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Broken Nest, The US Anti-China Project To Destroy Semiconductor Factories In Taiwan

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Broken Nest, The US Anti-China Project To Destroy Semiconductor Factories In Taiwan

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Written by Piero Messina

How to prevent China from attacking Taiwan? The gurus at the US Army War College in Carlisle in Pennsylvania have clear ideas. To make Taiwan less attractive, it is enough to destroy its semiconductor companies. The paper is called “Broken Nest, deterring China from invading Taiwan” and was presented in November last year by two researchers from the military study center, Jared M. McKinney and Peter Harris.

The idea must be taken very seriously. Us Army War College is one of the most authoritative think tanks in the US military world. The college was born around the Carlisle Barracks, founded in 1757. Since 1904 the center has formed the military elite of the United States and allied countries. From the courses of the US Army War College have passed soldiers who have made the history of the US army such as George Patton (Landing in Normandy in the Second World War) William Westmoreland (the commander of the US forces in the Vietnam War) and Norman Schwarzkopf Jr ( the General who led the forces of the anti-Saddam coalition in the first Gulf War). In recent years, the College of Carlisle has also trained foreign armed and intelligence forms, including ISI, the Pakistani secret service.

In the report published by the College, it is clearly written that the destruction of semiconductor factories makes Taiwan unattractive for China. It is a crazy proposal: destroying Taiwanese chip factories means bringing the entire world industry to its knees, from the computer and smartphone and hi-tech sectors to the automotive sector. The repercussions would be devastating on a planetary scale. Taiwan produces more than 90 percent of all chips made globally.

Here’s what McKInney and Harris write: “To start, the United States and Taiwan should lay plans for a targeted scorched-earth strategy that would render Taiwan not just unattractive if ever seized by force, but positively costly to maintain. This could be done most effectively by threatening to destroy facilities belonging to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the most important chipmaker in the world and China’s most important supplier. Samsung based in South Korea (a US ally) is the only alternative for cutting-edge designs. Despite a huge Chinese effort for a “Made in China” chip industry, only 6 percent of semiconductors used in China were produced domestically in 2020. If Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s facilities went offline, companies around the globe would find it difficult to continue operations. This development would mean China’s high-tech industries would be immobilized at precisely the same time the nation was embroiled in a massive war effort. Even when the formal war ended, the economic costs would persist for years.

According to the two researchers, moreover, “Deterring a Chinese invasion of Taiwan without recklessly threatening a great-power war is both possible and necessary through a tailored deterrence package that goes beyond either fighting over Taiwan or abandoning it”.


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mike l hutchings

with friends like the US who needs enemies


The only problem is, China doesn’t want to unite the island of Taiwan with the rest of China just for the chips, and it’s not just this island. Like every other case, Americans can’t comprehend other people’s mentality and see everything with their own set of broken glasses.

China started to work seriously on manufacturing semiconductor chips just about 2 years ago, after the trouble Americans created for Huawei and some other Chinese manufacturers so a measly %6 in 2020 is not low, it’s in fact a very good number for such a short time. I’m sure they aim for not only self-sufficiency but also for a big part of global market.

Sometimes I can’t help it but wonder, are these rabid “America fuck-yeah!” crowd really on the payroll of Chinese, Russians and us? Why all their plans to hurt the US “adversaries” are in fact a shot in their own foot? Well on the surface this genius plan is to hurt China, but if this madness becomes reality, it’s the greatest gift they could possibly give China in its way to become the high-tech center of the world. What’s next? Destroying Germany’s industrial base? Australia’s mining?

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga
Undeniable Truth

Ithink you don’t understand how dangerous is China It looks to me that you didn’t made any research on Comunism Party of China. Chinese Comunism Party are only for themselves 300-400 million Chinese people are living in hell conditions created by Chinese Comunism Party.


You are right, I didn’t made … research and I like the way you think. Now since you seem like a nice and informed guy, please let us know:

When have you been to China, where and for how long?

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga
Jim Allen

Your response to Garga’s comment tell’s the world what little you understand. Also, how little research you made. Particularly in the research of actual, honest to God fact’s. Your comment read’s like a Western narrative. (propaganda) I’ve followed along reading Garga’s comment’s for some year’s now, and what I can say is, the man know’s his subject’s. I’d be more careful, and courteous towards those that know what they’re talking about, in future. But, that’s just me, and my ancient way’s. That, and I’ve learned a fair amount of thing’s from this gentleman, and confirmed much of what I already knew. Also, the perspective of all this from where he’s viewing it from. Priceless.


What a stupid murican’t…

Jim Allen

Correct as usual. When the article mentioned Westmoreland’s name, somehow I knew it would be a stupid idea. So much for US “think tank’s.” This one shoulda’ thunk up something else, and left Westmoreland’s name off the list. US all worried about a handful of chip’s, but never gave a thought towards what will happen if/when China stops export’s to US,and other Western countries. Most of US industry moved to China beginning in 1975.


Thank you very much Jim. I hope all’s alright and well with everything that is currently going on back there. Take care.

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga

What happens when one brand is took from the market? The other brand´s take it´s place or other´s start to produce the product that wa produced by the late. What a stupid idea these of the americans.

the end

It seems that Jared & Pete are not the smartest dudes in the room…

Ralph Conner

Whoever in Chinese psy ops who implimented this is till laughing.

Lance Ripplinger

Scorched earth has been the United States Military Industrial Congressional Complex policy for decades. Look what the U.S. did to Japan or Germany during WW2 or North Korea during the Korean War. They completely burned to the ground all the cities and infrastructure. That is a war crime of the highest level.

john mason

Unfortunately, war crimes only applies to the losers.

Karl Wolfe

The Chinese government and people are not fools. They are perfectly fine to watch the Western Elites exterminate their own peoples with these criminal death shots. The so called Elites BELIEVE that THEY will be in a position to call the shots no matter how much death they inflict upon the world. Hopefully the Chinese will use their overconfidence against them to inflict a huge kick in their teeth that won’t be forgotten. Don’t forget to exterminate Gates and the entire WEF to the last one….because murdering psychopaths will only continue UNTIL they are permanently stopped.

L du Plessis

The US Gov is satan’s HQ and the military and Cia are the hands and fingers of satan, waiting to get vaporised by Christ. 💪😂


That is pre-supposing that China would not respond in kind to an attack upon civilian targets on/in Chinese sovereign territory with an attack upon civilian targets on the amerikan mainland.

(After all — computer manufacturers and those that manufacture parts for such are considered ‘civilian’)

China is ABSOLUTELY capable of doing so.

THAT’S a can of worms I don’t think the fahclsts want to open.

Last edited 1 year ago by Karl
jens holm

Another crapping nonsense.

Its true the Semicundoctor almost has a world patent making those advanced chips.

By that it make sense to make something better or semilar in fx USA.

Thats how it is.

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