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JUNE 2023

British Intelligence Representative Met With HTS Leader To Discuss Cooperation – Report

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British Intelligence Representative Met With HTS Leader To Discuss Cooperation - Report

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On May 31, Russian news agency TASS reported that the British MI6 intelligence agency’s representative met with the leader of the  the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front (Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham). According to the reports, the meeting took place near the Bab al-Hawa Border Crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border.

According to a diplomatic source in Moscow, Jonathan Powell suggested that Abu Mohammad al-Julani should build close cooperation with European countries and the US.

British Intelligence Representative Met With HTS Leader To Discuss Cooperation - Report

Jonathan Powell

The meeting was aimed at the the establishing of contact with international terrorist groups active in Syria. An agreement was reportedly reached on maintaining a permanent communication with international terrorists designated as such by the United Nations Security Council. Meanwhile, the sides were discussing a possibility of removing Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham from the list of terrorist organizations.

“The British side suggested that the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham group should announce plans to abandon subversive activities against Western countries and build close cooperation with them,” he said.

Mohammad al-Julani reportedly received recommendations to give an interview to an American reporter in order to create a positive image for the alliance that he heads. The UK’s allies, primarily the US, are supposed to take part in rebranding of the al-Nusra group.

“We would like to remind those who quickly forget their own bitter experience that there are no good terrorists and all attempts to tame and hand-feed them usually lead to many innocent deaths,” the Russian source emphasized.

Today, the HTS is mostly controlled by the Turkish special services. But they are also trying to cooperate with representatives of other countries, with whom they are negotiating the change of their status. In exchange to financial support, terrorists provide information about other Syrian militants.

HTS is the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib. They have recently carried out their largest attack this year, having raided a number of positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Corps in the northwestern region of Greater Idlib. The HTS’ “elite” Abu Baker al-Siddiq Brigade was behind the attack.

At the same time, despite numerous attempts to whitewash HTS in Syria, the reports about their terrorist activities abroad are ignored by the international community.


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Lone Ranger

Queen Victoria is rolling in her grave. Shameful what Britain has become.

Séamus Ó Néill

Oh yes, Victoria, the genocidal famine queen.


Not really, nothing new for them. UK – the most evil empire in human history.

jens holm

Which is number two??

Florian Geyer

Denmark is no 2 as it shits on its allies with the USA.

jens holm

Thats right. She is not even dead:)

Jens Assholm

Your brain is dead.

Peter Wallace

If she is not dead then she will be walking around with bits of flesh dropping off everywhere. If she is not dead then neither are all her decedent’s including Czar Nicholas and his wife and all the children. They are all walking around Denmark’s palatial grounds with King Christian ix discussing how all their offspring are the only royal families left in Europe.

Florian Geyer

This UK disgrace is hard on the heals of a UK general who stated a few weeks ago of the ‘ Necessity for the British forces to re-learn the Dark Arts’.

It is shameful to ally with Al Nusra head chopper scum .

AM Hants

Do believe the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have been financing them, since the day they were created. Sadly, but, without the courtesy of letting the tax payer know what they are funding.


ok, it is time to liberate Idlib immediately!

jens holm

According many living theree, it already has been liberated for years.

Simon Ndiritu

Russians should have staged a long range bombing in the Vicinity of the meeting to let let the terrorists and Ango-thieves know that their little game is known.


Forget that, they should have bombed and killed them all.

Peter Jennings

There has to be a reason why this spook is making a public display of meeting with the very terrorists they have been supporting for some time. Isn’t this spook in the loop?

It’s clear that the ruse to use terrorists and greedy opportunists to do the dirty work of western gov’ts hasn’t gone according to plan. Maybe this spook comes from spook central with another plan? oh, and piles of cash as usual.

jens holm

I think there is. Britts want to show they are part of the aliance with France and USA.

When Bidens might retreat a little, tha Britts or France compensate. People sometimes forget britts has a base at Cyprus.

AM Hants

We have got two bases in Cyprus.

Going back to 2015/2016, the Cookie Monster Nuland, left Ukraine and headed for Cyprus, with her side kick, Geoffrey Pryatt. Who was the US Ambassador to Ukraine, and on the other end of the “FU EU’ phone call. He transferred to Greece and remember Kissinger, stating that Crete, Malta and Cyprus were the key to controlling the world?

Well, Cyprus had discovered oil, and I think that was back in 2011 and the vultures came flocking.

Turkey was due to sign the S-400 contract with Russia, plus, go ahead with Turkstream, again with Russia. So Turkey needed a sweetener. Who best to hand out the sweeties than the old and experienced Cookie Monster, Nuland.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK at the time and ironically her Special Adviser, Fiona Hill, that helped May lose her majority when the time came for a General Election, ended up going to work for Donald Trump, as part of his UN Team. Sorry, going back to May, she agreed that she would give one of the UK military bases in Cyprus to Turkey and it could be run as a NATO Base, on the non-NATO Island of Cyprus, by the Turks, as they also had another base, the other side of the Island. This was all meant to be signed, sealed and delivered, under the Obama regime and before Trump was inaugurated. However, like anything Nuland has her hand in, it fell flat and never happened. Turkey signed the S-400 contract with Russia and Turkstream is now up and running.

