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British Special Forces Spotted Near Syria’s Al-Hasakah Prison Where ISIS Terrorist Have Been Holding Up (Videos)

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British Special Forces Spotted Near Syria’s Al-Hasakah Prison Where ISIS Terrorist Have Been Holding Up (Videos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Hawar News Agency.

British special forces have been spotted near Geweran prison in the northeastern Syrian city of al-Hasakah where ISIS terrorists have been holding up for nearly a week now.

The terrorists launched a large-scale attack on the prison, which is located in the southern part of al-Hasakah, late on January 20. The attack, which was meant to free ISIS captives, ended up with the terrorists capturing the entire prison and nearby areas from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

On January 25, the al-Ghad TV aired footage from the vicinity of Geweran prison showing a convoy of five “Escapade” Bushmaster PMVs [Protected Mobility Vehicles] of the British Army. These specially modified, highly armored vehicles are usually used by the British Army’s Special Air Service (SAS) units.

The presence of British special forces near Geweran is not surprising given that the UK is a key member of the US-led coalition who has been supporting the SDF’s efforts to re-secure the prison and nearby areas from the get go.

As of January 26, the coalition’s support has allowed the SDF to recapture much of Geweran prison and several nearby building from ISIS terrorists. The SDF was also able to free 32 hostages from the terrorists’ hands.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the battle in al-Hasakah city has so far claimed the lives of 124 terrorists of ISIS, seven civilians and 50 personnel of the SDF and its security forces.

Now, the SDF and the US-led coalition are reportedly in talks with the terrorists holding up at Geweran prison. A deal to facilitate the terrorists withdrawal to central Syria is allegedly being discussed. Damascus and its allies, who have been battling the terrorist group’s cells in the central region for the last few years, will not likely allow such a deal to pass.


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Simon Ndiritu

Someone iSAS probably wants to relocate these ISIS terrorists to the next battlefield, either in Nigeria or Chad.

Chris Gr

Nigeria and Chad have much stronger armies than Syria. They will obliterate them.

Simon Ndiritu

How about your mom?, if she hasn’t changed her gender yet.

Florian Geyer

Or Ukraine perhaps?

Ivan Freely

Not sure how those neo-nazis would accept them. I’m thinking further East like Central Asia; or maybe Southeast Asia.


Jen your mother,veife and daughter are supporting it… they can wait to get some stuff… something u gay sob with small dead weiner can’t give


Good window for the Russian and Syrian military to take out all the UK gay shitpits for their actions in Jewkraine

Ivan Freely

They missed their chance. Honestly, why keep those bastards alive.

Ivan Freely

What’s the moral of the story kiddies? Don’t keep those prisoners alive. Execute them immediately so there can be no one the British can rescue.

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