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British Military Claims Its Airstrikes Killed 4,013 ISIS Members, Only 1 Civilian In Iraq And Syria Since 2014


British Military Claims Its Airstrikes Killed 4,013 ISIS Members, Only 1 Civilian In Iraq And Syria Since 2014

Royal Air Force Tornado F3 aircraft. IMAGE: Reuters/David Moir

The British Royal Air Force killed 4,013 ISIS members and injured 302 others in Syria and Iraq in the period since September 2014 to January 2019. The British Defense Ministry said that it was responsible for one civilian casualties only.

According to the report:

  • 2,994 ISIS members were were killed and 235 were wounded in Iraq;
  • 1,019 ISIS members were killed and 67 were wounded in Syria.

The British military said its data came from “the best available post-strike analysis” – video and photos taken from the air.

The US-led coalition, in the framework of which the British Royal Air Force operates, says it conducted a total of 33,921 strikes in the period from August 2014 and end of January 2019. It claims that at least 1,257 civilians were unintentionally killed by during this period.

It should be noted that the very same country, which claims hat only one civilian was killed by its airstrikes in Syria and Iraq during the last 4 years, has repeatedly accused the Assad government of employing chemical weapons against “moderate” members of al-Qaeda across Syria.




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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    and they count them how putting the pieces together and verifying that was no civilians among the deaths they caused? But they should not worry much because soon what went around, will come back to them and not only.

  • verner

    they are called perfidious albion for a reason – they can’t be trusted and will lie through their teeth.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes they got that from their zionists masters.

  • Nowruz

    The Brits are the biggest liars next to Israel and the US… “1 civilian” haha, I would have been a bit more convinced if they said 100. In other news, the US released a report on the civilian deaths since 2011 in Syria and officials drawn their conclusion to less than or equal to 6.

  • gustavo

    Exactly 4,013 ISIS members ! Wow, out of 200,000, that is 2%. Even this, it is a very exaggerated number. If we are really optimists, 40 ISIS is still the possible maximum. Let us remember that UK is one of the main supporter of ISIS, and in fact, many ISIS member live right now in UK.

  • Tudor Miron

    It simply means that they killed 4013 civilians and one ISIS member of their own irregular armed forces which wasn’t eager enough to do the head chopping the way they like it.

  • goingbrokes

    Yeah, and I’d like to see how they arrived at that figure exactly. Anyone can claim anything, it don’t make it true.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    4,013 LOL 1 LOL