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British Leadership Increases Anti-Russian Media Campaign Over Amesbury Incident

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British Leadership Increases Anti-Russian Media Campaign Over Amesbury Incident

Forensic investigators wearing protective suits in Amesbury, Britain, July 6, 2018. © Henry Nicholls / Reuters

The situation over the so-called Amesbury incident is developing.

On June 30, 45-year-old Charlie Rowley and 44 year old Dawn Sturges were allegedly poisoned by what the British media and authorities describe as the Novichok nerve agent. The incident took place in the city of Amesbury, located relatively close [over 10 km] to the laboratory of Porton Down.

On July 8, Sturges died in the hospital and local police launched a murder inquiry.

Top British political establishment and local politicians have already launched a new fit of Russia-blaming despite a lack of any evidence confirming the supposed Russian involvement into both the Salisbury and Amesbury cases.

The political establishment clearly use the issue to fuel the ongoing anti-Russian campaign in the mainstream media. One of the goals is to prevent the shift in the perception of Russia and the Russians, which is shifting because of ongoing World Cup 2018.

On July 7, SouthFront released an analysis providing a look at the possible scenarios of this incident -“Who can be behind the Amesbury incident?“:

Poisonous substance of the “Novichok” type, which, according to the conclusions of scientists from Porton Down, was allegedly used to poison the couple from Amesbury, and which was previously used in March 2018 on Sergei and Julia Skripal, is covered by the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. All information about this type of poisonous substances comes mainly from the mass media, and the conclusions are based on the book of the American chemist Vila Mirzayanov, whose reliability is questioned.

Current facts on the events surrounding the incident in Amesbury are insufficient to make definite conclusions about who can be behind the act. However, there are several main versions:

– Dawn Sturges & Charlie Rowley were poisoned by the remnants of the substance used to poison Sergei and Julia Skripal.

– The crime was committed by Russian Special Services with unclear goals. For example, some kind of operation used to discredit the British Special services.

– The crime was carried out by the British Special Services with the view to discredit Russia on the eve of talks between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

– The crime was committed by a third party (another state, a terrorist organization, an individual or a group of individuals) in order to strengthen the divide between Moscow and Washington, destabilize the system of international relations or for personal financial or other interests.

– There could have been an act of negligence in dealing with dangerous substance of individuals mentioned in points 2-4, at the preparatory stages

Assuming for a moment that Dawn Sturges and Charlie Rowley were actually poisoned by  “Novichok”, it is necessary to evaluate the reliability of different versions using the following criteria: the presence of a goal and motive; availability of appropriate opportunities (financial, organizational, technical). In this case, the version according to which the British couple was poisoned by the remnants of a poisonous substance allegedly used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal, seems unlikely because of the inability to preserve its properties by poison agents for 4 months from the time of the Salisbury incident. The version that Dawn Sturges and Charlie Rowley found remnants of the substance used to prepare the attack on the Skripals also fails to withstand any criticism.


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Tudor Miron

UK authorities are freaking out at the possibility of thousands of English fans going to Moscow to support their team and finding out that what they’ve been told by media is utter BS. What a bunch of sore clowns.

Wise Gandalf

You are simply jealous ruskie pig. You should play batter.

Concrete Mike

Were talking football here not fish&chips you linguistically challenged inbred turd.

How was your vacation solomonchick?


Instead of posting propaganda, rubbish here its better for you to do some good jobs. Don’t waste time here.

Gary Sellars

So says the dribblings from a dogs arse… begone Ukropi orc filth.

Joe Kerr

Charming. Try using a spell checker next time to avoid exposing your single digit IQ.

AM Hants

Whether you like us in the UK or not, the English team turned up in Russia, with no Government support, no Media support, plus just a few loyal fans. The others either could not make it through security, or believed the Government plus media.

The Government tried to pull the team out of the World Cup, from the moment we lost the bid to host the World Cup to Russia. Funnily enough, Christopher Steele, who wrote the Trump Dossier, was also part of the England bidding team.

Gareth Southgate, refused to let politics get in the way of sport, taking his young team out. Thoroughly impressed with Russia, together with the few fans who turned up, plus the hospitality and care the hosts provided. They went out, to spite the Government, which appears to have benefitted the team. They found the goal and learnt how you do not need to be defeated by penalty shoot outs. The few that misbehaved, got thrown out, to the relief of those who just wanted to enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Even Rio Ferdinand, managed to get an audience with President Putin.

Love this video. Thank you Russia.

Putin meets football stars in Kremlin (streamed live)

Tudor Miron

Anna Maria (I remember you said that you don’t mind me calling your name in Russian manner), I do like ordinary English people and I do have some friends in UK.
I consider you one of them (whether you like us in the Russia or not ;)) even if we never seen each other. When I typed about sore clowns it was about that joke of a government that you have (sorry for harsh words).

AM Hants

I love you using Anna Maria, so never apologise for using the Russian form, It flows nicer.

‘… I consider you one of them (whether you like us in the Russia or not ;))…’

Thank you, I am honoured. I have so much respect for Russia. Sadly, there are no Russians living, near where I live in the UK. The nearest City, shares one of the Churches, with the Russian Orthodox, which is sad, because it lacks the beauty of the Orthodox Church. Despite never being to Russia, since following Ukraine, do feel part of my soul was Russian in a previous life. So very fond of the nation, culture, plus people. Funny, owing to never liking lies, or needing to lie, which I do believe is a Russian trait, which makes me believe there is a past life connection with Russia. Just make sure my next future life, I start out in Russia, haha.

Where are Government are concerned, feel free to insult. My own thoughts would be far worse. When I insult other Governments, or use Washington DC, instead of the US, it is the Government I am critical of, not the people. We are in the same mess, over in the UK.

