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War Preparations: British Reconnaissance Ship Entered Black Sea

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British reconnaissance ship HMS Echo has entered the Black Sea. Aaccording to photos released online, HMS Echo transited the Bosporus on December 18.

This was the first time when a British ship visited the Black Sea since an incident between a Ukrainian naval group and Rusisan coastal guards in the Black Sea, near the Kerch Strait on November 25. It’s interesting to note that by some reason a part of journalists writting about this situation believes that the standoff took place in the Sea of Azov. Most likely editors of some mainstream media outlets just failed to google the difference between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov thus spreading this mistake among the international audience.

HMS Echo is a multi-role hydrographic survey ship of the Royal Navy. She’s designed to conduct survey operations in support of submarines or amphibious operations and is capable of embarking a dedicated mine counter measures command team.

This move as well as the recent increase of US intelligence gathering operations in the region are a part of the wider US-NATO preparations for a possible conflict in the region.

Considering the recent signals of the Euro-Atlantic establishment to the Ukrainian regime, it becomes highly likely that a new round of military escalation may start in the region in the nearest future.


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They will only entertain the tourists.

Chris Chuba

The British have fantasies about a Second Crimean War being successful.

John Whitehot

my fantasies are about minuscule bikinis that move around revealing details.

the british ones are actually delusions.


That’s a symptom of old age John :)


The British are very funny…they think they can sail a tin can into the Black Sea and it’s supposed to be a display of ‘strength’…?…like all nutcases they are totally deluded…

Fred Summers

People have such a short memory, so a quick reminder, and then a bit about this ship:

On the Anniversary of Peal Harbour Russian Divers discovered an AUV ‘on standby’ in deep water not far from the new AUV facility and existing Naval base in Novorossiysk. It was not one of thiers, so an attempt to recover it was made. This recovery attempt was abandoned when the AUV was identified as a weaponised drone with an anti-tamper device. However, using a tether, the drone was pulled towards shallow water as near to a coastal road and beach area as possible. This was to initiate a controlled explosion and recover as much of the drone as possible for forensic examination.

The drone was demolished by specialist divers from Novorossiysk close to the popular resort town of Anapa, Russia.

The true story, as above, was initially reported by a Russian news channel, before the story was changed to the ‘detonation of a WW2 sea mine’.

This new cover story was reported on all major Russian News channels as ‘WW2 sea mine explosion at Anapa’ (or similar such headlines).

Suspicion was that the drone was to be used against the brand new missile corvetter ‘Orekhovo-Zuevo’ in a major False-Flag provocation to be blamed on Ukraine.

It was suspected that the weaponised AUV was a British design. The British currently have Special Forces in the region capable of carrying out such a mission and are known to be involved in previous provocations (such as the infamous Crimea Bridge / Kerch Strait incident.

It has also been noted that British Special forces were seen just 1KM from a power station in Transnistria, and just 3KM from the facility at Cobasna with over 1000 Russian troops currently nearby.

It should be noted that the HMS Echo, which will at the very least be used to provide a detailed 3D map of the sea bed around Russian shipping routes in the Black Sea, is capable of deploying AUV’s and large UUV’s, or even non-conventional mines (ie nuclear) when area denial / containment of an enemy is a priority.

It also has the facility to ‘lock onto and track’ submarines, or send AUV’s to intercept undersa targets.

This ship, HMS Echo, although apearing ‘humble’ to the untrained eye is a very significant threat to the Russians in an enclosed sea such as the Black Sea, and they will have to respond to it in some way.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

They should disable all its electronics lol


Tis time to install some anti submarine and submersible nets around the new bridge I think.


Send an oil tanker, that will scare the bejesus out of the Yanks.

John Whitehot



Good idea and circle the british survey ship with fishing trawlers towing drag nets. :)


NATO forces already have fish-net tights FlorianGeyer.

Standard issue.


mmm, It that why NATO often gets snagged by its childish calumny ?

Tudor Miron

Deployed together with transgender toilets?


I think it’s too shallow for them?


The water is shallow and I was thinking of divers with powered submersibles or autonomous small submersibles. The waters are about 7m deep I think.


Warm water does that.

AM Hants

Just asked similar. No doubt, Russia will gather more intelligence on the ship, then vice verse.

John Whitehot

“It should be noted that the HMS Echo will at the very least be used to provide a very detailed up-to-the-minute-accurate 3D map of the sea bed around Russian shipping and submarine routes in the Black Sea”

“The Russians will have to respond to it in some way. Lets watch and learn how they deal with this latest provocation”

If I were the Russians, I’d draw some lolling and rotfling faces on the seabed where the ship will scan.

It’s a response that is both adequate and commeasured to this deployment.

