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British SAS, Portuguese Troops Join Battle Against ISIS In Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado (Videos)

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British SAS, Portuguese Troops Join Battle Against ISIS In Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado (Videos)

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A squad of the Special Air Service (SAS) special forces was deployed at Mozambique to search for a British man who went missing during the recent deadly attack by ISIS in the northeastern province of Cabo Delgado.

Last week, the terrorists stormed the town of Palma from different directions, including by boats. More than 55 members of the Mozambican Armed Forces and local residents were killed. ISIS released footage showing its fighters inside the town.

ISIS terrorists also ambushed a group of people that left the Amarula hotel in Palma. A British citizen, Adrian Nel, was killed in the ambush.

The SAS will be looking for the second British man, Phil Mawer, who went missing during the same ambush. The special forces were deployed from a base in Nairobi, Kenya.

Meanwhile, Portugal announced that it will deploy soldiers at the beginning of April in Mozambique where they will train local troops. A bilateral agreement calling for a total of 60 special forces troops to Mozambique is being finalized.

ISIS attack forced French energy group Total to suspend work on the largest natural gas processing and liquefaction complex in southern Africa near Palma.

Thousands of people, including foreign experts working in Total’s project, who escaped the attack on Palma arrived in the nearby island of Pemba. Up to 10,000 others were awaiting for evacuation. Private military contractors from the Dyck Advisory Group, Exercitus Group and GardaWorld are helping with the evacuation.

ISIS attack on Palma will likely hinder Total’s project for a while. Government troops and their foreign backers will need to put some serious efforts to recapture and secure the town.


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20 Euro soldiers here, 20 there. All to make sure the scorched earth goes according to plan. This is about the fight between the West and China.

Remember Brazil, Myanmar, Libya, Syria, Iraq, pressure on Iran, ECT.

This is, and will continue to be about sabotage of the OBR

Peter Jennings

The SAS are not normally deployed to find missing Brits.

They are going to kept busy of that there is no doubt, and they don’t ask questions either.
It’s obvious, that’s where the money is and where ever the money is one will find the US and nato trying to grab a piece for themselves.

African’s should get together and nip this in the bud before their continent looks like Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Lone Ranger

Like those SASisis trolls whom got caught in Baghdad a few years ago and were arrested, soon therafter SAS and Delta sieged the police station and got their terrorists back…
Mission accomplished…

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

The difference between the British and the Portuguese is that the SAS only went there to rescue a British citizen, while the Portuguese commandos go there to train the Mozambican special forces to defeat the terrorists. Which of the two cares for the Mozambican people?…


Yesi am sure the former brutal colonial power cares for the people of Mozambique.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

We were the colonial power but we DO care for the Mozambican people. You, on the other hand, only care for yourselves. As we saw in Northern Ireland…

John Wallace

The SAS never say what they are doing and their job here would be to find the base camps without being discovered themselves. Mozambique was a colony of Portugal with no British involvement.


Wouldn’t be surprised if the Empire had sent Isis into the Country,create a problem then become the solution to the problem,it has their MO all over it.


Aside from Total Oil, there are two other factors. One a mine, and two a dam built to provide water for the mine. Water that the farmers might need for their crops.

jk krug

At last, real soldiers on the ground.

Sol Invictus

ISIS is like Covid – used to spread panic and chaos worldwide…

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