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British Foreign Minister: We Need to Consider Military Solution to Syrian Conflict

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British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson believes that it is necessary to return to military measures of solving the Syrian issue.

British Foreign Minister: We Need to Consider Military Solution to Syrian Conflict

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson (Photo: Getty Images)

It is necessary to return to military measures of solving the Syrian issue, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said during his speech at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to the politician, negotiations with Russia on the future of the Syrian crisis have “run out of road,” and the West should take more “kinetic action.”

Johnson added that he sees the future of Syria without current president Bashar al-Assad, as well as believes that the coalition of rebels under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, known as the High Negotiation Committee (HNC), is an epitome of “progressive” values.

The Foreign Minister also expressed regret for the British Parliament voting against military intervention in Syria in 2013, and said that this decision was a “big step backwards.”

Not too long ago, Boris Johnson actively criticized the foreign policy of the UK. However, as soon as he formally joined the ruling political company, the logic of his speech has instantly changed, adapting to the classical rhetoric of the ‘supranational elites’, according to his populist-conformist psychotype.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said that the UK is not planning to extend its military intervention in Syria.

“There are no plans for military action. We are working with the international community to look at how to bring the conflict to an end,” the spokeswoman said, answering a question about Johnson’s comments.

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Brad Isherwood

Is Boris going to lead the expedition?

Can the British Government survive another William (Billy ) Hicks moment?

Remember Billy Hicks Boris. …It cost him his head : )


“Is Boris going to lead the expedition?” :-)))))))))
Tyson Furry is jobless now and has plenty of time, so Boris will delegate that nut to do the job :-)
And besides… they are A LOT OF SKILLED & WELL TRAINED “BORIS” in Syria already, I don’t guess THIS BORIS will survive against the REAL BORIS’ guys ;-)…


What a absolute joke Boris is. 100% owned by Gulf oil sheiks.

Britian should out him & replace with a large rock. It would be an improvement


“… 100% owned by Gulf oil sheiks.”
Bibi isn’t Sheik ;-)… I guess the Sheiks only pay the bill, “the Syria-pizza” is ordered by Bibi


His real name is Salman al-Osama bin Khalifa al-Boris

Hassadnah Abraham

Any body know, whether British Leaders have brain or not??

If all the leaders in the world have the sensible brain like Putin, i believe the terrorist threat around the world can be eliminated in a very short period.

Unluckily..most of the leaders in the West thrown their support behind USA, knowing well thet the most vivacious terrorists operated in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan were created, funded, armed, trained by US and its vassals states.

Is it all this leaders lost their senses??? How to solve this dangerous epidermic??
Probably is by the citizen in the West to do WESTERN SPRING and replace the current leaders wirth some human being


They have some brains, but don’t belong to them: they have MASTERS that dictate them what to say and what to do.

Does anybody really think that Tony Blair said and did everything by himself? These so-called “representatives of people’s will” are just another type of DRONES.

;-) Ask Lord Rothschild & his Kosher-Stuff, if you don’t believe me :-D


France and England need to be reminded by Assad that colonial times are long gone , neither has any business in Syria . To suggest that the “High Negotiation Committee” sponsored by Saudi Arabia , should have any say in Syrian affairs is to foolishly elevate these mercenary terrorists into legitimacy . These jihadists fighting the government of Syria are Wahhabi Sunni’s . The Kurdish and the FSA are the only rebels that have any Syrians in their ranks and therefore, should have a place at the negotiating table. Assad needs to ask Ms. May to live up to her words and remove the UKs special forces.


Boris the fat twat fancies himself as a some kind of modern day Churchill. Should put him in uniform and air drop him into the action.

Brian Niziol

Boris should change his name to Bozo as in Bozo the clown.

Dod Grile

Know nothing loudmouth needs a hair cut. I know just the people who can give it to him.

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”

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