage shows them burning the body. Media outlets claim that the group of people shown on the video was belonging to so-called “Wagner PMC”, a group of Russia-linked private military contractors that operates in Syria.

Brutality At A Peak Of Syrian Conflict

A blured screenshot from the video

Brutality At A Peak Of Syrian Conflict

A blured screenshot from the video

Later, more details regarding the incident appeared in Russian social media. On November 21, an unofficial online community covering activities of so-called “Wagner PMC” released  the following anonymous letter (source):

Yesterday, another wiseacre from the Internet wrote a story about a poor sadik (slang term: a friendly Syrian soldier or a member of pro-government militia) and “Russian monsters”. Day-dreamers even somehow invented his name. They composed a lot. For the wise men from the Internet, I explain, the video was shot in APRIL 2017.

We picked this fucker in late February or early March with a bare ass in the desert when we secured the territory recently captured from militants. During interrogation, he said that he was a sadyk, that his unit fled from its position when militants began an advance, but he fought back. We checked the unit he named. It was defeated by militants 5 km away from the place where we found him.

We took him with us and a couple of weeks he hanged around at our positions. They made an observation point and put him there so that he would not sit idle. At night, militants began shelling us. We responded. When we took a look, our sadyk was already gone. Of course, there was no desire or opportunity to look for him. Sadiks are famous runners. No one attached importance to this.

In the morning, our remote post came under an intense shelling from light and heavy. Two suicide bombers blew up. Three our fighters were killed. Militants captured one heavily injured fighter.

On the next day, an unmanned vehicle dropped a severed arm with a phone near the same post. We identified (him) by tattoo and the ring. The phone was checked. The initial thought was that it was an IED. However, there was a video showing the same missing sadyk that kills (cuts) our guy.

Attacks on our posts continued, but militants did not succeed. In the end of April, we set up an ambush, surrounded militants who were about to attack our post again, and fucked them up, capturing three of them.

Look, the same missing sadyk, who quartered our guy, was among them. He confessed all. Well, what else to do with him. The guys still remembered everything, and dealt with him exactly as he did with our guy. Well, as a warning, they also recorded a video for militants. The answer. So, fuckers would know. And now Internet wiseacres invented fairy tales. Nothing personal, just the war on evil.


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klove and light

great Job…thats how you treat treachrous Zionist slaves……………this guy is a typical low life pants peeing prick…….when they found him first he was more than happy that they treated his wounds and gave him Food aND DRINKS::::: first possibility to backstab..he did…..torturing and mutilating one of his former savors ….secong time they found him…..they gave him the Sword and sent him of to paradise with his fucking virgins…

great Job..Keep it up!!!


A very interesting take.

Tudor Miron

Those who faked this video are now trying to make it more credible. Those who seen Russian PMC will agree that those faggots do not look like Wagner at all. What I see is another attempt of novaya gazeta to paint Russia as mordor.

Black Waters

They look like americunts.

Tudor Miron

Wagner is mostly retired professionals from armed forces. Those look much the same as young liberasts that attended this summers weak attempt of Maidan in Moscow. Yes, there are many of those here – children of commercials as I call them. Years of western propaganda of individualism at expense of others have its results unfortunately. There’s an investigation on this case – let’s see how it unfolds. As I said – if those are indeed Russian citizens than they should end their days in a cell. I would not blame them for simply shooting that guy (if that story above was to be truth) on the sport – war is a cruel affair. But acting in the same way as daesh does has no excuses.


They look exactly like they were in vacation in Ukraine and somehow got lost in Syria. I’m glad to see Givi and Motorola again

Alejandro Bonifacio

The fate of the betrayer

John Wallace

If it was as they say then, exactly. Sending the message back that we can do the same back to you .