R Trojson

Good move, best get familiar before Putin starts WW3. Even looks like a spy ship. But old Putin will feel threatened and be forced to harass the ship anyway. Poor old Putin, does not take much to get his panties all in a knot.


Kinda sounds like you have an obsession with Mr Putin.


An obsession with panties seems more likely.


He’s confused about a lot of things, perhaps even gender confused.


NATO are gender neutral when it comes to internet warriors, where else would offer them that?

Tudor Miron

I asked them both – Solomonchik and this one to spare us of their ugly perversions but they insisted on posting that crap. Had no choice but block’em.


Young recruits, passing off virus and spy software within the porn site.

Classic spy routine, classic spies wouldn’t touch it with a beanpole.


Getting humiliated by Britain now?

I guess the only things those fake hypersonics are scaring are the guillable dopes writing the articles


What’s humiliating about Britain sending a research vessel?

I thought the US would send its fleet to enforce freedom of navigation?

At least the Brits sent something, thereby humiliating the exceptional country.

Luke Hemmming

Maybe the US will send the Donald Cook again? BWAHAHAHA.


Or the USS Cook the McDonald as it’s called in the Black Sea.


The HMS Bullshit.


That DID make me smile, thanks . :)

Rüdiger Preiss


AM Hants

Will she be studying the sea bed of the Sea of Azov? Who will she have on board? Didn’t ‘Tim but Dim’ Williamson, pop over to Ukraine, promising 30 marines/SBS? Just before the Kerch false flag?


The sea of Azov is off limits to NATO. There is no legal freedom of navigation there :) The sea is a de facto Ukranian/Russian lake.

Peter Moy

I say the Russian Navy should escort this incredibly powerful British battleship during its cruise in the Black Sea with their 28,000 ton, nuclear-powered battlecruiser Peter the Great. Would make for some interesting film footage and photos for the boys and girls at Whitehall and the Pentagon. Remember, “we have hundreds of pounds of fish and chips – they only have hundreds of SAMs and anti-ship missiles.”

John Whitehot

that cruiser serves under the Northern Fleet banner.

Tudor Miron

Missile cruiser Moskva is nearby but seriously, we should send something to be close in case Britsh navy hurts itself in someway. I’m actually worried about them after their last “I think we won this one”.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Looks like another potential addition to the DPR Navy to add to the rocket artillery war-tug and the two patrol boats they already have… Could be converted into an aircraft carrier for them.


Perhap’s it’s to monitor Russian movements when Ukraine attacks, so that they can put more sanctions on Russia?

José Xavier

There will always be War preparations. But no War. I wonder, how an Alliance that was unable to control Iraq and Afghanistan, that have lost Korean and Vietnam wars, that isn´t able to control Lybia and defeat Houthis in Yemen will be capable of controlling Russia and China, subduing them? More than 25.000.000 square kilometers? Assuming the improbability of an impecable attack of NATO and the NO USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS by any sides. Only nuts believe in that. A Conventional War between Russia or and China and NATO would be too destructive to any side. NATO business is “just” MIC. Just have a look at the profits of military companies in the last year. They need an enemy. Will always need. Same for Russia and China. A Lot of Rhetoric and no real action. Because any real action in this case will be an EndWar.

José Xavier

The Americans want Low Oil Prices, so, when they say: I Will invade: Venezuela, Iran, etc. What this means really? An inevitable Oil prices surge, something that common Americans can´t stand. Same for War of KSA X Iran or a War between Russia and Ukraine. Imagine then a War between Nato and Russia. US admin is Specialist in Psychological Warfare and Hybrid Warfare, and this they are waging now and will continue to do against Russia and China. But, as reality shows, Russia and China are prepared for this king of warfare so, don´t worry or don´t be too excited. No End of the World in sight.


First USA ,France and Britain plans and instructed Israel to take out Russian reconnaissance plain under fake Iran and Hizbollah excuse.Before USA and Turkey supported terrorist attack with chemical weapons France dispatch reconnaissance warship to Syrian coast.When Israel take out Russian reconnaissance plain British Reconnaissance warship was present to help in case Russia were to attack.This same warships are back in black sea.So Putin and Lavrov your western so call partners want to destroy your country because both of you will try to avoid responds if attack until Lots of Russians bodies lays scattered on Russian soil.Lots of countries nowadays refuse to vote in favor of Russia because their fear to be embarrassed by Russian officials if it goes well with Putin ,Lavrov and its fake western partners.Like Trump,Merkel,Macroni,Erdogan whos praying for Russian downfall.Nato is using information war by instigating all Russian neighbors against Russia to have reason to attack.If given opportunity by Russia Nato can cause serious damage to Russia.Russia must also apply first response real to avoid set backs.

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