What has the ‘3 Sea Initiative’ got in common with the Israel to Europe Pipeline Deal? Including with the same players involved that messed up the Nebacco Pipeline Deal and all other Pipeline Deals in the area. As Syria so did not go according to plan?

Google, “Obama, Kissinger and Nuland: Cyprus 1974 – Cyprus 2017” – it is an interesting article.


“abandon subversive activities against Western countries ” so it’s okay to continue subversive activities agains Eastern countries – hypocrisy par excellence.

jens holm

All the way to Hawai:)

jens holm

It seemes Marx brothers has rewarded You. Try Allah next time.

Jim Allen

Routine meeting with their handler. The West created these groups in order to have a “pet” enemy to fight to justify invading sovereign nations using the pretext of “the war of..er, I mean on terror.” Then attempt their “regime change” to install their puppet, and “democracy.” This hasn’t been working out so well lately.

L du Plessis

terrorists meeting terrorists.

AM Hants

All part of the same team. Just having the AGM, no doubt.

AM Hants

Anybody surprised, considering who funds the White Helmets who are also known as Daesh/Al Qaeda/ISIS or whatever they call themselves today? They also have branches over in Ukraine, amongst the Ukraine Nanzis, IRA, Hong Kong Protesters and not forgetting BLM-Anti-fa. The personal armies of the NED, Open Society Foundation, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office etc, etc, etc,

Only, as they play us, they hope we do not wake up and realise that we are actually being played.

Why did the Pentagon give Bell Pottinger over $500 million to spin the Iraq War? Where did Dick Cheney, the Defence Secretary under George Bush Snr, end up, after he cut back the US Forces, so they would need to use the Private Military Industry, just in time for the Kosovo War? Wasn’t Dick Cheney the CEO of Haliburton, after he left Government and not forgetting working with Bush and failed British Prime Ministers (John Major) over in the Carlyle Group.

James Le Mesurier, where did he go, after he left the UK Military, post Kosovo War? James Le Mesurier, who set up the White Helmets and how much did he make from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and other Western Governments, to set up the White Helmets? Why are the same people who set up the White Helmets, also heavily involved in Human Trafficking and providing the dinghies, for the tourists from The White Helmets and similar, to arrive in?

How much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be played?

AM Hants

Jonathon Powell, who worked with Tony Blair, for all of Blair’s term in Downing Street. Downing Street Chief of Staff – 1997 – 2007.

Tony Blair, Scottish politician, Common Purpose Member and was the Leader of the UK Labour Party from 1994 and went on to become UK Prime Minister.

Back in the 60s, PIE was created, and many Labour MPs cut their teeth on PIE. In the early 80s, there were a lot of problems with PIE, Snuff Videos and Council run Children Care Homes and PIE went to ground. Relaunching as Stonewall, under the cover of LGB and Tony Blair took them under his wing. Turning the activists into Lobbyists and giving them so much control within the institutions, to promote the LGB and 62 varieties agenda. The LGB have woken up, as they find that Stonewall is now treating them exactly the same of the traditional, as Stonewall goes on to promote the 62 varieties at the expense of the LGB community.

What else did Blair do after he took over as the Prime Minister from the other Common Purpose Member John Major.

Remember Blair, standing up in Parliament as he nose grew and grew and grew, trying to convince us that Saddam was the bogey man with his WMD’s? Remember, the Pentagon had given his good friend Timothy Bell, the brother of the founder of Common Purpose, $500 million to spin the Iraq War.

How many wars was Blair involved in, over in the Middle East, before leaving Downing Street and becoming the Middle East Peace Envoy? The irony. Who was beside him all the way, besides Jonathon Powell?

Didn’t Blair set up the Soros pet project, the, “Supreme Court” and also embraced the Human Rights Act, in order to keep his barrister wife Cherie in employment?

His government held referenda in which Scottish and Welsh electorates voted in favour of devolved administration, paving the way for the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly (today parliament) in 1999.

Blair oversaw British interventions in Kosovo (1999) and Sierra Leone (2000) During the War on Terror, he supported the foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration and ensured that the British Armed Forces participated in the War in Afghanistan from 2001 and, more controversially, the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Blair, an advocate of multiculturalism, in order to dilute the culture and tradition of the British Isles. Which he has publicly stated.

So no doubt Jonathon Powell, was just meeting the work force, we are not meant to know about. I wonder if he was presenting the Annual Awards to the mobsters?

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