Since we are on this subject, here’s some freedom and democracy brought to you by the US ! (not recomended, and i’ve been on Bestgore)

John Wallace

What is so bad about those that one shouldn’t look. Old pics of US torturing prisoners in Abu Graib Iraq years ago. Anyone that thinks everyone follows Geneva Conventions should never go to war. Every side does evil things in the context of war . No one is innocent. The war in Syria is not a picnic outing for anyone.


“No one is innocent” …*Continue to Kill and torture people*
i’ve seen so many videos on Bestgore of beheading and torture… but these are a whole another level ! The US make ISIS look like plebs… Im starting to understand why they insist on calling them Moderate rebels.

John Wallace

If you think these photo’s disgusting as they are , are worse than getting beheaded or butchered then you have seen nothing. Really ? , it is better to be beheaded alive than to be degraded. Most if not all of those prisoners are mostly alive , a little upset at their treatment which is understandable but alive with their head still on their shoulders. Able to return to their families , not so those that have their heads sitting between their ankles. I know which I would have preferred. Worse than ISIS , really.


I rather have a quick a death than to live my life humiliated and treated like that, what kind of life you would live after this ? at least ISIS do them the pleasure of a quick death. BTW i’ve seen enough videos and pictures that hunted me for a while so i know what im saying.

John Wallace

Your preference fine. Nothing quick about getting throat cut with a blunt knife or made to line up and wait your turn. Video’s . why not try it for real. Nothing like watching a video. No I didn’t cut heads off or torture people but not all died a quick death. To me that is nothing . Humiliation washes off eventually in the shower.


The US military are as disgusting as the Wahabi’s they employ as mercenary’s today.I had seen some of these photos of the depraved abuse in Abu Graib by the US military at the time of the 1st exposure. They sicken me now as they did then.

John Wallace

That is nothing compared to what ISIS did to their captives. Sure it isn’t nice but degradation is nothing to being made to kneel on anti personnel mines and blown up or made to kneel in a row and one by one get a bullet in the back of the head or hands tied and dragged to the side of a fast flowing river shot and pushed into the river or made to make a shallow hollow and lie down with dozens of others and shot. I haven’t even got to the beheading yet. Sure the guards were intellectually challenged and bored so came up with something to amuse themselves . Very wrong yes but no where as bad as others are doing and in war that happens . Stop the bullshit wars but that won’t happen as those with a vested interest whether be profit or power are much more powerful . Crying about it changes nothing while the sheep sleep.

Rafik Chauhan

this is no way Russian PMC. this guy look like gving Audition. something likw whitehelmet always does with the civilian during chemical alegation


Yeah, remeber, somehow we are always feed info, disinfo to pure fabrications, so for an old man like me I usualy never take anything witch isnt easy to confirm at face walue, and why should we, grusome things happens, like the White helmet British hero, chopping the head of an Palestinian child 12 years old, and nobody cared, and then this comes, but never forget that this is due to the western intervetions, never ever let that slip away, I never do, and I blame everything on the west, because they are the creatores, atrocitys happens everywhere, and also in Syria.

I will show you one of those, eh…. WTF moments, and if you stil dont belive there will come an war, you arent paying any attention, Trumpstein is an 100% ISISraeli bitch, but this article is infact a tiny bit more serious, is about an French Def Min whining about why havent the war started, and never forget that it was the French Gov with ZATO forces that wanted to over take Libya and stil are there, and they continue to suport the asult, and dont even bother to end the human trafficing.
I am a but feed up with what happened 2 to 4 years ago, when the coming months can change the eitre globe.
But hey, look, an sqirell tapp dancing, sweet, right.


John Wallace

Very good of her to advocate war when she knows full well she will be well out of harms way as will her children no doubt. It is fine that other mothers children die . Setting the stage for another chemical attack in Idlib at some stage so the red line will be crossed. Funny how those that never suffered war are the strongest advocates for and those that have the strongest advocated against war.. Hmmm .. wonder why ?? . So true .. all of what you say .. and no one cares..


Fecking animals. Criminals.

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