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JUNE 2020

British Security Company Confirms: Five Of Its Employees Were Killed In Recent Kabul Attack


British Security Company Confirms: Five Of Its Employees Were Killed In Recent Kabul Attack

Taliban spacial forces, illustrative image

On November 29, the British security company G4S acknowledged that five of its employees were killed in the recent attack by the Taliban on its headquarters in the Afghan capital of Kabul. G4S said that thirty-two other employees were injured, five of them are still in a critical condition.

“We are committed to our security role in support of the people of Afghanistan, and we are determined that incidents such as this will not prevent the vital work that the international community conducts from continuing,” G4S said in an official statement.

British media identified one of the casualties as 33-year old Luke Griffin, a veteran infantryman of the British military who worked for G4S as a close protection specialist. According to the Sun, Luke saw action in Iraq and Afghanistan during his service in the army.

Besides G4S employees many personnel of Afghan security forces and even civilians were killed and injured in the well-planned attack by the Taliban. The attack began with the explosion of a car bomb at the entrance of G4S’ headquarters. Following that, several suicide attackers of the Taliban stormed the facility, according to Afghan sources.

The attack once again raised questions about the security situation in the Afghan capital, which appears to be full of the Taliban’s cells.

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  • Potato Potato

    Should have stayed in the mall security business, wannabe mercenaries.

    • Barba_Papa

      But that only pays peanuts. Not even Chavs will leave their council estates to do that. There’s a reason why soldiers even leave real armies to join these firms. It pays REALLY well.

  • Nowruz

    An honest question, is the US funding the Taliban or are they mercenaries who are genuinely fighting against US backed forces in Afghanistan? I just find it hard to believe that a Salafist group like the Taliban aren’t in bed with the US. However, it makes me think twice since they are killing US forces there.

    • PZIVJ

      At this point they are not mercenaries, but home grown rebels that the Afgan govt and US coalition does not want to share power with. But not sure if that is even possible, because Taliban may be a bit fanatic ?

    • Brother Ma

      Friends and enemies. Enemies unless they fight the real ISIS types there (the ones the US doesn’t train or support)

    • Ronald

      The Taliban were originally in bed with the US when the CIA created Al Qaeda with Osama bin Laden and Bush senior. Afghanistan was largely very conservative Sunni to begin with, it is very rural, tribal loyalty above all, with no respect or trust of “national governments”.
      The bin Laden family and the KSA spent ‘Large’ on funding schools promoting the Salafist or Wahhabi version of Sunni Islam. The word ‘taliban’ translated means ‘school’.
      After Russia withdrew from Afghanistan, bin Laden had a falling out with the CIA, he renamed his Al Qaeda group, “The Taliban”. The CIA took their boys into Iraq.


    “G4S said that thirty-two other employees were injured”
    Wow, so there are some job openings in London.
    But please do not use Florian or AI as a reference on your resume ! :)

    • Yankee Doodle

      If they did say ’32’ then some deep shit has just gone down. See my comment about ’33’ above. Number ’32’ means something even more serious which I wont get into as it involves lot of nasty stuff. Other conspiracy types on here will know where this going.

      Expect the Russians in Syria to be targeted again soon in this tit for tat.

    • FlorianGeyer

      That’s very unfair PZIV :)

      In fact in the barmy world we live in , it could be construed as ‘Hate Speech’ . Its ‘Highly Likely’ that it could be anyway :)

      • You can call me Al

        How did we get involved in this ?.- “But please do not use Florian or AI as a reference on your resume ! :)”

        • FlorianGeyer

          That’s Stardom Al.
          We will be on ‘I’m a celebrity,get me out of here’ and BBC News Night soon :)

          • You can call me Al

            LOL. We are now infamous !!.

      • PZIVJ

        I only meant that G4S would not agree with your views.
        Sorry to word it that way, edited. :0

        • FlorianGeyer

          When one reads various G4s Mission Statements, I am uncertain whether G4S agree with their own views :)

    • You can call me Al

      What the hell have I done to be criticised like that ?

      • PZIVJ

        I only meant that G4S would not agree with your views.
        Sorry to word it that way, edited. :/

  • Yankee Doodle

    Yep, as I expected and even commented on the other day. Blowback regarding the Contractors involved from the Kerch Incident.

    Message sent and recieved.
    By the way, whenever you see the number ’33’ in a report, any report like this, it is a coded reference. The guys in the media have not a clue about any of this, just like most of the population. The media just either read or print what they are given.

    When you see something like ’33 killed or injured’, or ’33 traped under ground’, or ‘$33 Billion taken from fund’, or ’33 Levels’, or ‘fell from the 33rd floor’, or ’33 years of age’, and anything printed or displayed with 33 in or on it (lots of UN stuff for example, including the main logo), it has a very specific meaning.
    Anyone not ex intel, or deep into conspiracy stuff (like me) will be clueless about coded references in the media, and simply think you are a tinfoiler for even bringing it up.

    Get your eye into 33 references and you will see part of the game being played.

    Look into it, it will be an education :)
    The report I copied and pasted into the comments (on Crimea radar) about about 9/11 style event being thwarted has vanished from the original website. It was post number 33. Cant make this shit up, seriously, big games being played with everyone, look into it.

  • Tommy Jensen

    The Afghan people can be sure we will continue to protect them and their country.
    All Afghans working in the poppy fields will continue to receive their daily ration as usual, notwithstanding this attack against free market enterprise and peace.

  • Sinbad2

    To lose one employee may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose five looks like carelessness.

  • Jan Lavicka

    we have no tears for terrorists and mercenaries …

    • Barba_Papa

      Nobody has ever shed a tear for mercenaries throughout history. Not even the governments that employ them.

      • Jan Lavicka

        Exactly, now these mercenaries look just like idiotic flesh

        • Barba_Papa

          Dead soldiers are headline news and an embarrassment to their government. Dead mercenaries are merely work related statistics.

  • karakajeen

    Warmonger NATO pirates ⚔️ and US ☠️ Genocide ☢️ Regime 🗡️ creating WARs 📣 in Crimea

  • Dušan Mirić

    “Who takes a sword will die of sword”
    Croatian proverb.

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