Tudor Miron

Thank you, Anna Maria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Assad curse has struck as Bo Jo resigned today as others have resigned before muuaaahhhhaaaa!!


The symptoms displayed by the Skripals suggest the use of the agent BZ, whereas those of Rowley and Sturges are closer to fentanyl of carfentanil.

“Novichok”, on the other hand, is a fairy-tale like magic potion that can behave exactly as the British state officials need it to do in order to fit their ever-changing narrative: one moment rain renders it ineffective, then some residue that has lingered around for months is suddenly deadly. One moment, anything in its surroundings needs to be sealed off and decontaminated by people in hazmat suits, another time it can cleaned with household wet wipes.

AM Hants

When they found the Skripals, the witnesses assumed the BZ was your standard fentanyl, overdose.

Novochok, once made does not hang around for months, but, dissolves in a short period of time.

How long does the toxicology report take to come through? Weeks, not hours. With or without Porton Down chemists. Bet, the woman is denied an autopsy, with published outcome? Bet, her family have to sign ‘secrecy’ papers. UK media selling her as a mother, but, she gave up on her children, who were raised by their grandparents, owing to mother’s lifestyle choice of drugs plus alcohol, which destroyed her organs.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yes always find bad mothers out there all the time had heard one just recently run a woman and her 2 children aged 6 and 2 , all died the baby on impact and the mother died later at the scene, truly sad as she was headed out hiking on that day. She was leaving an adulterer Husband (Native Indian) in the military who refused to give up his mistress another mother of children and psychotic whom ran them off the road, husband is under investigation for giving the other woman money. Truly sad how things happen in life the dead mother was going to move back to her parents place on the reserve and has her and her children’s lives ended by a two deranged and sick people.

AM Hants

What a horrific story. The poor mother, children, plus, friends and family, on her side.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sadly that story will never be in the media other than here since it was on the reserve Tribal Police and Band are very much private in these situations. Last year in Siberia mistress killed her lover and his wife and 2 children and set the house on fire. Lot of sad tragedies like this all over think society has fallen really low now. This all seems more or less connected to 9/11 and continuous Government and media telling the public non stop lies and destroying public perception in reality of consequences and the truth.

AM Hants

This is the English version. Which was recently in the news.

Army sergeant guilty of trying to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute… https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/24/army-sergeant-guilty-trying-murder-wife-tampering-parachute/

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Sad the way people act when they feel entitlement to act that way.

Promitheas Apollonious

And who any more believe pathological liars, who if all put together, maybe form a single cell?


What possible motive is there for Russian intelligence services to target 2 unknown homeless Brits with supposedly military grade nerve agent? this is beyond BS. I do wonder if someone in Britain is trying to spoil the upcoming semi final game or perhaps Trump Putin meeting.

Promitheas Apollonious

have it ever occurred to you, or any one else, that where the alleged poisonings happening, is also where they are produced?


Of course thats why if you read my post I stated the Russian connection was BS

Promitheas Apollonious

was just wondering, if any one think of it.


You are right to point to that possibility its far the better option.


The poor UK. so weak listen to them! sad….


All of these Novichok victims and no deaths. The UK got the message and so now we have a death. Between the Skripal kidnapping and the current Novichok baby wipes campaign, I wonder just how many stupid (no other word for them) people believe these UK pitifully thought out and staged false flag attacks for geopolitical games against Russia. Even more interesting will be if the governments of any other western countries fall for the latest sham produced in the UK…. That would make those governments not just stupid, but utterly moronic.

Shy Talk

No one here in the UK believes any of this


No one with a brain anyway…. The UK government has quite a number of believers in the propaganda as noted by all of those football fans who wanted to attend the world cup, but stayed home because of belief in the government propaganda.


BRITISH LEADERSHIP INCREASES ANTI-RUSSIAN MEDIA CAMPAIGN OVER AMESBURY INCIDENT for support of Israeli terrorists. British leadership increases problems for themselves for support of Israeli terrorists. British leadership don’t wanna see free Palestine.


Those that wanna destroy their own lives and of their future generations will listen to propaganda and rubbish from US and Europe.

Dušan Mirić

So what!

AM Hants

David Davies plus Boris Johnson, have diverted the media. Who has seen the OPCW report, agreeing with witness statements, traces of chlorine, nough else. Remember the US, UK plus France sending missiles to Syria, owing to the work of The White Helmets by day/ISIS by night terrorists?

‘No Nerve Agent’ in Douma: OPCW Report Refutes White House Sarin Narrative… https://russia-insider.com/en/politics/no-nerve-agent-douma-opcw-report-refutes-white-house-sarin-narrative/ri24060

So will US, France plus UK apologise to Syria?comment image

White Helmet Child Crisis Performers, plus, the chemical weapons ISIS/White Helmets left behind.

comment image

comment image

comment image

comment image

OPCW Russian Press Conference at The Hague, supporting OPCW Report

comment image

comment image

Empire's Frontiers

You can spare us this stuff.

We all know.

AM Hants

Just because you know, others might not. Just ignore the comment, and move on, if not to your liking.

Empire's Frontiers

It’s 10 pages long scrolling. Kinda hard to ignore.


Uk should learn from US how to stage a real false flag like 9/11

Stephan Williams

It was MOSSAD that did 911 with the assistance of their 5th columnists in the US and other places. The US had nothing to do with it. Their sole responsibility was to protect the perps and accuse the innocent.


The media mostly ignored this second publicity stunt, so one of the victims died.
Did the British Government deliberately kill this poor woman, to get the story back on the front page?

Empire's Frontiers

There seems to be a British serial killer poisoning people.

She might also be the Prime Minister of the country.


its a jew mossad operation…..so was skripal…….so was the poisoning litvinenko

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