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JULY 2022

Broken Dreams: Kiev Not Invited To NATO’s Closed Meeting, Still Not Member

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Broken Dreams: Kiev Not Invited To NATO's Closed Meeting, Still Not Member

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On May 26th, Ukraine complained that there had been no progress in NATO’s “open-door” policy to Ukrainian membership.

It also failed understand why it was not invited to the Western military alliance’s summit., when it is not a member yet.

NATO meets on June 14 in Brussels in the hope of repairing transatlantic ties under U.S. President Joe Biden amid growing tensions with Russia.

“We understand the desire of the allies to hold a closed summit … but we do not understand how it is possible not to invite Ukraine,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said, adding that the summit comes amid escalating tension on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy this month called on NATO to strengthen its military presence in the Black Sea region and asked the United States to back Kiev bid for a NATO membership action plan at the summit.

So far, Kiev has gotten a bit of empty rhetoric and no actual, tangible support.

NATO said in 2008 that Ukraine could potentially become a NATO member in the future. 13 years later, little has changed.

Kuleba said Kiev was grateful to NATO for “constant confirmation of the open-door policy”, but added that not a single step has been taken to implement it.

“When we in Ukraine are accused of too slow reforms, what can we say about the adoption and implementation of the decisions of the alliance, which have been covered with dust for 13 years?” Kuleba said.

Kuleba stressed that it was important to prevent the open door policy from turning into a “policy of giving nothing but promises.” He said he was convinced that it was difficult to imagine a better and more important time than 2021 for granting the Membership Action Plan to Ukraine.

“We are talking openly about this with our NATO partners, and I think it is time to talk openly with Ukrainian society so that they clearly realize that the ball is not always in Ukraine’s court when it comes to Euro-Atlantic integration. And we are waiting for a pass from the Alliance,” Kuleba said.

U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price recently restated U.S. policy of supporting an “open door” to NATO for countries meeting “the standard for membership”.

Still, according to Washington, Ukraine still must “implement the … reforms necessary to build a more stable, democratic, prosperous and free country.”

Finally, Kuleba said he was puzzled how a “closed-door” NATO meeting could happen at the backdrop of Russia’s aggression.

“To be honest, we absolutely do not understand how a closed NATO summit can be held against the background of the Russian Federation’s aggressive actions against Ukraine in the Black Sea region and against the Alliance itself. I mean the latest events, the latest results of the investigation in the Czech Republic. We cannot understand this. How can they not invite Ukraine? How can they not find a format for [Ukraine’s] participation in this year’s summit?” Kuleba said.


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No cookies for Ukies


Makes you wonder just how dense these clowns are for they like Georgia will never get into NATO. They are just being strung along as long as they are useful but when they no longer are they will be history..

Peter Wallace

When are they going to wake up that they are being used as the expendable stick to poke the Bear . When the Germans invaded Ukraine the Ukrainians were happy to have the Russians chased out and many offered to fight for Germany against Russia. But Hermann Goring said they were to be used as expendable slaves in German war industries after promising them of the wonderful working and living conditions they would have in Germany to load up the trains of volunteers . At the start of the war there were around 42 million people in Ukraine. Around 7 million of those were killed during the war.

john wooh

Maybe the Prostitute Ukraine wakes up and realizes, that she has always been used against her Brother.

At the moment they dont need the Nazi-hooker-whore, so they trew her away and she is now laying down with open legs on the ground and nobody wants her.

Ivan Freely

The Ukies will never wake up. If they haven’t figured out by now on what the Nazis did to them, they will never figure it out.


Americans believe WW2 in Europe went from Dunkirk to D-day with nothing but North Africa and the relatively minor skirmish with Japan happening between them let alone subtleties like how Poles and Ukrainians did the dirty work for the Germans in the east.


Well, maybe if Nato won’t accept Ukraine, Ukraine should go crawling back to Mother Russia. It was doing a lot better back in the old days as part of the USSR.


I doubt Russia would want them back,they are political prostitutes.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis are crying and raging 🤗

Cheryl Sanchez


Cheryl Sanchez

UKRAINE HAS BECOME ANOTHER US COLONY WHICH THEY WILL PLUNDER. Ukraine politicians are too insular minded and full with hate and propaganda to see clearly

Raptar Driver

The Kiev junta is comprised of the most mentally ill individuals on the planet.


Colombia now “associate” NATO….NATO is amerika and some colonies but an impotent hologram designed to steal money and destroy national culture amerikans like BORG:” resistance is futile: u will be assimilated”. Hungary, even Poland resisting the LBGTification of Europe Resistance is not futile!


in some measures Ukraine already nato—only important for Denmark—jens terrified will be invaded by Sweden or Finland

L du Plessis


Brother Ma

There is nothing funnier than seeing stupid Ukies thinking they are equals with the rest of Europe. The sods actually believe NATO is there to help them and that their opinion counts for something in the West. lol.

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