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British Nuclear Submarine Failed To Track Russians In North Sea Because Of Cocaine Incident

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British Nuclear Submarine Failed To Track Russians In North Sea Because Of Cocaine Incident


7 crew members from the British Navy’s Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine HMS Talent were removed from the submarine after cocaine was found in their system whilst on duty last week, The Telegraph reported on April 14.

The incident happened when the British  submarine was preparing for a mission to track Russian submarine movements in the North Sea and the Arctic Circle.

The British Defense Ministry officially confirmed the incident saying that the sailors’ actions were “incompatible” with military service because it “reduces operational effectiveness.”

The cocaine incident delayed the submarine deployment. HMS Talent had been due to sail from Devonport on April 12, but the 280ft-long boat was still at the Plymouth base on April 14 night.

This is not the first incident with HMS Talent. The submarine seems to be very unluky with its tasks of tracking the “evil Russians”. In 2015, HMS Talent struck an iceberg while tracking Russian submarines. The £500,000 of repairs were needed to restore the submarine operational capability.

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Daniel Martin

They sure have a Talent on screwing up things, one have to hand it to them on that one. LoL


That did make me giggle, Thanks. :)


There was surely no cocaine involved. The marines know that they will be regularly tested. They dont risk it. The story is clearly informatin warfare of global oligarchy in order to discredit UK Navy.

You can call me Al

1. They are not marines, 2. Cocaine and other drugs are rife on all navy vessels, especially on submarines. 3. Nothing surprises me now on the state or operability with the UK military at the moment – cut to the bone, buying shite US materials, lowering the class of recruitment to encompass all types, sexes and religions etc. and political correct morons in charge.



J Ramirez

Denial is the first sign of a problem ;}


It’s a case of the Royal Navy shooting themselves in the foot.
Never has ‘Kiss me Hardy’ been more apt :)

Nigel Maund

Britain is on a constant downward trajectory! Run by a Government of controlled Globalist puppets of the Rothschild’s banking Empire. All key people in the UK are selected because “they” have dirt on them via the intelligence agencies like the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and so on. As all the key people have histories and quirks they can be readily controlled and threatened and, therefore, they are corrupted and corruptible. Hence all “key people” will do as they are told or else. The UK has a growing drug problem and a seriously weakened education system deliberately dumbed down and brainwashed by the Globalist controlled MSM and academia. The quality of people in the UK is deteriorating year on year as is the case with all Western countries. This trend will continue and the militaries will become more inefficient, ineffective and rife with vice and corruption. In 20 years Britain will be a social and economic wreck. The BREXIT fiasco highlights all the massive issues in that crumbling shambles that is the UK. The country is on a terminal descent to chaos and economic and social ruin.

Eskandar Black

The talent or the titanic?


LOL! HMS Not-Much-Talent-and-Pretty-Slow-Off-the=Mark.

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